That Korean Boy

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Ariella's summer is just like her old summer holiday in New York, plain old boring holiday but one day she met Seo Joon. Seo Joon came to New York City to explore new surroundings and then he met Ariella. Until One day they cross paths again in unexpected way and explore NYC but everything comes to an end. will Ariella and Seo Joon ended with a happy ending? enjoy reading! © theeamarii 2020

Romance / Adventure
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1 | it's Seo Joon

The school year has ended and it's finally summer, away from the school works, projects and research papers, I'm now free!

Road trips, dates and adventure awaits!

Some of my friends are going on a trip overseas and some family vacation, wish I could go on trips just like them.

I crossed the busy street and head to a coffee shop, as I enter the shop a doorbell rang signalling a costumer has arrive and obviously that's me.

"Finally." My coworker Jean says as she looks at me and leaves a sigh "your shift is about to start, so get hurry changing." she reminded me, I quickly went to the staff area to change my clothes, I wore a white shirt, black pants, and a brown apron.

As I finished changed my clothes I look myself in the mirror on my locker, I tied my hair into a ponytail, I loosened a few strands of my hair on the side of my face.

I looked at the time on the wall clock and it's already 7:28 pm, it's almost my shift I head towards the counter to exchange with Jean she tapped my shoulder and smile a little bit.

An hour passed and everything is just the same serving coffees, clean and wipe the tables, and handling at the cashier.

The bell rang signalling a new customer has arrived, two customers went inside the cafe, The first guy who enters the cafe approached me.

"Jean?" Ethan asked and flashed a smile.

Ethan always came here because of Jean, he's interested to her but Jean is not interested in him.

"She left an hour ago, I thought you knew her sched?" I asked and raised a brow.

"She told me 8:30 is her shift..." He mumbled but I can still hear it, I shook my head and I sigh.

"You know that this shop closes at 9pm right?"

"Ofcourse! I knew that! Forget what I said Ari, bye!" He leaves the cafe with a sad face.

That guy is been chasing Jean since first year.

Then the customer behind Ethan cane forward.

"Good Evening Sir! Welcome to Everly's Cafe! May I take your order?" I asked the customer who looks foreign, I smile at him a little bit.

I don't want to get fired plus this is how I pay my apartment.

"Uh.. a frappe, small" he must be foreign because of his chinky eyes.

I took a sharpie and a small bottle "Name sir?" I asked and looked at him.

"Uh Seo Joon" he says and as I was to asked him the spelling of his name he left and grab a seat near the window where you can see the streets of New York.

So Jon? Su Joon? Sou Jon? Is this Korean? Japanese? Chinese? I sighed not knowing his name and wrote something that's near what he says and ready his order.

New customers went inside the cafe and I took their orders, as I was handling other orders I noticed that foreign boy is looking at me, I stare at him and he look away and I just shook my head.

"So j-jun?" I call that foreign boy to get his order, he is walking towards me and get his frappe, he looks at his name on the center of the cup and he just smiled widely.


I was confused at this moment and I quickly snap out of it because of a customer, Everly the owner came and took my shift, she says that her friends are coming when the cafe closes.

I nodded at her and head to the staff room to change my clothes, what a busy day to start summer.

I head off outside and wave at Everly goodbye.

"Miss! Miss! Ariella"

I turn around and saw that foreign boy walking towards to me, I looked around and making sure it's me he's calling and how the hell he knows my name?

"you mispelled my name miss" he said and gave me a small paper, i froze at how he looks so handsome when he smile and left me.

I look at the paper and saw a neatly written paper says 'It's Seo Joon not So Jun : )' i smile at how he puts a smiley face on the paper, I quickly look around to that boy and saw him at a newspaper stand looking, i ran towards him and tap his back lightly.

He turns around and quickly smiles when he saw me, oh gosh when he smile he looks more handsome.

"Oh uh sorry to misspell your name it just happen so fast i was about to asked but you hurriedly left and I don't know what to do, I want to call you back but-" he cuts me off I was shock when he puts his finger on my mouth silencing me, okay that's kinda rude but did I talk too much? He chuckled on my reaction

"Why are you laughing?" I asked.

"Nothing." Hmp.

"Kyeopta" he says and smile at me "i didn't think you would ran from here, no need explaining I understand, really" he says and smiled at me, here he goes again with his smile.

I sighed in relief, pat my shoulder and whisper 'thank god'.

He said something that I didn't here and I was about to ask him what he said a while ago but he just "goodbye" he said, bows 45 degrees and waves cutely.

I awkwardly bow and waves back at him, what a weird and busy day then I walk towards my apartment.

I laugh a little what happen just now, it happens so fast, I didn't imagine that a boy would look so handsome, am i having a crush? Ariella you have A boyfriend, jeez.

Well I hope I can meet him again with that boy soon, he looks cute and handsome- other than those he looks aproachable and nice.

Yes nice, he's nice.

As i reach my place I look for my keys in my pocket and got a paper in it, I looked what's inside and it's the same paper how that boy named Seo Joon gave it to me, I smile at the paper and found my keys in my other pocket and i quickly go inside, to eat some snacks in my refrigerator.

I fished out my phone on my bag and James hasn't replied to me yet.

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