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When Vivian Mercado, a nineteen-year-old female, moved to a new place, she expected it to be normal like always. She didn't know that the second she stepped in into the cleaned tiled floors of the university, her life would go through a lot of ups and downs. (Under Construction)

Romance / Fantasy
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Before everything went downhill, everyone's lives were on top of the hill. But when a certain sin started spreading, the cost is high and you need to pay.

And the only way for you to pay is that you have to suffer; face the consequences of your action.

A certain female was the reason behind this. Because of her beauty, she took advantage of that and cheated on her husband and family. But what she didn't know, she was being watched. People were being watched by a goddess hiding somewhere down below.

The goddess was known to be the ruler of the fire, or what we call hell.

When the goddess saw that the female had created a sin, her lips curved into a wide grin and informed her minions to spread that sin everywhere.

Lustixia isn't just about pleasing a person's body but it is also about being obsessed and interfering with one's peaceful life.

When a person wants something, he or she would do anything to have and keep that something forever. No matter how much no you have uttered, denying luxeria would never work.

To my fellow readers,

The story is the first book out of eight from the series, The Seven Deadly Sins. It would contain mature and bloody contents so if you aren't a fan of any of those, I suggest you find another book. But if you are, feel free to continue reading.

I am not an experienced writer as I am also a student lost in this cruel and confused society. So I apologized in advance for the errors you might encounter along the way.

- IntoZheUnknown, December 2020
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