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Alex Bryant is a normal seventeen year old boy. He plays soccer, has had a few girlfriends and hook ups over the years. Loves his family but has fall outs with them every now and then. Everything is going fine until his grades start falling.

Romance / Action
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Alex's P.O.V.

"Dude are coming to the party tonight to celebrate our win?", Zander, my best friend asked.

"I would be an idiot to miss a party", I replied.

"Damn right", he then laughed and gave me a small shove.

Zander and I had been best friends for almost two years and even though we didn't talk on s daily basis we were close enough but not close enough to be considered family.

Zander and I were two complete opposites. He often kept to himself, the loner kind of guy and he tried his hardest to be in good favours with all the teachers. Excelling at almost all his classes.

He had been the target of bullies for quite a while, before I meet him or even knew of him. Back then he was this short, scrawny kid.

Then he started working out, going to self defence classes. Now the bullies won't even look in his direction.

We met when some bullies were trying something with him and I decided I was going to step in and help. He beat them up without my help, granted we still got detention.

"We meeting up at your place or mine?", it was normal for us to meet up before every party to get ready and ensure that everything was going fine.

"My place", I told him before heading off to my next class.

School finally ended and I head home to start getting ready before Zander comes over.

After some time I decide on wearing a grey sweater and a pair of black jeans with some sneakers. I felt comfortable and I looked good too.

When Zander showed up at my house he just came in said hi to my parents and then we were off to the party.

It was being held at a girl's, named Michelle, house. Michelle was your average cheerleader that enjoyed gossip but she had sense, she was top notch, a-class kind of smart. That's one of the reasons why many persons wanted to date her but she didn't date.

"Ready to get trashed?", Zander asked while we made our way in to the party.

"Hell yeah!", I screamed back and ran right into the swarm of persons.

The party was full swing. Music beating loudly, cups strewn all around the floor, persons grinding against each other. It was the absolute best.

I got done of the punch and quickly downed it, not caring what they placed in it. The bitter liquid went straight down my throat, burning it.

I was ready to party.

Zander was the kind of guy that would play drunk games with persons while I was the type to be found rocking with the waves the sea of people.

I enjoyed being on the dance floor, dancing, grinding, rubbing, groping. If you didn't want anything like that to happen to you then just stay out of the sea. The sea is where people go to feel.

I was beyond drunk and I had stumbled out of the party long ago. It happens every time I go to a party.

I get drunk and feel for a walk which I obviously take them somehow I end up in my bed by the morning forgetting where I went during my walk.

This was I was just letting the wind take me to wherever. The wind was always a friend during these times. It would blow through my hair and sing a soft song to me.

"Where is it?", a girl asked with a heavy accent. I thought she was talking to me so I turned back and looked in the alley.

She apparently wasn't but my dumb ass decide that I'm going to stay since it looks like a nice party to join.

"I told you, I need two days then you'll it back", the guy told her.

"You said that two days ago, I ain't no fool, I wanted to give you the benefit of the doubt but you lost my shit", her accent was extremely heavy. Then she pulled out a gun from her back shot the guy right in the head before giving him a few more shots to his chest. "Next time don't loose my shit"

I really don't know why she bothered to even say that since the guy was already dead. She was the one who just killed him.

Wait. Did I just witness a murder? That's exactly what happened. I just watched someone get killed and I did nothing and I said nothing. Does that make me an accessory to murder? Of course not. I'm just a witness.

"Well shit", I cursed, sadly it wasn't in my head.

"Someone read watching ma'am, what should we do?", a guy said to the lady who killed the man. This bought me some time to run but being the drunken idiot I was, I stood there and waited to hear what she was going to say.

Then she looked up and we made eye contact. That was when I realized who the lady was.

Ilene Malcom, the smartest girl in our school.

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