Nostalgia is a Liar

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Chapter Nine

Spring, 2017

Luna has skipped a menstrual cycle and took a home pregnancy test, which tested positive.

They decide to go to confirm with a blood test.

Cooper waits with her in the doctor’s office. He holds her hand, their clustered hands resting in his lap.

Doctor Aiono walks in with the result, they turn to face her. She has a smile on her face. That should be a good sign.

She sits down on the armrest of the chair next to Cooper. “Good news for the young couple… you’re 2 weeks pregnant Luna”

“Oh my…” Luna covers her smiling face with her hands.

Cooper laughs with joy. He lifts Luna out of her chair and hugs her.

“We’re gonna have a baby Lu!”

He turns to hug Doctor Aiono. “Thank you so much”

“You’re welcome… and congratulations!”

“Oh wow… this is big deal” Luna sits back down, rubbing her palms anxiously up and down her thighs.

Cooper stands next to her, gently gripping her shoulder.

Doctor Aiono pulls the chair closer, sitting facing her now. She takes Luna’s hands into hers.

“Being a first-time mother is a daunting prospect for most young women Luna… but by the time they all hear the tiny, little heartbeat at the first ultrasound and seeing the sonogram…” she smiles, captivating Luna with her words “… they say it’s like magic. And I believe that’s the best term to describe it. There is a life growing inside your womb, your tamaititi…”

Cooper had run a bath for them when they got home. He decides to get in with Luna.

He sits behind her in the bathtub. Her legs pulled up to her chest.

She slowly splashes water laced with bubble bath on her bent knees and watches as it trickles down her shin.

Cooper massages the lathered shampoo through her hair, his fingers expertly weaving through her tresses and fingertips soothing over her scalp.

Her eyes close at the sensation.

“Do you think I’ll be a good mom? We’d be good parents?” she asks.

He stops the massage and reaches for the handheld shower hose, slowly dispersing lukewarm water onto the back of her head. Moving slowly across the entire scalp.

He gently combs through the soaking hair, rinsing the last remnants of shampoo.

“I think you’d be a great mom! And I think I’d be a cool dad… and we’ll figure all the little intricacies out as we go… and we’ll have my parents there… and Rach and Alec… if we need any guidance.”

She turns to face him, “I’m scared…”

He traces his index finger along her jawline. “Don’t be. We’re in this together”

“This is an entire human we’d be responsible for raising, make sure that he or she survives this world… endless worrying and sleepless nights. I couldn’t bare if anyone would hurt my baby… and this world… cariño… this world is so cold and cruel sometimes”

He smiles, “Then we’ll give our little one an abundance of love and a lifetime of happy memories to see them through the hard times that will inevitably come. We’ll give our baby the tools to maneuver this cold world, but still keep their light shining. Babe, all we can do is love this baby, teach them values and morals… and then set them free.”

She turns back around, leans further into him resting her head on his chest. She lowers her legs, nestled between his now. He wraps his arms around her, snuggly hugging her chest.

He presses a kiss to her temple.

“We’ll be fine… and when we’re not, we’ll figure it out and make that okay too”

“You’re so sure of everything” she smiles, closing her eyes.

“I’m sure about us… and I’m sure that we can survive and do anything, as long as we always have each other”

“I love you so much Cooper… I’d be lost without you and certainly wouldn’t be able to do this without you…”

“… quite literally” he jokes

She rolls her eyes, grinning “Well…”

“Oh-kay, enough of that!” he pipes up “I love you! And I most certainly wouldn’t want to do this, any of this, without you.”

Crossing her arms on her chest, she latches her hands onto his forearms.

“So, can we revisit Tom Brady as a baby name?”

“Absolutely not” she shakes her head.

“Julian Rob?”

Por que? No Patriots mi armor…”

He pouts, “Just the middle name then?”

Si… okay…”

“But definitely settled on Monroe Elora, right?”

Her face lights up, “Definitely…”

“It’s gonna be tough to chose between Tommy and Jules for that middle name slot…”

She chuckles, pressing a kiss to his hand.

“Do we want to know if it’s going to be a boy or a girl?” he asks

“I think we should, no? I mean, for buying stuff… and I hate surprises. What do you think?”

“I think it’d be kinda cool, pacing in the waiting room and doc comes out and says… It’s a… fill blanks here…”

“So, you don’t want to be in the delivery room?”

“Do you want me there? You don’t even want me in the bathroom when you poop Lu” he teases.

Cállate… that’s different” she gives a lopsided smile “Can we revisit that one, along with wanting to know the sex of the baby. I feel I might think differently in a few months’ time… when I start bloating like a whale.”

“Lu, you will wear pregnancy like you do everything else… beautifully and with grace.”

“I’mma hold you to that Thindrel”

“So, when can we tell everyone?”

She ponders, “I guess we can tell your family tomorrow… but I think like for work and friends, maybe wait until the end of the first trimester?”

“I’m taking your lead on that babe.”

“Everything will be fine right… like with the pregnancy” she shakes her head “I’m sorry, asking you like you’ve done this before. I’m just spazzing.”

“Hey, you…” he whispers

She smiles, waiting for his next words. She adored Cooper’s Hey, you… whenever he was about to say something either super sweet, completely endearing or terribly cheesy.

“If you ever feel anxious or worried or just spazzy… keep me in the loop, tell me it all… everything… no matter how small or insignificant it seems to you. I’m here for you.”

Super Sweet. Completely Endearing.

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