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Lucretia and her family moved to the states when she was only 4years old and settled in Washington DC. One day, Lucretia was playing with her puppy in the garden when a young boy her age walked in and introduced himself as Philip, a next door neighbor. They became friends afterwards, doing almost everything together. As years passed by, Lucretia became attracted to her best friend but dared not tell him with the fear of losing their friendship. What will Lucretia do with her feelings for Philip? Will this love be a one sided love? Find out more in "Waiting For Your Love."

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Unwelcome Opportunity

Start writing here…Mr. Gilbert was busy in his office working on some documents when his secretary walked in.

"Good morning, sir"

"Good morning Joan, what's going on? "

"Sir, please the manager wants to meet you in his office."

"Is anything the problem?"

"I'm not sure sir, he just asked for you."

"Okay Joan, I will be there soon."

He stood up from his desk and left to the manager's office.

Knock... knock....

"Please come in"

He got into the office and the manager offered him to a seat. He pulled the chair and sat down as he was told looking a little puzzled.

"Good morning Mr. Louis, I was informed by my secretary that you wanted to see me."

"Yes Mr. Gilbert, I did. There is some news I have to relay to you."

Mr. Gilbert sat there looking a little puzzled and confused.

"Okay sir, am all ears."

The manager took out a letter in his drawer and gave it to Mr. Gilbert.

"The board of directors have noticed your hard work and diligence and have promoted you to manage the head office of FEBECK INDUSTRIES in Washington DC."

He was surprised and quickly took out the letter and read through.

"Thank you sir." he said to the manager, smiling

"Your flight have been booked for tomorrow and10:00am so you should go home now and get ready. You will be leaving with your family."

"Okay sir, I will take my leave now."

He went back to his office, packed his things and drove off to his house.


Lucretia, Mr. Gilbert's 4years old daughter was playing with her puppy in the garden when she saw her dad pulled up in front of the house and got out of the car. She quickly ran to welcome him

Daddy...........she called and ran to meet him.

He opened his arms on seeing his daughter and lifted her up, landing a peek on her cheeks. She giggled and kissed him back.

"Welcome dad....

" Thank you sweetheart. So where is mummy?" he asked

"She is in the kitchen."

" Okay......, then let's go and give mummy a hug too."

Mr. Gilbert loves his daughter so much and loved it whenever she comes to welcome her after work.

"Okay dad." she giggled and they went into the house.

Mrs. Angelica was in the kitchen when she heard the voices of her husband and daughter. She came out wearing a surprised look.

" Honey, you are home so early today. Is everything alright?"

" Yes dear, I have a good news."


She took his husband's brief case, gave him a peek and sent the things into their room.

Lucretia and her dad sat in the sofa waiting for her mum to return.

"Okay dear, I'm back. Let's hear the news."

"Yes dad......." Lucretia replied smiling

"Okay...okay...,the manager called me this morning to inform that I have been promoted to manage the head office of the company in Washington DC so we will relocate to the states tomorrow."

"Really? Congratulations Sweetheart." answered Mrs. Angelica happily.

But Lucretia wasn't happy with this new development. She got furious and left them. Mr. Gilbert was surprised

"Lucretia..., Lucretia...." he called after her

She left to her room pissed and grumpy. she sat in her room crying. Her parents walked in to talk to her

"Lucretia..., what is it dear?" her mum asked and they both sat beside her.

"You can tell us anything dear." her dad assured

"Dad..., I don't want to move to the states." she cried

" But why dear?" her mum asked

"I don't want to change schools. I won't be able to meet Anita and Linsey again and I don't want to move to a new house." she answered crying

"Okay dear, I understand how you feel but we have to do it for daddy. You can make new friends when we get there OK?" replied her mum trying to convince her

Mr and Mrs Woods convinced her for awhile and she unwillingly gave in. Lucretia loved her parents so much and does not want to see them sad

"I promise you will love it my little princess." said her mum.

"Okay mum." She smiled and dried her tears.

"Let me help you pack up." said Mr. Gilbert

"Sure dad" she answered

Mrs. Angelica left them to pack the rest of their luggage. Soon, it was all done.

It was already late, Lucretia went to help her mum set up the table for dinner still not so happy with the new development.

"You will be okay dear." her mum assured

"Okay mum."

Mr. Gilbert came down from the room and they all had dinner. Lucretia went to her room after dinner and called her friends Linsey and Anita informing them about her, moving to the states.


Lucretia was asleep when she felt someone patting her. she opened her eyes and it was her mum.

"Sweetheart..., it's time to wake up. We are getting late for our flight."

"Okay mum" she lazily got off bed rubbing her eyes. She went to the washroom, brushed her teeth and freshen up. Within few minutes, she was all dressed up

Lucretia.... Lucretia...

Her mum called from the living room

"Yes.....mum" she replied.

"We are leaving now dear. Anita and Linsey are also here."

She quickly rushed down with her luggage. She dropped them on the floor when she got to the hall and hugged her friends. Mr. Gilbert packed the rest of their things into the car. They all moved to the car, Lucretia and her friends bid their farewells and they drove off to the airport.

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