My Heiress Secretary

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Born from a rich and noble family and having to live with luxurious things is a dream come true to every woman but Audrey does not like being pampered with luxurious things and believe that she does not deserve to enjoy such things owing to she did not sweat her ass off to enjoy it. In contradictory, Sebastian likes to show off his money especially to women. He is your typical 'badboy' who always have his ways to every woman's pants and settling down never crosses his mind. What happens when Audrey and Sebastian's worlds collide together? What will it brought to their lives? Will there be love discovered or will there be hatred? Let us sit and explore as we journey with Audrey and Sebastian's story. Get upset, mad, laugh, smile and say whatever the hell is going on your mind but enjoy the story every step of the way. And one thing is for sure... we don't know what is bound to happen as we explore their story. My Heiress Secretary.

Romance / Thriller
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Author's Note

Hii there! It's your precious author ebry.

First of all, thank you for having an interest to read my book. Just for the record this is my first time to actually publish a book, I have tried to write way back before but I feel like no one will read it so I have to take it down. I was just maybe 10 years old when I first started to have an interest in books and now I almost have read all of the stories here on wattpad before they update it and you have to pay for the story. But now here I am, trying my best to write again and hoping you all will support me through my story's journey.

I hope you all have a good time reading my book and enjoy it. I love you so much <3

P.S. this is an original novel so I forbid anyone to copy any of my works as I put efforts putting words.

Yours truly,


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