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New Environment

At 9am, the company's car pulled up in front of the airport. Lucretia, looking all grumpy, didn't want to get down from the car.

"Let's go Sweetheart, you will be okay." his dad assured.

Mr. Gilbert held Lucretia's hand and gently brought her out of the car.

"Come here Sweetheart and let dad bring out the luggage."

"Okay mum." she replied and went to her mother.

Mr. Gilbert took out the luggage, placed them on a carrier and they went into the airport. He had his wife and daughter sat in the waiting hall while he had their documents and luggage checked. He came back and they moved to the terminal. Soon, the PC announced their departure and they moved into the plan with Lucretia still looking sad.

Mr. Gilbert searched for their seats, packed their luggage and settled in them. Just then, they heard a voice from the announcer on the plane.

"Good morning ladies and gentlemen, welcome to AFC Airlines. The plane is about to take off so please kindly put on your seat belt and switch your phone to flight mood." Thank you for flying with us. Enjoy your flight."

It was 10am when the plane took off. Lucretia was sitting opposite her parents watching as the plane took off.

"Isn't it beautiful dear." her dad asked

"Yes dad." she replied turning away from the window and took out her phone. She flipped through her gallery of pictures with her friends and sighed

"hmm...will miss you guys." she whispered to herself. Within few minutes after the plane took off, Lucretia drifted off to sleep.

Mr and Mrs. Woods sat quietly watching their daughter.

"I know this is difficult for her to accept" Mrs. Angelica said to her husband

"Yes dear and she is trying her very best to." he replied smiling

"I hope she is going to be fine." Angelica asked worriedly

"I'm sure she will dear, she is a strong little girl." he assured

The rest of the flight continued quietly with Lucretia soundly sleeping. Few hours later, Lucretia felt someone tapping her. She opened her eyes and saw both of her parents smiling at her.

"It's time to get up dear." said her dad

She looked through the window and saw the plane landing. The sight she saw was so beautiful that she marvelled.

"Wow, this is so beautiful dad." she said smiling.

"Yes, Sweetheart. I told you that you will love it here." said her dad to her.

Within few minutes, the plane landed and everyone got off. Mr. Gilbert took the luggage to the security check point and had it checked. Soon, they were all good to go. They came out of the airport and met the company's car waiting outside for them.

"Mr. Gilbert, welcome to America. I'm here to drive you to your apartment." said the driver

"Thank you." he answered and they got into the car.

The driver drove off from the airport. Lucretia sat in the back seat with her mum, looking through the window and admiring her new environment.

"Hope you are loving it dear." her mum asked

"Yes mum, look at that spring fall. It's so beautiful." she answered pointing at the spring fall.

"Yes dear, we will come and visit later." her mum answered.

Lucretia was so happy giggling and smiling throughout the drive to the house.

It was around 12am when the car pulled up in front of the apartment.

"Here we are sir." said the driver

"Thank you." said Mr Gilbert.

They got down from the car and the driver helped them pack their things into the house. As they got into the house, Lucretia ran upstairs to see the rooms.

"Be careful Sweetheart." her mum called after her.

"Okay.....mum.!" she replied

Mr. Gilbert took their things to their room with the aid of the driver. The driver asked to be excused after assisting them.

"I will leave now Mr Gilbert. See you tomorrow." asked the driver and left.

Lucretia was busily roaming around in her new home, going from room to room.

"Lucretia...., please come here dear.!" her mum called.

"Okay....mum...!" she replied and quickly ran back to where her parents were.

"This place is so beautiful mum." she said smiling

"Yes Sweetheart, now it's time to go and check out your room too." her mum replied

"That sounds fun." she smiled and followed her parents

They took her to a room nicely designed and furnished with dolls and lovely stickers all over.

"Wow....mum..,dad..., this is so beautiful. I love it." she said and hugged them

"That's good Sweetheart, we are also happy that you love it." replied her dad.

Mr and Mrs Woods helped their daughter arranged her things into her room.

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