Nostalgia is a Liar

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Chapter Five

Spring, 2009

The Sox are playing the Yankees at Fenway. Cooper and Luna are meeting Jason and his new Italian boyfriend, Leonardo Bianchi, at the game. Jase had met Leo in Venice while he was doing a Contiki tour. They had a whirlwind romance and decided to try long distance. Which was something that Jase was not too good at, as he’d been seeing two other guys back in Boston.

Leo surprised him with a visit just last week; and, Jase was climbing the walls having him in his space. He couldn’t wait to get out and go to the ball game.

“Hey Lu, so good to see you girl!” Jase wraps his arms around Luna, lifting her a few inches from the ground.

“Hey buddy, I’m Cooper… this knucklehead’s big brother”

CiaoBuongiorno!” Leo was as Italian as can be. The guy was wearing slacks and a dress shirt to a ball game.

He kisses each cheek, as he greets Cooper. Cooper chuckles in surprise.

Ciao Leonardo!” Luna cuts in on the cheek kisses.

Bellissima!” Leo exclaims, as he hugs Luna

“I’m Luna”

“You are exquisite!” he adds with a chef’s kiss.

“Stop!” she giggles at the compliment.

Jason leans over Cooper’s shoulder and mutters, “It’s non-stop like that all day… I am losing my fucking mind bro!”

Cooper snorts as he tries to suppress his laughter.

“Don’t laugh” Jason resented his brother’s mocking, though he probably deserved it.

Luna and Leo become quick friends as they take their seats.

“Hey babe, we’re gonna go get a couple of nachos, dogs and beers. We’ll be right back ’kay”

“Thanks, cariño

The boys head off.

“He is so adorable” Leo says with an affected European accent.

“Enough about me and Coop… tell me about you and Jase… and Venice… tell me everything!”

Ragazza… it is everything you dream up in a steamy, erotica romanzo! Let’s just say, sexiness must run in the Thindrel famiglia

Luna giggles. She loved Leo, he was over the top and fabulous.

“So, he laid down all the charm huh?”

Leo fans himself with his hand, “Let’s just say if a kiss could end wars…”

“Oh okay”

“I’m just so happy to finally meet you and Cooper… that is basically all he talks about… you, even more than Cooper. And now that I see you bella… I can see why. You are the most precious thing ever!”

“You are too kind” Luna blushes.

Cooper and Jason are waiting in line at the hotdog vendor; Cooper had the beers in a cardboard cup carrier. While Jason had the nachos and was stress eating while they wait.

“It cannot be that bad…” Cooper stares at his brother munching down.

“It’s bad…” Jason shoves another tortilla chip, loaded with beefy melted cheese, in his mouth.

“I am currently in a long-distance relationship with Leo… who just might be the gayest Italian ever made… like seriously, Liberace would go WTF at him sometimes… and I love that about him. He’s the yin to my yang…”


“I am also currently seeing Harvard Archeology Professor, Troy from Cambridge and fitness instructor, Deshawn from Waltham”

“Well that’s problematic…”

“Ya think?” Scott shovels more nachos down the hatch, before reaching out for a beer “It was hard enough to keep Cambridge away from Waltham… but now Italy decided to join the chat”

“Bro, why not just commit to one person? All this lothario bullshit was cute when you were in college… but Jase, you gotta grow up!”

“I am not done with living life yet. I am not getting tied down, unless I find a unicorn like Luna… you know… except with a dick”

Cooper laughs, decides to take a chug of his beer while waiting in a never-moving line.

“I met Lu in high school if it makes a difference…”

“No, it does not! Not everyone finds their soulmate that easily, and you brother have always had it on a string. Some of us have to work for it”

“Work for it? I think you’re clocking that overtime bro” Cooper teases.

“I know I’m a horrible human and karma and shit… but Troy, Deshawn and definitely not Leo… is the one.”

“How do you know? You’re not giving them a fair shake”

“You met that guy on the stands right… the one wearing his Sunday best to a ball game?”

Cooper chuckles, nearly spitting up his beer.

“Then cut ’em loose J…” Cooper raises his cup, “There, problem solved”

Jason dives back into the nachos, munching as he processes. “Hmmm, yeah… maybe at the airport…”

“Asshole” Cooper shakes his head.

The line was finally moving, they take a few steps.

The boys were finally back.

“Where’re the nachos” Luna pouts

“Sorry girl, they were out… and Coop wanted to get back to his seat. So, he didn’t wanna wait”

Cooper glares at his little brother.

Jason wants to sit next to Luna; Cooper toes the back of his calve.

“Oww” Jason mutters in agony.

“Keep it moving Romeo” Cooper breathes down his neck.

Cooper sits down and passes the hot dogs down the line, then the beers.

Luna smiles, whispering “What is going on with you two?”

