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Regret. One word. Two syllables. Six letters. ~ She hated him. She loved him. And one day she would regret ever falling for him. _______________________________ Meet Taylor Smith, she's sassy and beautiful, not only in her looks but her personality too. She knows when to stick up for herself and she knows when to bite her tongue. She knows when to help someone but she also knows how to mind her own business. Now meet Alexander Carter, one of her best friends. Or at least he used to be before he cut her off like she meant nothing. She hated him for it and he disliked her, but how long can they hate each other when they share the same friendship group? When they share the same best friend? Caleb is like her brother but he's also her enemy's twin. Join them on their story that feels alot more like a rollercoaster, fasten up tight because it's going to be a bumpy ride.

Romance / Drama
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Prologue- Just Another Cliche...Or Is It?

You read the stories about the bad boy and the good girl all the time. Who wouldn’t? It’s a cliché.

Even the posh kid falling in love with the poor. The good boy loving the good girl. The bad boy loving the bad girl.

Each end the same way. A happy ever after where they finally get married and have two children.

But what about the stories where the main character doesn’t get their one true love... well they do, they just can’t have them.

Those are the stories that pull at the heartstrings, the one’s that leave your chest aching as you try to catch your breath between each tear.

My story is one of those... and I’m the main character.


Taylor Smith: The main character- She’s got a feisty side to her and doesn’t always open up to people, but when she cares about someone, she cares deeply. So deeply that it can be hard not to fall in love with her.

Caleb Carter: The best friend- Loves annoying Taylor whenever he can, however he’s her biggest fan, if she’s looking good he makes a point to tell her. He’s a true friend.

Alexander Carter (Xander aka Carter): The twin of the best friend and Taylor’s “enemy”- He’s smart, likes to work out and also is a huge fuckboy...what main character guy isn’t? He’s an ass...but character development is key for this guy.

Jacob McVoy (Jake): Friend- nicest guy in the school, not a single soul has a problem with him. He’s a bit like Dylan O’brien in the internship. He’s a sweetheart that you just have to like.

Christopher Wilson (Chris): Also a friend- yes he’s a giant fuckboy too! He’s definitely the clown of the group. He’s not afraid to embarrass himself if it means making his friends laugh. And well, every friendship group needs a friend like him.

Joshua Atkins (Josh):


This book is like sort of teen fiction, but also young adult. There is a lot of partying in this book, and I mean a lot. There’s also cursing, steamy scenes and even talk about drugs. So, please don’t read this book if that isn’t your cup of tea.

I’m also from the UK so my spellings on certain words may be different from yours, i.e. colour vs color.

I know that not many people have experienced the stuff that goes on in this book (like drinking at a young age) but let’s face it, if you’re from the UK, you’ve probably been going to parties and drinking alcohol from the age of 15. So parts of this book is based off real experiences like characters personalities, things that happen, etc. I feel like every writer has traits of their lives somewhere in their books and I am no different.

Now that we’ve got all that out of the way I’d like to say thank you so much for clicking on this book. Feel free to leave any feedback and I hope you enjoy :)


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