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Mani never thought that her life is going to take a complete turn when her father called her to meet her in his office...... meet Mridula bharadwaj aka Mani, a girl who thinks, she is strong enough to handle everything on her own... she is smart, strong, intelligent and beautiful in her own way but does she really don't want anyone her life...... on the other hand we have Rudra Arya...... an awesome businessman who has proved himself and his business skills in early age.... he is cold, rude and don't give a damn about anyone. What will happen when they will meet with each other........

Romance / Drama
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Chapter 1 - My friends



My friends

Mani’s POV –

I am still on the first line that I had written an hour ago and I just have to finish this article on time. Why I am that much anxious? It’s nothing important.. right. I mean it’s just a meeting with my parents. O god, I sighed ......now it’s getting on my nerves. Why can’t I ask them what is that meeting about and why in my whole life of 21 years 11 months I have to suddenly appear in their office.

Before I should assume anything else suddenly my mobile vibrated and it’s the most important thing I wanted now. As soon I picked the call she don’t even let me speak a word “what the hell happened mani,6 missed calls, are you alright, please speak something, o my god why are you not saying anything, are you kidnapped, o my god is she ok are you talking from any hospital or something...”

“before you assume that I am dead, let me clear that I am alive and I can only speak when you will shut your mouth darling”

“You just gave me a heart attack and now you are saying me to shut my mouth, in almost 10 years of our friendship you never called me more than once. You always called once and it’s always me who either pick up your call or call you back. Even when that bastard cheated on you I only received your call once and now........”

“Please for god sake just shut the hell up Sammy... you are giving me headache, I received a call from my parents and they asked me to meet them tomorrow and I am just worried about it ok”

“don’t you dare to say that you gave me a panic attack just only to tell me that your parents asked you to meet them, because if you are going to say this then I am going to kill you.”

“they called me to meet them at their office Sammy... I know from last year it’s just common for us to meet in every 1 month or 2 but they never called me at their office”

“ok now it’s not normal, so do you have any idea, what that meeting is about.... I mean family meetings at home are absolutely normal but I don’t know what is that about meeting at office”

“Did your heard your dad talking about my father..do you have any information about what that meeting can be about”

“o come on mani, you know you over think a lot... this is not something business news or share market that your father will talk to my dad about, it’s just a family meeting and they are just missing their daughter”

“family meeting in bharadwaj technologies, seriously Sammy”

“o come on, why you always forget that you are The mridula bharadwaj... your parents have given their whole lives to establish bharadwaj technologies only for you and your brother... I know they just can’t give you enough time but it doesn’t mean you will hate that company”

“I don’t hate it, I am just not loving the idea of going there. You know me very well... you already knew I am not good with new people or new places, what if I will let them down in front of their employees. It’s just they are already dissatisfied with me about pursuing my master degree in English literature and now I don’t want any other scene with them”

“take it easy sweetheart, they are your parents and it’s just a meeting. You just have to go there chat with them have breakfast and then come back to your apartment, it’s as simple as that”

“I think you are right I am just over exaggerating, forget about it. Tell me about yourself, how’s your date... what is the name of that guy i just forgot it”

“bitch, you don’t even remember the name of the guy whom i am dating for almost 3 weeks now”

“o come on how can I remember ‘the guy you are dating for almost 3 weeks’ when its you who is dating and not me” I teased her

“you know you are the worst best friend one could ever get” She huffed..

“o come on sweety, you know you love me” I said sweetly..

“its just a name mani... I am not telling you to remember geometrical theorems or trigonometric formulas” She whined

“believe me sweetheart its easy to remember geometrical theorems or trigonometric formulas than to remember your boyfriend’s name..... but I promise I will definitely remember your husband’s name” I told with a smirk..

“don’t go that far, his name is sarthak and you have to remember it.... write it down or do anything but i want you to remember it. I am literally liking this guy” she told me seriously.. seems like I have to search information about this guy..

“let me think....... ‘samantha weds sarthak’.... sounds good...” I teased her..

“I already told you mani don’t get too far. I am just saying that he is a nice guy...”

