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There was something about sleeping that made it my favorite activity. Maybe it’s because it’s the only time a person is fully at peace, or maybe it’s because it’s an activity that requires you to do absolutely nothing. Could be both.

That’s what I was thinking about as I began to wake up. I rolled over in my bed dreading the fact that I’d have to get ready for school soon.

I dared to take a peek at my alarm clock on my nightstand so I could think about a five minute plan to get ready.


Okay, I’m awake now.

I kicked violently at my sheets and raced to my phone because if I wasn’t up early, that meant Clara wasn’t up early. And Clara was my ride.

Speed dial couldn’t have been quicker. The line rang four times before a groggy voice picked up the line.

“Hello?” Clara answered

“Shit!” I yelled

“Shit?” There was a moment’s pause which I could only imagine was Clara checking what time it was.

“Shit!” She yelled “Eli ! Bella, we’ll be over in 10. ELI GET UP!!”

I assumed the line ended when I dropped my phone , but I didn’t care. Because I was about to be late on the first day of senior year.

People always say first impressions are important, but see, that’s only if you care. And I care about a lot more things than my looks. Such as being early for school.

I ran downstairs after throwing on a random outfit, brushing my teeth, and running a comb through my hair.

‘It’s a good thing I decided to dye my hair days ago. I never would’ve been able to do it now,’

As I hurried down, the housemaid Lucía greeted me with a plate of breakfast and a confused look.

“Bella? Que te pasa?” she asked.

“I’m late,” I said breathlessly. I looked down at the plate she had made full of yummy eggs and waffles. I grabbed a waffle quickly then continued running outside. “Thank you!”

I grabbed an old backpack that was on the floor and sped outside. Not a second sooner, a loud screeching noise sounded through my neighborhood. A camaro drifted into my lot, surprisingly pulling up right in front of me.

In the passenger’s seat, a slightly flushed Clara was patting down her brown hair.

“Get in,” she said.

Once I had jumped in the backseat and said a quick hello to her brother Elijah, we were speeding off to school.

“What the hell happened?” Elijah asked.

“Sorry, I woke up late,” I said.

“No, no, but why were we waiting for you to wake us up? I had an alarm on for myself and I didn’t hear a thing.”

“You had an alarm set for 5 in the morning,” Clara chided ,“There was no way I was waking up three hours early for school. Luckily, I knew Bella here wakes up only an hour and a half early for school.”

Elijah looked at her angrily. “You turned off my alarm?!?”

“For the sake of my sleep, yes Eli! Now slow down a mile or two will ya? You’re ruining my hair.”

“Your hair? What about mine!” Eli ran his fingers through his messy blonde curls.

“You know, bed head is a good look these days,” I said, trying to ease the tension in the car.

“Eli I said slow down. You’re going to get us killed, much less to school on time!” Clara said annoyed.

“No, you turned off the alarm, this is the speed I’m going to stay at since you made us late.”

He swerved into the school parking lot as Clara was putting on lipstick. We all leaned in our seats as he parked quickly. The bell rang throughout the school.

Elijah was the first out of the car. He tossed me the keys as he ran off.

“Lock up for me! I trust you.”

I looked back at Clara in the car. She seethed with anger at the sight of him. Her lipstick had gone all over her chin.

“I’m going to kill him,” she growled.

“Well then who’d be our ride?” I asked. I locked the car as she came out.

She pulled a makeup kit out of her backpack. “Better late than never.”

“Well better early than late” I retorted, “See you at lunch.”

I ran off inside trying to remember my home room. I was only a minute or two late.

‘I can still make it.’

I made the mistake of looking down to put the keys in my backpack. No sooner than I did, I ran into a hard wall. I practically bounced back on the floor.

“Jesus,” a voice muttered.

I sat up rubbing my head and looked up. I didn’t run into a wall. I ran into someone’s chest.

Specifically, Dominic Rodriguez’s chest. Dominic was a high ranked guy on campus. Brown hair, dark eyes, strong build, woman swooner. Typical high school cliche. He brushed his chest off then looked at me bewildered.

I stood up quickly and grabbed my things. “S-Sorry, I wasn’t looking where I was going. Shit I’m going to be late.”

I raced off to my classroom, not wanting to make big conversation. Big conversations lead to future conversations. And I wasn’t going to sign up for that.

All I wanted to think about was finding my home room.Once I found it, I sat down in a random chair. The teacher eyed me, but shrugged my lateness as nothing.

‘Guess that’s fair. I’m not really his problem. I’ll be gone in a few minutes anyways.’

A part of me worried about running into Dominic still, but it seemed almost silly.

‘It was an accident and you already apologized. He’d probably just forget about it.’

I’d probably never see him again.

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