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A Start Of Something New

Mr. Gilbert was having his breakfast when he heard the horn of a car outside his apartment. Angelica pulled the curtains and checked who it was.

"Honey.., the driver is here." she called

"Okay dear, I have to go now. Is Lucretia still sleeping?"

" Yes, she is." Angelica replied

"Okay dear, tell her I love her." he said and landed a peek on his wife's cheeks and rushed out

"I will sweetheart. Take care." she said , calling after him

"I will dear." he replied back

He rushed to the car and the driver welcomed him with a smile.

"Good morning, Mr. Gilbert." he said and opened the door for him

"Good morning" he replied and got into the car.

The driver took his seat and drove off.

"How was your night sir?" the driver asked

"It was great and my little girl is also loving it her." he replied smiling

"That's good to hear, Sir. Hope you enjoy your stay and also working with us."

"Sure, we will." he smiled

They continued the rest of the journey in silence whiles Mr. Gilbert went through his documents.


Angelica went to his daughter's room to check up on her. Lucretia was still soundly asleep. Mrs. Angelica walked up to her bed smiling.

"Wakie.....wakiee...sleepy head." she called patting her.

"humm....let me sleep small." she replied still feeling sleepy.

"No sweetheart, you have to get up. We have lots of errands to make today." her mum replied

Lucretia turned to look at her mum, rubbing her eyes.

" Okay, mum." she replied and got up

"Come here dear, let me help you brush your teeth and freshen up."

" No mum, I can do that on my own. I'm not a little girl anymore." she smiled and ran to the washroom

"Okay, big girl." she replied laughing and left to the kitchen.

Few minutes later, Lucretia came running down stairs.

"Mum...., is daddy gone?"

"Yes Sweetheart, I almost forgot. He says he loves you so...much."

"And I love him too." she replied and went to the table.

"But it would have been nice if I was able to say that to him before he left." said Lucretia

"Don't worry Sweetheart, you can say it to him when he returns but for now, it's time for breakfast." said Mrs. Angelica coming from the kitchen with her food

"Eat dear, we have to go and find you a new school so that you can make friends. okay?"

"Okay, mum." she replied

Mrs. Angelica went to her room to get herself ready. 30minutes later, Lucretia was done with her breakfast. She packed the plates and cup to the kitchen rushed upstairs to get her mother.

"Mum...., mum..." she called

"Yes... honey, I'm here."

She went up to her mother's room and met her putting on makeup.

"Mum.., time up. let's get going."

"Okay honey, give me 2minutes." she replied

Lucretia went in and stood beside her mum.

"Okay...., I'm done. Baby, how I'm I looking." she asked turning away from the mirror to face Lucretia

"You look great, mum." she replied smiling

"Thank you Sweetheart." she replied and stood up to get her hand bag and purse

"Let's go dear."

They both rushed out of the house and called a cab

"Good morning, sir."

"Good morning." the driver replied

"Please, we are new here so we will like you to take us to a very good school around here."

"Okay, ma'am. Please get in." the driver replied

"Okay." she replied and they both got into the car and drove off


At 10pm, the cab pulled up in front of the school.

"Wow...., such a big school. It's so beautiful." said Lucretia happily

Lucretia and her mum got out of the car and asked the cab driver to wait for them.

"We will be right back sir, please kindly wait for us."

"Okay.." he replied

They went into the school building and asked for directions to Principle's office. A student volunteered and took them to the office.

"Thank you dear." she said to the student

"Welcome ma'am." he replied and left

Mrs. Angelica knocked on the door and was invited in

"Do come in." a voice answered from the room

The opened the door and was welcomed by a smile

" Please have a seat" the principal replied

"Thank you." she replied and sat down

"Welcome to Lillies International School. I'm Madame Erica, the Principal of this school. How may I be of any assistance to you."

"Thank you once again, I'm Mrs. Angelica. We only relocated to this country yesterday and want enquire about this school so I can make admissions for my daughter." she replied

"Okay, such a lovely daughter you have there." the principal replied

"Thank you."

They continued their conversation for a while and the Principal gave some forms to Mrs. Angelica to fill and return it on the day that Lucretia will start school and some lists of things to get for her. Few minutes later, they were done and left the Principal's office. The driver was still waiting for them when they got out of the school.

"Thank you for waiting for us." said Mrs Angelica as they got into the car.

"Welcome ma'am" he replied

"Please, can you take us around town so I can get this things." said Mrs. Angelica to the driver

"Okay." he replied

"Thank you." he replied

She showed the list of things to the driver then turned to her daughter.

"So... Sweetheart, do you like your new school?"

"Yes mum, it's so beautiful and very big. I will make lots of friends here but I will still miss Anita and Linsey." she replied smiling

"It's good you like your new so but as for Linsey and Anita, you can video call them anytime." she replied smiling and pressed Lucretia's cheeks softly

"Okay, mum." she replied giggling

Soon, the driver pulled up in front of a uniform shop and they went in to get Lucretia's uniforms and other things on the list. They later drove to the mall, the kids play ground and then to the statue of Liberty. Lucretia was so happy and enjoyed her sight seeing.


At 4pm, the cab pulled up in front of their house. Lucretia and her mum got off and thanked the driver.

"Thank you so much sir."

"You're welcome." he replied and drove off

They went back to the house giggling and smiling

"Hope you enjoyed yourself dear."

"Yes, I did mum. It was so much fun."

"That's great dear. I will visit again next time, okay." she replied and went upstairs to put her things down.

"Okay dear, I'm going to prepare supper now so go and play with your puppy in the garden."

"Okay, mum." she replied and went out with her puppy to the garden giggling.

Lucretia was busily playing and running around when she heard a voice from behind

"Hi......." the voice shouted

She stopped and turned to see a young boy her age standing two steps away from her.

"Hi...." she replied back with a surprised face

"I'm Philip, your next door neighbour." he replied

"And am Lucretia, we just moved here." she replied

"Really? Wow, I saw you playing here and I came over. Can we be friends and do you care if I join you?

" Sure we can and you can join me anytime. You can even come and visit anytime." she replied

"Okay...., thank you." he replied

They played together for a while and it was soon time to go since it was getting late.

"I have to go now Lucretia, my mum will be looking for me."

"Okay Philip."she replied

" I will come again tomorrow." he said and rushed home

"Okay.....see you tomorrow." she shouted as she went back into the house.

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