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A New School

Lucretia was so anxious for the day to break for her to go to her new school to meet new friends and also to get to know Philip better. She kept tossing and turning on her bed then gradually fell asleep. It was 5am when Lucretia woke up, she quickly ran to her parents' room

"Mum....., dad...,wake up." she shook them up from bed

"Lucretia....., why wake up so early?" her dad asked

"Because today is her first day in school." her mum replied yawning

"But Sweetheart, it's too early.." her dad replied

"No dad..." she replied pulling them from bed

"OK...OK...honey" they both replied and got up from bed

They all went to the washroom to brush their teeth and wash their face

"Dad..., let me help you brush." said Lucretia holding on to her dad's brush

"No Sweetheart, let me do it on my own. Umm....why not try competing with me to see who will finish first." said her dad to her

"Okay dad..." she replied giggling

Mrs. Angelica stood looking at them and smiling as they compete each other. within few minutes, they all came out and Mrs Angelica left to the kitchen. Lucretia helped his dad as he packed his documents into his suitcase.

" So Sweetheart, how is your new school." he asked

" It's so big dad..and also beautiful." she replied

"Hope you like it."

"Yes dad, in fact I love it." she replied

" More than me?"

"No dad..I love you so much." she replied and hugged her dad

"Love you too Sweetheart." he replied and gave her a peck on the cheeks

"Okay dad, I will go and wash down now. She replied and left to her room to wash down

Mr Gilbert took out Lucretia's uniform, shoes and bags from the wardrobe.


"Mum..." Lucretia came calling and went to the kitchen.

"What are you making mum?" she asked

"Making some cookies dear."

"Okay...mum. Let me help you set the table." she said

"Okay dear." her mum replied

Lucretia went to the fridge and took a bottle of milk and sent it to the table. She went to the window, peeping through

"What are you looking at dear?" her mum asked whiles coming from the kitchen to the table

"Umm..., looking for my friend." She smiled and came to the table and sat down

"Really? who is this friend of yours? her mum asked

" His name is Philip and he stays next door." she answered smiling

"OK Sweetheart, I hope to see him soon." her mum replied

"Sure mum" she replied

Mrs Angelica pulled a chair and also sat down.

"Is your dad not yet ready?" she asked

"I don't know mum...." Lucretia replied

"Honey....honey....breakfast is ready." she called

"Okay dear." he replied and came downstairs to join them.

"I'm here now, let's eat."

It was already 7pm, the company's car pulled up in front of the apartment and Mr. Gilbert took his leave

"I'm going now dear." he stood up, gave a peck to both his wife and daughter and left.

"Love you dad." Lucretia called after him

"Love you too Sweetheart." he replied

Lucretia helped her mum cleared the table and washed the dishes.

"OK Sweetheart, it's time to get dressed for school now."

"Okay mum" she responded and rushed off to her room.

Mrs. Angelica went in to get dressed too. Within few minutes, they were all set and ready to go.

"Let's get going dear, else you will be late on your first day."

"Okay mum." she replied, took her back pack and they both came out of the house.

Lucretia keeps looking next door to see if she will find Philip

"Sweetheart, are you still looking for your friend." her mum asked

"Yes mum" she replied smiling

"I think he has already left for school by now." her mum replied


Soon, a cab pulled up and they left the house to school.


It was 8pm when the cab pulled up in front of the school. Lucretia and Mrs. Angelica got off.

"Please, I will be back in few minutes. said Mrs. Angelica to the driver

Lucretia and her Mum left to the Principal's office. The principal welcomed them in and called for the grade 2 teacher to come for Lucretia.


" Please, come in." the principal answered

The teacher entered and was welcomed with a smile.

"Good morning principal."

"Good morning, Mrs. Ivy. This is Mrs. Angelica and Lucretia."

"Good morning Mrs. Ivy and Nice to meet you." said Mrs Angelica

"Good morning ma'am" she replied

They exchange pleasantries and Lucretia was asked to follow her teacher to her class. Mrs. Angelica and her daughter followed the teacher out of the Principal's office.

"I will leave now Sweetheart, take care of yourself and have a nice day."

"Okay mum, you too." she replied

"Okay Mrs. Ivy, I will leave now. Please, take care of Lucretia for me."

"Sure I will ma'am" she replied and they both went their separate ways


All the kids ran to their seats when they saw Mrs. Ivy coming in. She got into the class and asked all the kids to settle down

"Settle down guys, we have a new student." said Ivy to the kids

All the kids were all alert and curious to meet their new friend

"Come in Lucretia" the teacher called to Lucretia who was standing outside the class

Lucretia came in and was welcomed by the students with smiles. She introduced herself and the kids welcomed her.

"Welcome Lucretia. Go take your seat over there." said the teacher pointing to her far right.

She turned to look at the direction the teacher was pointing and saw Philip smiling at her.

"Philip..." she whispered to herself in surprise.

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