She's got me Twisted

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My,oh my!

He walked through the White washed corridors looking for a place to cool off, it's been really tiring, he noticed few people about, just a couple of nurses, hair tied back and eyes from tiredness and troublesome patients, he was too emotional to be tired but definitely looked worse than them, appearance wise, maybe, it was just him, or it was just this place which made it worse.

He finally reached the door, white and dull, like all the others, but he could see people inside, walked right in, viewed a very fine young lady dressed in a nurse's blue outfit and topping it with her curly hair.

“You are going to be fine, Sir”, she said.” it's not a disease, just a symptom of an....”

Wiky cleared his throat, trying to get the attention

“Hey Son” Miguel, Wiky's dad greeted.

“Hey” Maya said with a bright smile.

“Hey dad”, he walked up to his dad that was right on the hospital bed.

“I came here as soon as I heard the news, what happened?” Wiky asked.

“It's totally nothing to worry about, well, that's what doctor Maya says” Miguel replied.

She smiled, darn!, she's beautiful,” yeah, but you still need to come back for more tests”.

“Could he go now?” Wiky asked, with so much stress in his voice.

“Yes, he could” she replied.

“Thanks doctor” Miguel said as he got up.

“You are welcome”.

She watched as father and son left the consulting room, oh well, they looked good together.

It was a 45 seconds work, stood to face the punching bag in a boxing stance, his feet shoulder-distance and staggered with one foot of the other, raised his hands, positioning them like he was prepared to punch, remembering that one of them should always be protecting his face, except from bring a handsome face, he's always been into all kind of sports, Basketball and mostly boxing.

He threw two punches in quick succession, first jabbing with his left arm, then, crossing with his left arm, then, crossing with his right arm, before performing a squat, sweats dripping from his chest, he repeated this over and over again

She blew the whistle, and smiled,” Your 45 seconds is over, it's my turn!”.

“Why are you here?” he asked, as he took up his bottle water.

“I want to join you” Cara said as she walked to him.

Wiky took a deep Gulp,” You shouldn't”

Cara smirked, well, that was mischievous,” I was thinking if you would want to get down with me sometimes and yeah, I mean sex”.

“No, thanks”.

“Why?, I'm not good for you?”

“I didn't say that, Cara, listen...”

“I made a reservation at Pink Tea cup, I want to see you there by 3, your mom is going to show up, don't need to up “she finalized as she walked away.

Maya walked right through the corridor, it was time for lunch, and she needed food, some sandwich will do, she thought.

“Hey, Maya!” Dave called as he ran to her.

“Hey, what's up?” she asked.

“I was thinking if you would want to go out for lunch with me” he started.

She chuckled,” For real?”


“No, thanks, maybe some other time”, she said.

Gave him a pat on his chest as she zoomed away, he wanted her back, she just ain't seeing it and that's a different level of pain.

Maya rested her elbows on the bar, her brown hair lying over her shoulder of her sequinned dress, the bar tender was there to take her order in a flash, a bar cardibreezer, her favourite, she watched him fetch it, his face was above average with close light eyes and tanned skin, perhaps she'd come back for him later...

“Doctors drinking Should be tagged,'illegal'” a voice said.

She turned to the sound of the voice.

“Hey Maya” wiky said as he sat at the bar.

She smiled,”woo!, you remember my name”.

“Are you drunk?”

“Pfft, I'm not”

“You don't strike me as someone who drinks”.

“I actually don't, I guess I wanted some good loving and I intend on drinking it all away”

“Though, I plan on having a quickie with the bartender”she whispered.

Wiky laughed, she was all kinds of interesting.

“How about you?”she asked.

“I need to get my mind off things”

She smiled, darn!!, all shades of pretty!

“You look good, love your dress”

She smiled,”I love yours too”.

From the floor and now to the bed, all distractions down to the floor, it was just bra and panties.

Alcohol had its way and his D was making its way to her clit...

I'm so sorry, guys:-(, it's so short but could you all tell me what you think 🙈, I'm open for whatever you wanna say^_^,I promise I'mma come back better in the next episode 🚶❤️

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