A Terrible Masterpiece

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"Ms. Alyrra, what's the greatest message you want to show everyone through this artwork of yours?" An interviewer asked.

Everyone fell into deep silence, curiously waiting for my reply. I heaved a deep sigh and looked at the artwork beside me—an artwork that captured a lot of people's eyes.; an artwork I was supposed to give him. I tucked strands of my hair to my ear and smiled weakly. A million flashbacks raced to my mind, yet as if it was a puzzle, it all dawned to the very first time I've encountered his presence. I closed my eyes tightly as I felt my eyes sting from the tears that were about to fall down.

"Are you really ready to face everyone, Aly?" Summer asked, worry laced in her voice.

"I don't have any other choice, do I?" I smiled.

"We can cancel the meeting, Aly. You don't have to force yourself if you're not yet ready."

"That doesn't seem fair for those who are actually looking forward and paid just to go to the meeting, right?"

"We understand, but Summer is right. Besides, preparing yourself isn't narcissistic at all nor a waste of your time. It's better to prepare yourself than to pretend like you're ready and just stumble in front of everyone," Serenity smiled softly. Everyone else nodded in agreement.

I just smiled at them as the tears I was holding back fell down. I laughed to cover up the pain I felt in my chest, but their hug acted like a trigger which made me tear up more.

I stared at the window as I saw children laughing in the streets, families giggling while holding hand-in-hand.

Everything just reminded me of him-- of what we used to be.

Riding the bus never felt right again. Taking pictures felt like a very familiar yet hurtful scene. Making paintings and artworks used to feel relaxing, but now it's just another painful memory. Every stroke of the brush made my chest ache, and every book reminded me of its epilogue-- our painful epilogue. Things just escalated quickly, I couldn't keep up.

We started out very well, but everything suddenly changed.

"It's your birthday, but you have a gift for me?" I laughed in amusement.

"I know it's cheesy, but there was this gut feeling that I should give you something very special."

"When are you going to give it to me?"


"How soon is soon, smartypants?"

"Just soon. I feel too shy to give it now," He chuckled nervously.

I laughed at his nervousness. "We've been friends for 5 years and you're shy?"

"Stop," He covered his face with his hands.

"Hey, I gotta finish this painting first. I'll talk to you later, bye!"

And that was the last.

There was never a passing day that I regret putting down the phone because everything started to crash down after that very moment.

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