Red Blossoms

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Freya Rose, a girl who is fighting her way to find her missing father. Kieran Ray, a boy who is taking his father's position as the leader of the most feared mafia in just a few months. They met on a boring Monday, and that boring Monday was also the day when their fates finally come across.

Romance / Action
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Chapter 1


Our story started on a boring Monday, a Monday that’s going to change my life forever.


I woke up to the ear-piercing sound of my alarms, letting out a reluctant groan, I rolled out of my bed and started to get ready for school. Today is the first day of my last semester in Rainhood High and I can feel my mood lit up at the thought of finally getting out of that messed up place in just a few months.

Throughout the years in school people have always seen me as the smart and quiet girl who does well in every class and loves to sit in the corner of every classroom so no one would notice I exist. But they are only partially right, thought. During the day I am just a good student but at night I am a girl who attends all kinds of luxurious events, and the reasons why I am there only have two: One: I have different missions every night. Two: I’m looking for my father.

After getting all prepared for school, I walk downstairs and straight to the garage to hop on my black Yamaha R6 and head toward the school.

My mom passed away two years ago because of a car accident, and my dad just disappeared off the surface of the earth on the same date as mom’s death. I have no clue where my dad might be right now, and to be honest, I don’t even know if he’s still alive. But as long as he’s still classified as missing, I’ll continue searching for him until I can’t no more.

I parked my motorcycle on the place where I always parked and made my way into the hallway, where I was immediately welcomed with the judging gaze of hundreds pairs of eyes. This is why I want to leave this place so badly. People here aren’t the kindest and since the majority of them all come from a rich family, it’s only natural for them to show disgust to those who are not as privileged, which annoys me even more.

What’s worse, the queen bee of the school has a weird obsession with me. She loves to pick up on me and I always show no interest in talking back because I find her incredibly annoying and I hate to talk to people who love to talk behind others’ backs. Also, I don’t want to get too much attention or else my real identity will be exposed and that’s the least thing I want to deal with right now.

Speaking of the devil herself, “Isn’t this my favorite toy?” Her sweet voice that irritates me in every way possible makes me sigh in frustration. For fuck’s sake. I ignored her and walked past her like she didn’t exist, and that was probably not the best choice because she’s now pulling my hair and before I know it, my head made a hard impact with the cold, hard floor. The loud thud echoes through the now ironically quiet hallway. Her red hair falls on my face as she bends forward to look at me with the evil grin on her face that everyone calls pretty. But all I see is layers and layers of heavy makeup.

Biting my lips to prevent myself from saying something I’ll regret, I slowly sit up from the ground. Before I could even get back on my feet, another sharp pain shot from the side of my body and I was forced to lay back down on the ground again. This woman is really testing my limits. She has no idea I am only one second away from landing my fists on her pretty face and ruins everything.

“You better stop orー” , “Or what? You’re going to punch me?” She even has the nerve to interrupt my sentence. She really does have a death wish.

“Yes.”, “Whー” Her voice was forced to top when I landed a hard punch on her cheek, the force was way too strong that she flew away for a few inches before her body landed on the floor. The whole hallway gasped at what they’ve just witnessed while I just took off the leather jacket that now has a foot stamp on it because of what she did. Murmurs start to fill the area as soon as the jacket leaves my body, my rose tattoo that spreads from the back of my arm to my bicep is now exposed to the air. I quickly dusted the foot print on my jacket away before putting it back on, and just as I am about to get out of here, a male voice yells, “Who did this?!”

“She did!” Someone in the crowds must have pointed at me or the man won’t be yelling my name on the top of his lungs right now, “Freya Rose! Come to the principal office, now!”

So much for not gaining too much attention.

I followed Principal Wills into his office and I plunged down on the seat in front of his desk like I’ve done this many times before. Well, I do come here quite often since all the teachers love me and that Principal Wills is actually one of my dad’s close friends as well as the person who covers up my stories to prevent people from suspecting who I really am.

“What did she do this time?” I can hear the exhaustion in his voice, I’d probably be the same if I was in his position, it’s definitely draining to deal with these spoiled kids every day.

