Fated With The Lone Wolf

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" Come on honey, your a girl. I know how bad you wanted it so I decided you could mate with the alpha instead, you can't actually expect me too let you lead" Father made me believe I was going to have so much power one day, and my whole life was wasted, I could have spent all these years making friends, having sex or something, drinking, partying, doing normal teenage things. But instead I worked my ass off training, improving everyday. I'm good at this and I can beat every wolves' ass In human AND wolf form. I couldn't just let 17 years go to waste, I had to do something!! Layla Jordan Elishaz challenge you, Xavier for alpha!" I blurt. Both their eyes widen in surprise. I take the opportunity to continue. "If I lose, I'll mate with Xavier, being his Luna. If I win he leaves and I become alpha, I can find my own mate eventually." "I accept" spinach replies, with a smirk I'd love to rip off his face, oh and i will.

Romance / Drama
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Chapter One: Worthless Test

I slowly open my eyes, regaining consciousness. I feel sharp pain around my wrists. I grunt in pain. I'm on a chair in the middle of a completely empty small, grey room. It was dark, not even a window. Only a ray of light peaking through from underneath the huge metal door.

I tug at my wrists which are tied tightly at the back of the chair. I assume it's rope because handcuffs were easier to break.

Before jumping to conclusions on who it was I closed my eyes and focused on my hearing is anyone was hear. I hear his voice talking to some other guy I didn't recognize, yep, I stan corrected.

I chuckle shaking my head, not even surprised.

Time is very limited so I push myself back as hard as I can using my legs. Satisfied at the loud cracks of the chair breaking. I tear the rope in half behind my back before releasing my wrists away from each other.

I walk to the huge door, and kicked it down with my bear feet. That hurt my feet A little. By then multiple men were lined up right In front of the door. I smirk sheepishly, cracking my knuckles along with my neck, before sighing in relief. Gotta stretch after being in the same position for hours.

"Whooo alrighty!" I exclaim.

They give me a strange look. I put my fists up waiting for them to attack. I sigh letting my arms down. "Oh come on! I thought you guys were wolfs" patting his shoulder. He shrugs my hand off. He swings his fist aiming at my face. I duck down, place my hands on the floor to support me as i kick where it hurts. He drops to the floor, waiting for relief.

The other guys run to me from all different sides, when they are close enough I spin around with one leg, and the other high in the air kicking all their faces to the ground.

The first huge guy, gets up and shifts. He's a pretty big wolf, gotta give him that. I blow some dust off my nails, looking down at him. He growls, his huge sharp teeth pocking through. He jumps at me, I let him knock me down. But the second he does I push his fluffy neck to the ground using my elbow, while I sit on top off his huge body.

"Funny how the tables turned" I smirk. He attempts to roll over, but I stand up. Watching his face smack the ground. I almost feel bad, meh.

I shrug, turning around, I see the rest of the men, ready to fight me.

This is a waste of my morning. I'm done going easy on these lame motherfuckers. I shift, wanting to get this fight over with.

I run to the closest one knocking him down with one deep scratch, he stumbles, making a wolf behind him hit the ground too. He yells in pain, shifting to heal himself. With blood on the floor, he stands up, as the rest of the men begin to shift.

They all run to me from different directions swinging their claws. I bite one's furry legs stoping him from scratching me. I jump away from the rest of the wolfs causing them to turn with in my direction, the one I just bite stands up behind me, perfect he swings at me, with all his might. Their all jumping onto me with their claws out. I step aside, so they all just scratch onto each other.

"Wow that was REALLY pathetic" I laugh.

They all growl, I run to one scratching its neck, the next one jumps over me I just let my claw enter into his stomach.

A few seconds later the rest were down. They were all in the ground, healing themselves from all the deep scratches. My little scratch from one of the wolfs heals right before my eyes. I shift back, feeling all the wolf's eyes on me as I walk up the concrete stairs naked.

Walking through the empty living room I lean against office door. With him is a tall, handsome guy in a spinach colored shirt, or a green shirt either one works, I shrug to myself. Not paying much attention to him, I focus my dads attention onto me "Ahem" I fake cough. Spinach, I mean the dude in the green shirt looks to the door, his eyes widen and his cheeks turn red immediately. "3:27, best one yet, good jo-" my father states looking at the watch on his wrist before looking up at me shocked " What the hell?! Layla put some clothes on!" He quickly grabs spinach's shoulder, who couldn't stop staring turning both their backs to me. "Father, if I put clothes on I wouldn't have beaten my record" I shrug.

"Just come back when your dressed!" he waves his arms for me to go. I roll my eyes and leave as he continues talking to spinach.

Father had just tested me, he picks a random date every month and sets up a real life situation and times me on my speed. This was part of training to take my father's position as Alpha. While I'm sleeping he'd have me injected so I wouldn't wake up, or feel anything until the next morning. He'd have me tied to the chair and starting his stopwatch when the men told him I had awakened.

I still have the wolves' blood on me, when I enter my room so I decide to shower to freshen up, especially because I just woke up from sleep. When I'm done I slip into my favorite hoodie and sweatpants. Glad that I didn't wear it to bed last night, I pull my hair into a high pony tail after combing it. My hair is long, comes down to my waist in a pony tail. I hurry downstairs to continue my discussion with dad. He's still talking to spinach when I walk in. "Layla, now that your here I want you to meet Xavier, your mate."

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