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This is story of two people finding love after they got married. Join me in this crazy journey of Mahi and Ruhan. Can love happen after marriage?How do two people who didn't knew each other before,able to adjust together after marriage? Is it a disaster or destiny playing its part? If you want answer to all these questions. Read this story of typical Indian arranged marriage.

Romance / Drama
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Chapter 1

I was nervously moving towards the cafe where I will meet the guy my parents have arranged for me to marry. Train of thoughts were cooking in my head wandering about, what is he going to be like? , what will he ask me? What will I answer?, will I be able to answer? Etc etc. I never had a male friend, I was bought up in a very Conservative family, where we are not allowed to chose our life partners and has to go through whatever decisions our parents make. I remember once I had tried to be rebellious and chose a guy for me to be with but he turned out to be an asshole and was with his best friend behind my back. Then my confidence in making my own decisions shattered and I decided that I will go along with whoever my parents will choose for me. Now here I am standing outside this beautiful cafe, pondering over the thought whether to take a dive or to go back and say i am not prepared. Just then cafe door opened and came the addicting smell of coffee that called me inside and I started looking for table no. 5. There I saw a guy sitting with his back towards me and I started walking towards him. When I faced him, I saw this bad boy vibes kind of a guy with ripped jeans and biker jacket, playing some game on his phone as if his life depends on it. Just then he looked up and our eyes met. It felt a little different, like peace mixed with adventure. Just then he stood up and took my chair out for me to sit. And I felt like I judged too easily.

"Hi! This is Ruhan Singh. And you are? ",He asked flashing his pearly white towards me.

"Hi! I am Mahi.",I said smiling back at him. Shaking his hand and there I felt my stomach saumersaulting inside. Did he felt the same I wandered.

"Before starting the marriage talks, let's order something. I am damn hungry",He said. Making me smile. There is this weird thing about him, that when he look at you and smile you can't stop yourself from smiling back.

"Yeah, sure", I said, now feeling more confident and comfortable around him. I am an introvert, so it was always difficult for me to trust people and feel comfortable around them during the first time. I am that person who can never initiate first. So I was glad he was speaking. While looking at him, as he was going through the menu to order something. I noticed I was wrong about him. Even with the rugged bad boy like appearance he is quite a comfortable guy to be with.

"Hey, where are you lost. Waiter is asking what would you like to have?",he said,waving his hand in my face.

"Oh, sorry.", I said and suddenly chose whatever I saw first in menu.

"So,you are lost in your own world kind of a girl" ,he asked looking at me.

"Yeah you can say that.",I replied looking in his eyes.

"So, what you do for living?",he asked.

"I am a psychologist", I replied.

"oooh a psychologist, that is quite scary. It means I can never lie to you after marriage or you will find out", he said smiling.

"Yes!! you need to be very careful", I said in my business tone. And we both laughed.

"I don't like lies",I said. "Truth is better than lies. I will like a bitter truth over a sweet lie any day.",I said smiling at him.

"We both agree on this thing ",he said giving me his fist to fistbump. And I laughed at his childish behaviour.

This Is what I liked about people,for them to be their honest self and I won't judge them,'But you judged him', a little voice whispered in back of my mind.

Our orders have arrived. We started eating. My cheesy lasagna was like heaven, when I sipped my shake I felt like Spitting it out. It has pineapple in it. I hate pineapple!!. But I can't do this in front of him,what will he think about me. I started to take another sip. When I heard him saying, "You want to change our drinks because this one is my favourite"and I felt like today god has saved me. "Mine is chocolate shake",he said. "You like it?",he asked.

"Yeah I love chocolate", I said with twinkles in my eyes. And we exchanged our drinks.

"What you do for living?",I asked him.

He leaned forward and whispered ,"I am a detective"and I leaned back and laughed. Then when I stopped I noticed he was dead serious. I put the joke aside and asked him, "You are serious?"

"Dead serious", he said without a tinge of humor in his voice.

"Wow, This is so cool", I said.

"Aren't you scared or anything. Because sometimes my missions are little risky and I might put my family in danger", he asked.

"Why would I be? In fact this is great you are serving our Country",I said. He seem amused.

"I respect whoever serve our Country",I said looking him in eye. And at that time we both noticed something clicked between us.

"Hey I need to leave first. Work is calling. Sorry we won't be able to talk much.", he said after looking at his phone.

"Its ok",I said. And we both moved outside. There I saw him moving towards his harley. And I felt like an excited cheergirl inside because I love bikes. So what, if I don't know how to drive one.

He looked at me and asked,"Will you go by yourself or should I drop you?"

I felt like saying yes, because my love for harley is great. But then the logical side of me spoke, that I am meeting him for first time so don't be an excited cheerleader and I shook my head in no. He left after that, roving his bikes engine on the empty Road, filling the silence with a thrill.

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