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Meeting New Friends (Friends For Keep)

The bell went off for lunch, Philip's friends, Mike and Eugene came to him

"Philip, let's go get lunch." said Mike

"Okay guys, you should take the lead, I'll join you soon." replied Philip

"Okay, if you say so. We are going then." said Eugene

"Okay..." replied Philip

Mike and Eugene took their leave and left Philip and Lucretia.

"Would like to join us?" Philip asked Lucretia

Just then, Mimie and Crystal approach them

"Hi Lucretia, I'm Crystal and this is Mimie." said Crystal, pointing to Mimie

"Would you like to be our friend and hang out together?" asked Mimie

"Sure...." Lucretia replied happily and turned to Philip



"I think I will go with Mimie and Crystal." she replied

"Okay Lucretia, enjoy yourself. You can come and find me in the canteen anytime you need help." he replied

"Okay Philip, see you after lunch." she replied

Philip went ahead to meet his friends in the canteen. Lucretia also packed her things into her bag and left with her new friends. They went to the canteen, found a table and sat around to have their lunch. Philip keeps starring at Lucretia and her friends as the laugh and giggle around their table

"What are you starring at?" asked Mike

"Nothing.." he replied and continued with his food

Soon, the bell went off for them to return to their classrooms. They all cleared their tables and left to their classrooms. Philip back to meet Lucretia already in class

"Oh.., you are here already?" he asked

"Yeah..., just came in a while ago."

"Oh OK, hope you enjoyed yourself?" Philip asked, taking his seat beside her

"I did." she replied smiling

"That's good to know." he replied

Their conversation was interrupted by the voice of their teacher

"Settle down everyone and let's continue with our lessons and activities."

They all settled down and continued the rest of their class activity hours with Philip assisting Lucretia. It was already 3pm, the bell rang for closing and all the kids rushed to the school bus.

"Goodbye Lucretia, my parents are here so I will leave first." said Crystal

"Okay.., see you tomorrow."

"Wait for me...." Mimie called, took her bag and rushed after her

Lucretia looked on smiling

"So..., will you be taking the school bus or your mum will come for you?" asked Philip

"I'm going with the school bus. What about you? she asked

" I'm also going with the school bus. Come on..., let's go." he replied pulling her

"Oh.. wait.." she quickly graphed her bag with Philip pulling her along

"What about your friends?" she asked

"They have already left with their parents." he replied and they both rushed to the bus, found and empty seat and sat down

"Hope you enjoyed your first day in school?" asked Philip

"Yes...I did." Lucretia replied giggling

"That's great." he replied

They rest of their journey home continued with them laughing and giggling at each other's joke.


It was already 4pm when the bus pulled up in front of their apartments. Lucretia and Philip got off the bus

"Goodbye Mr. Mills" they both chorused to the driver and the bus took off.

" Will you come over after changing?" asked Lucretia

"I can't say for sure but I will try to." he replied

"Okay..." she replied

"I've got to go now Lucretia. See you later." they waved each other and left to their homes

Lucretia quickly rushed to the house happily

"Hi..Sweetheart." her mum called on seeing her

"Hi...mum.." she replied

"So how was your first day in school? Mrs Angelica asked

" It was great mum..." she replied throwing her bag on the floor.

"That's great to hear dear but please take your bag from the floor and go change."

"Okay mum..." she replied giggling, took her bag and rushed to her room and changed

Just when she was about to go downstairs to her mum, she saw her dad through the slightly opened door, working on some documents. She giggled and rushed in on him

"Hey......who is this?" said Mr Gilbert smiling

"You are home early today" she said smiling

"Yes dear...what about you? how was your first day in school? asked Mr Gilbert

" It was so great dad... I met new friends today, Crystal and Mimie and guess what dad, my best friend Philip who leaves next door also attends my school." she replied, all smiles

"That's great dear and you even have a best friend who leaves next door."

Lucretia looked at her dad smiling

"I have to go now dad.." she said and dashed out of her parents room. Her dad looked on at her smiling

Lucretia quickly rushed downstairs, went to her puppy's house

"Come here Daisy....let's go play for a while." said Lucretia as she brought out her puppy

"Mum...., I'm going to the garden to play with Daisy for a while." she said as she dashed out of the house to the garden

"Okay Sweetheart...Don't keep long, dinner will be ready soon." her mum called after her

"Okay mum.." she answered back

Lucretia went to the garden, playing with her puppy and giggling, waiting eager for Philip but he never showed up. She stood on the beach in the garden, looking over to Philip's house but didn't see any sign of him.

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