Journey with my Beloved

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Collin Fibert, who once loved writing lost inspiration and ended up with dissatisfaction on every other heights he pulled off. Salena Naomi, who suffered a lot because of her abusive father became a victim of fear, darkness, pain and so on. Elisha Joy, who felt being dominated by her parents seeked out hoping to lead a life for herself, abandoning all others. The trio gets interlinked by the invisible red thread 'Destiny'!!! Would they overcome their conflicts in life and lead a peaceful life or destroy their lives in that process? Disclaimer: Some can't cope up with the theories, feelings, emotions and contents of the story. Read it under your own discretion. If you do enjoy the story, don't forget to like, comment and follow!!!

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I was subjected to a sudden jerk when the vibrations began to pierce my pillow, just filled with cotton and struck my face.

The vibrations created an execrable sensation to my sensory organs. With a heavy breath, I woke up.

I let my hand underneath the pillow and turned down the vibrator mode, took the mobile phone out. The time was sharp 11:55 p.m.

"The night was dark as a doom.", I whispered to myself. I took the blankets off and reached the door, without disturbing the silence that prevailed.

Even though I unlocked the door gradually, the squeaking sound was inevitable. I paused for a sec and hissed at the sound.

I let my head out to check the passage, only darkness feel on my cornea and the brain sensed nothing.

With a hand torch, I tip-toed to my brother James room, to shower the first wish for his 15th birthday.

I turned off the torch, when I reached his room, after crossing my parents' room. My palm surrounded a part of the door lock. I felt scared about the squeaking sound and stood for a while.

My heart began to pound faster as I began to gradually unlock the door. My full focus was on the lock and not to let another sound.

Without a sound, the door unlocked and I swung the door open. But in the next consecutive seconds, an arm pulled me behind from the darkness and seized by mouth.

He didn't release my mouth until I recognized him. It was my father Henry Ted. The hold was strong that let me out of breath. " What are you doing honey?", he whispered in my ears, bringing his face much closer. Then he took off his hand against my mouth.

"Dad,, dad,.", I trembled at first and continued, " Dad, I came to throw a birthday wishes to James."

"He must be in a deep sleep, honey. We can wish him tomorrow.", he said placing his hand around my shoulder, patting my skin, but surely not in affection.

I got embarrassed by the sensation he planted on my body. I squirmed a little and replied, " Yeah, sure dad." I made my way back to the room in a normal way, which created a shady noise.

He held his arm around my waist, tighter than before. He bent his head at the reach of my ear and said, "Go back to your bed without making a noise, honey. Good Night.", and kissed my cheeks. It turned down red and released the grip, went in. The darkness didn't allow me to see my mom Cassie Ted.

My lips covered my mouth from giving out a cry. I tip-toed to my room and jumped into the bed. My hands covered my mouth, tears rolled around my eyes, the fear of the sensation I felt a few minutes ago, cause of my father began to haunt me down...

I suppose you enjoyed the fictional life of Salena. If you did, don't forget to like, comment and follow!!! Di.Jones...

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