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Romantic love story

Romance / Thriller
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She been in my life for shuch a short time, I love her day and night the love that in my heart. How

many people can love as much as he loved us. I try my best maybe a few mistakes along the way

learning how to love myself Sending my love to the one I love the most my love Samantha she

means the worldto me one of the most beautiful and Intelligent women in the world. WE had a

nice new home luxury car yacht I work for the United States special agent Peace Keeper

World Ambassador, Samantha and I having a beautiful life together as a family of three. it was a

Pleasant evening sky full of stars went to back yard laid a blanket on the grass. Had a picnik

basket with wine, cheese, crackers, caviar. Lay on our backs watching the skies Than we

Emade love under the Heavens for about a hour Things were getting rough So we the family

took a week vacation went to the condominium in Florida that I own not durning hurricane

Season four monthes later we find out Samantha going to have a baby. Everything was going

great . Nine months were was getting close time for one more vacation to the beach I was

Out a in the water deep area when someone spotted a large shark heading my way it

got closer and Closer I could see the blood in it eyes blood in it mouth some one fly over in

Helicopter and shot it before it got me wife and children watching from the beach it could

have been a MEGALODON but it was a tiger shark about fifteen feet long eight hundred

Pounds it sunken to bottom of ocean don't know who safe my life was it the coast guard or

the Sheriff I will have to thank them. My wife and children thought I was going to be eaten

Alive I've been through a lots in my life but God save me again using a Guardian We got

back home before the baby was due in four days. We will become parnets again. We

name the baby girl name Her May Elizabeth look just like her mother blue eyes dark hair.

The end ☆

Star Writer Jerry G. Smith

July 26, 2020

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