He shakes his head, “Jase is being a moron as per…”

“Be nice”

He holds his hands out quizzically.

“Lu…” his blue eyes filled with intent; he kisses her mouth “Thanks for being my unicorn.”

She smiles, “What?”

“Nothing, just… love you”

“Okay… love you too”

After the game, the couples go to a bar near Fenway Park. Cooper brings a pitcher of beer and glasses to the table.

The bar was packed with jubilant Sox fans, as the team won. It was raucous, but not too rowdy yet. Leo had unbuttoned his shirt a bit and seemed more relaxed, at home.

He rubs smooth circles on Jase’s back. Jase has now simmered into a light buzz, after all the beers he had at the game. He sits slouched forward, elbows on the table.

“What’s the matter J… can’t hold your liquor anymore” Cooper teases, pouring out beer for everyone.

“I am content brother” he burps as he smiles.

“Yeah, sure… looks like Leo is burping you ya big baby… but what do I know”

“Coop…” Luna warns.

“What? I’m just messing with him” Cooper flashes a disarming smile.

“I do not know how you do it Lulu… with that smile” Leo fans his face again, “and those eyelashes…”

Leo reaches out and touches Cooper’s forearm, “You know there are top models who would pay for those eyelashes Cooper”

Cooper smiles, Leo was starting to grow on him. He could see why Luna was so taken with him, and even more baffled why his brother couldn’t see pass the grandiose exterior.

“You’re a good guy Leo… I’m happy my kid brother met you…” he looks across at Jason, “… hope he realizes you’re one of the good ones…”

Leo’s eyes welled up.

“Okay, enough of the sappy stuff” Jason raises his glass, “Here’s to finding a love as good and real as these two…”

Luna smiles, raising her glass to Jason’s “Aw Jase…”


“Cheers buddy!”

They take a drink.

“I am not a big fan of beer” Leo wrinkles his nose.

“No…” Luna rubs at his back. She turns to Cooper, “Cariño, can you get him something else from the bar por favor?”

“Sure… a cocktail?”

“No problema Cooper… I can drink the beer”

“Nonsense, Coop will get us cocktails… daiquiri?”

Deliziosafragola… uhm, strawberry?”

“Yum…” she beams, “Coop, can you please?”

He chuckles, presses a kiss to her cheek and heads off to the bar. Jason decides to join him, getting up groggily from the barstool. Trying his best not to tip over, staggering over to the bar.

“I hate when Jason gets in this mood… he doesn’t talk, just sits on the couch watching this American football and drinks beer.”

He had his elbow on the table, with his chin resting on his palm. His languid fingers curled around his cheek.

“I’m sorry Leo… how long has been like that?”

“Ever since I surprised him with my visit… it’s like he’s not happy to see me… have me here…” he sighs, “… and I do not understand… we were so in love in Italia… but now, I feel like a come si diceil fastidio… nuisance”

“No honey, I’m sure that’s not what he feels. Maybe he just needs time to adjust… you know, it’s not easy to start sharing a space with someone. Loving someone and living with someone… it can get tricky… You guys just need some time, is all”

Tu pensi? You think?”

“For sure!”

But Luna wasn’t sure. She’d seen Jase act up like this before, it was normally right before he would dump someone.

Jase slumps over the bar counter, next to Cooper.

“I’m calling it bro…”

Cooper raises his eyebrows, “What happened to the weasel move of waiting until his flight back? D’ya grow a pair or is this the beer talking?”

“Pffft… what’s the difference between now and then?”

“You’d argue… and shit would be said… he’d probably have to spend money getting a hotel and changing his flights. But at least, you’d have manned up…”

“I’m confused” Jase leans back, his elbow now resting on the bar counter and facing Cooper side on. “Are you telling me to be a weasel?”

“I’m saying… are you sure this is what you want? What about giving the guy a shot J?”

“Because I am not in love Coop! I was in absolute lust in Italy… shoulda probably broken it off in Italy… And I’ve sleeping with two other guys… or have you forgot?”

“Jesus Jason, then say that… but you can’t keep stringing the guy along. And no daiquiri is gonna fix it”

Jason turns, his back facing the crowd “Yo barkeep, shot a tequila”

Cooper slaps the back of Jason’s shoulder probably harder than he should have. Jason coughs.

“Man up kid. This is someone’s life, it’s not a game”

Jason nods lugubriously, as Cooper walks away.

That night Jason broke it off with Leo. There were tantrums and tears. Leo booked himself into a hotel and took the next available flight out.

He called Luna to say goodbye and that it was nice to meet them.

Jason came clean to both Troy and Deshawn; both excommunicated him in flamboyant fashion – unfriending on Facebook; unfollowing on Twitter; not-so-between-the-lines posts eluding to fuckboys in Boston.

Jason sought solace in Luna and Cooper’s arms. He slept on their couch that night and had a massive hangover in the morning.

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