Earth Angels: Helping Out the School

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Haylee, Celestia, Stella,Eden, Heaven and Neveah are all Earth Angels and they help out everybody and the world. They travel, have jobs, and participate together in extra curricular activities. And they are all sixteen. And have strong spiritual gifts. They are also soul sisters. They also have Boyfriends and all have divorced parents.

Romance / Adventure
Hayli Hill
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Pep Rally

Haylee is getting ready for the pep rally and getting her cheer uniform on in the girl's locker room and listening to her favorite songs . especially Call me Beep Me from Kim Possible. She starts singing along as she puts on her cheer skirt, ankle socks and cheer shoes. Then she takes out a wireless hair curler made from her boyfriend and curls her hair. Her friends join in in the singing has they all get ready for the pep rally she and her cheer mate's have been planning with the school principal. They all do their hair in different styles.

Celestia said "So Haylee. Are you going to take Castiel to the dance next week?"

Haylee said" Of course I am. I already bought a dress and everything essential for the Fall Formal."

Celestia said" So what does your dress look like? " Celestia moves on to putting pink nail polish on her nails after putting her hair in a half ponytail.

Haylee said" It's sea foam green and the shoes are gold. From your store Celestia. I like it Earth friendly like any Earth angel."

Haylee moves on to putting blush on her cheeks.

Eden said" We all shop at The Boutique of Heaven. Celestia's fashions are bomb."

Stella said" Agreed"

Haylee nods " They are beautiful "

Celestia said" aww thanks guys. Can I help you with your nails Haylee? "

"Sure. That nail polish smells really good. "

Celestia does her nails and puts on sea foam green mermaid decals and glitter. Haylee smiles and so does Celestia. She dries her friend's nails with a eco friendly nail dryer and helps Eden, Heaven, Neveah and the rest of the Angel cheerleaders put nail polish on and Haylee does their make up. Soon they are all done and go out to meet their coach before the rally to go over the dancing, cheer chants, cheer routines, tumbling, stunts, and do a little stretching and exercise. Coach Heather has them line up as she sees them walk out of the locker room and start stretching. Then she puts on some relaxing music and coaches the girls.

(Eden's hairstyle. (Couldn't find a good ponytail hairstyle on Pinterest)

After stretching and exercising. They move on to the dancing and Coach Heather puts on The Kim Possible Theme song amd they do the dance moves. Haylee does a back handspring as they get near to the end of the song and they end in a pyramid. Then they move on to the stunts. After a while they drink more water and it is time for the pep rally. They line up as the rest of the students of Divine Angel High School file into the gym and onto the bleachers. The cheerleaders do their tumbling and they move into the cheer routines and chants. They fire up the crowd and the crowd get on their feet and cheer along, mirroring the movements. The cheerleaders move into their stunts as they do back handsprings and flips. Haylee and Eden get lifted up and they do the scorpion and them they do a summersault and their spotters catch them as they hear the music from Kim Possible come on and they do the moves. Haylee and some of the other cheerleaders do the gymnastics part of the dancing and they all go up in a pyramid and the crowd cheer and gives them a standing ovation. The cheerleaders safely come down from their pyramid and then hit the showers.

Haylee, Celestia, Eden, Stella, Heaven, and Neveah and the rest of the cheerleaders all change into their own clothes as they get ready to go home. Haylee gets picked up by her mom, some get picked up by their step parents and Heaven gets picked up by her dad. Haylee texts her friends telling them how much fun she had at the rally and they all agree. Haylee moves on to texting her boyfriend.

Haylee: Hey babe.

Castiel: Hey Sweetheart

Haylee: You ready for the dance?

Castiel: Yes. Can't wait to see you in that dress Beautiful

Haylee blushes and texts him a thank you. She arrives at her house and makes dinner for her little sister and Mom as her mother locks her car and goes to her office to grade papers. Haylee gets done making dinner and sets the table with her sister. She goes to her mom's office after she puts out the vegan spaghetti and they go to the dining room.

Haylee said" So mom. Can I have a sleepover with my friends tomorrow night and the day before the fall Formal? "

Gina said " Of course you can sweetie. " She takes another dainty bite of the spaghetti and drinks the organic juice her daughter put out for her. "You gonna go to your day care tomorrow?

Haylee said" Of Course. I love helping those kids. Especially the cute little babies. "

Gina said" Good.Good. Also I have to tell you something. "

Haylee drinks some water" What"

Gina said" I met a guy and he asked me out. It was at the elementary school. And I said yes. "

Haylee said" Oh Mommy. I am so happy for you. "

Gina said" I told him how much you love children and how good you are with them and he wants you to babysit his kids this Sunday while we go out on a date. "

Haylee said" Sure I will. How old are they"

Gina said" he has a 12 year old girl, a 6 year old girl, and a one year old son and he also has a 2 year old son. "

Haylee said" I will take good care of them mom. "

Gina said" Good. I will call Bryce after dinner to let him know that his kids have a babysitter.

Haylee smiles and looks at her little sister who was looking at her. Looking like she has something to ask. Haylee said" what is it sweetie?"

Mikaela said" I need you to help me with something. After dinner I would like some help with math. And English.

Haylee said" Sure I will. "

Mikaela: thank you. I have a math test on Monday so. I want to be well prepared. "

Haylee hugs her sister and they all get done eatting. Haylee puts the dishes away and heads to her sister's room to help her.

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