“he is caring, possessive, funny...bla bla bla.... u have already told about this Sammy.... I accept that I just forgot his name but it doesn’t mean I am not listening to you when you talk about him. I am happy for you darling... but if he will ever hurt you or even try to hurt you then you know no one can come between my punch and his ‘perfect jaw’ in your words...”

“I just cannot understand how can you just transform from my best friend to my bodyguard in seconds..... sometimes I just think what have I done to get a friend like you” she again whined..

“ahhaaa... I know I am too good to be true” yeah.......... I love teasing her..

“oh shut up, tell me at what time do you have your family meeting"

“it’s at 9 a.m. tomorrow, do u want to accompany me??”

“I would love to.... but not tomorrow darling, I am going for party tonight at sarthak’s place so I don’t think it will be good to meet your parents with hangover” yeah she is right...

“okk... I also don’t think it will be good to take you with me when you will behave like zombie in front of my parents, but don’t drink too much and if you get caught in any problem just text me or call me.. I will be there” I told her sincerely

“o come on its just a party mani, and you also know this that wherever or whenever I will have any problem you are the first person whom I trust to call”

“ok .. enjoy the party darling.... I think I should sleep now”

“emmm... mani are you sure that your are okay.... I mean no party is more important than you..” I can sense concern in her tone..

“no sweetheart I am fantastic here... no need to come today... but if you have time then you can pick me up from bharadwaj technologies tomorrow then we can hangout”... because I think I would definitely want that...

“perfect just text me when you will be free and I will pick you” she said in excitement...

“ok good night Sammy.. thank you”

“anytime sweety.... good night” with it she hung up the call..

God I just can’t understand how can she understands me so perfectly.... but now I have to find details about that sarthak guy...... sammy is a beautiful girl, and any guy can fall in love with her blue eyes, black hairs and 24*7 cheerful attitude, but she never dated a guy that long from almost 6 months now..... I should know every important thing about him..... I picked up my cell and started searching his name on facebook... obviously it’s the most appropriate platform for finding general details about any one... if I will not find anything there than I will ask about his details from hacker....... hacker is my college friend his actual name is himansh but due to his understanding with technology he earned a name hacker ... he is an IT guy and pursuing engineering ...... without thinking twice I called him and after 3 rings he received my call

“hey.... hello beautiful... are you all right” he told me cheerfully..

“hello to you hacker.... where are you” a smile came on my face just by hearing his voice..

“I am at a party.... why do you asked”... I can hear music in background...

“what with those parties and my friends”

“wait, your friends means me and Sammy... you never go to parties it means Sammy is also going to some party today” he concluded

“right,... are you also in the party of that sarthak guy” I asked him..

“ok I get it .... you want me to be the bodyguard for Sammy today’s night?”

“o come on... I don’t want to ruin your night by making you look after drunk Sammy. "

“yes you are right.... so what do you want me to do” he chuckled..

“Sammy is dating that sarthak for 3 weeks now... I want all the details that you can gather about him”

“okkk, but are you sure that he can handle our Sammy tonight. I mean when I first saw her drunk I got scared as hell" he said and I laughed...

“I also had that doubt but now I know that you are also there so I don’t have to take care of that matter, just make sure whenever she leave from there she get her home safe”

“obviously mani...... don’t take tension about her..... and I will provide all the information about sarthak tomorrow or day after tomorrow” he said and I nodded

“thank you hacker.... I don’t know what I would have done without your help in this matter”

“its ok sweetheart i love you too” he teased..

“love you hacker... bubye” I cut the call.

Now after talking with hacker.... I am not concerned about Sammy.... I think I should sleep now. I picked up one of my oversized t-shirt and slipped into it. I also shifted my mobile ringer from vibration to loudspeaker... (what... my friends are at party and if they need me for anything i can’t take any risks with them) Iturned off the light, and slipped in my bed, but still sleep seemed to be distant from my eyes so my mind automatically started over thinking....... after so many assumptions of what that meeting w about I finally exhausted my mind and with that one line written on my diary I finally let myself sleep for some hours.

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