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Played by Fate

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The story of a pair of mates who are played by the fate in a twisted way. Alex and Jacob are the best of friends, will a woman break their friendship or will it survive all the hardships?

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Making Friends

Alex and Jacob were the best of friends, they had grown to know each other after their first shifting and now they were inseparable. Alex was soon to be the alpha of Moon pack- a pack based in Belize, Central America- as his father and mother Alpha James and Luna Eva had decided to retire. They were the most successful leaders in the history of the pack. Luna Eva was very kind and just, and she made up for the aggressive and reckless nature of Alpha James. No threat ever reached their pack premises as the stories of Alpha James’s reckless punishment for rogues and attackers were very famous.

When Alex would become the alpha then Jacob would be his Beta, his second in command. Jacob was the son of Roger who was his father’s third in command. Jacob’s mother Tasha was a human. This was the reason for many silent disagreements within the pack regarding Jacob being their future Beta, the second most respectable after the Alpha. But none of the disagreements were voiced due to the fear of Alpha James, who loved his son a lot and also trusted Jacob to be fit for the position of the future Beta.

⏳........ ⌛

Alex was already 16 and his parents planned to retire in a week. Alex as usual drove to his college, but he was feeling very restless, like something unexpected was going to happen. He met his best friend and soon-to-be Beta Jacob at the entrance and they both walked together to their class. Their class was on the second floor, as they were walking towards the stairs, they suddenly heard a female voice behind them - “Hi, Can you please help me find the way to the lecture hall of Ancient History, I think I lost my way. I’m new here.” Before Alex could say anything, Jacob had reached the girl. “Hi, we are both heading there for our class, you can join us.” Alex looked at his friend’s face and he saw in his eyes that his friend had indeed been smitten by the girl’s appearance. On second look he found that the girl was indeed very pretty, she had summery blonde hair and blue eyes, she was medium heighted and had a perfect hourglass figure. She was dressed just apt for college, Alex found that many girls would dress for college like they were going to party, and some were like they had just walked down the ramp, whereas this girl was dressed in a simple shirt and jeans, which made her look just suitable for college, but her dressing also made her figure evident, and she had the perfect figure, the one that girls’ did dieting for. Alex was suddenly pulled out of his thoughts when Jacob walked over to him and introduced him to the new girl. On the way to class, the guys got to know that the girl’s name was Lisa and her parents were both doctors who had been out traveling for research and had now returned to their own pack when the research was done.

⏳One week later....⌛

Today was the day when Alpha James and Luna Eva were to retire to make way for the new Alpha Alex. As was the ritual their Second and Third in command must also retire with them.

James’s second Beta Sam was not very happy with this decision by his alpha, he had tried to influence James to decide otherwise but was not successful at all. He being the Beta had to follow after his Alpha so he had half-heartedly agreed.

In the evening there was a dinner for the entire pack in which Alex would officially take charge as the pack’s Alpha. All the pack members including his parents were busy in the preparations for the dinner, while Alex was in his room, pacing around in nervousness.

He was very nervous regarding tonight’s dinner, would he be able to be a good Alpha, would he be able to protect his territory, and also be just and fair. His parents had a lot of expectations from him, will he be able to fulfill their expectations.

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