I lifted my shoulders at him, “Pulled my hair and kicked me on the side. It was quite painful, though, but not as painful as the one here.” I say, pointing at the long scar on my left arm, even though he can’t see it, he still knows what I’m talking about.

“If your dad was there, he’d go mad and he’d definitely run after the person who stabbed you.” I shake my head at his words, “Too bad he wasn’t there.” Wills let out a heavy sigh as he finally sat down into his chair.

Principal Wills’ full name is Xavier Wills O’dell, but he hates it when people call him Xavier for it sounds too intimate for his liking. So that’s why I call him Wills when we’re outside school property.

The silence between us didn’t last long when he started to speak again, “I’ll deal with Riley and you will have to attend the detention after school. Okay?” I stand up from the chair, “Sure thing.” I make my way toward the door and before I leave the room, I turn around and look at him, “Thanks.”

The day went by in a blur, I don’t really remember what was happening during the classes but I sure do remember hearing people calling me crazy and dangerous. I don’t really mind, though. In fact, I think it’s for the better if they consider me as crazy and dangerous so that they won’t dare to get near me, and less interactions with people means less risks.

When I entered the room for detention I didn’t expect to see anyone there except one of the school teachers but I was wrong. As soon as I walk into the room I spot someone sitting in the last row and he has a bored expression. He looks like he wants to get out of here but he just can’t. I quietly enter the room and take a seat on the first row, when the teacher sees me she instantly froze. I swear I have never seen someone this surprised before, even when someone stabbed me I wasn’t even as surprised as she is right now.

“Freya?” Is the only word she managed to say. Sighing mentally, I put up a guilty face and say, “Accidentally punched someone in the face earlier today and she’s now in hospital because I broke her nose.” I don’t know if what I said just scared her but she looks pale. “Are you okay? Teacher May?” I frown at her blood-drained face. Before she could say anything back to me, she stormed out of the classroom like she’s about to throw up.

I shrug, “Whatever.”

Ten minutes passed, and twenty minutes, then thirty minutes, Teacher May is still nowhere in sight and that’s when I start to have the urge to get out of here right now.

“Let’s get outta here.” A deep and husky voice suddenly says, I turn around to look at the owner of the lazy voice. The man who has been here from the moment I entered is looking right at me, his captivating grey eyes made me forget how to speak for a second. “What?”

He gets up from his seat and stretches his muscles before hanging his backpack on one of his shoulders. He uses his hand to brush his messy net of dark brown hair, and what he did only makes his hair look even more out of order. I watch him start walking toward me and he gives me a look before making his way to the door. “You coming or not?” He asks me, his hand is already on the doorknob and he looks more than ready to leave. Sorry, Principal Wills.

I followed him out to the school parking lot, it was odd that we didn’t encounter any teachers when we were walking in the hallway but whatever, I’m glad I am out of there.

“How do you get home?” The man looks around the open area, there are only a few cars parked on the lot and my motorcycle so happened to be blocked by a SUV so I can’t see it from where we’re standing.

I point at where my motorcycle is parked, “I ride my bike.” He follows the direction of where I’m pointing and he looks back at me, confused. “Your bike? Is it in the SUV?” He sounds so sincere when he asks me the question and I have to press my lips together to prevent myself from laughing at him. “No. It’s not in the SUV, it’s blocked by the SUV.” I emphasized the word blocked and when he realized what I’ve just told him, he laughed. I laughed.

“I knew there’s no way a bike can fit in that car” He states, bobbing his head approvingly at his own words. I couldn’t help but chuckle at his words. He seems like a decent person, the longer I look at him the more curious I become.

What could he possibly do to be in detention? “What could he possibly do to be in detention?” My eyes rounded, for a second I thought I just said my mind out loud. But the fact he knows what I was thinking isn’t any better.

“You were thinking about that, weren’t you?” I didn’t answer his question since the answer is quite obvious. A mysterious smile tugs on his lips, “Trust me, you don’t want to know.”

“Anyways, ride safe. Freya Rose.” The way my name rolls out of his lips sends shivers down my spines, “See you around.” He clicks his tongue as he turns around and starts walking.

I watched him getting into the black C63 parked only a few cars away from me and he drove away.

I don’t even know his name yet.

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