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Changing Prespectives

Alex’s POV....

Days had passed since that incident with the rogue and my acceptance of Claire’s death. I had thought that maybe I would learn to live with the pain of Claire’s death, that maybe eventually the pain will fade out but that was not true, it had been days nearly a week but the pain instead of fading out had been more prominent. I had started to lock people out, I did not want anyone to see how vulnerable Claire’s death had made me, it had broken me. I had started spending more time alone with Claire’s memories. I felt like no one would be able to understand my feelings or me.

I had started experiencing sleeping disorder lately, I would lay on my bed and wait for sleep to come and would finally end up sleeping only at around 4 or 5 am. The weather as if also mourning my loss was very gloomy these days, it was the month of November, which is fairly rainy here. The climate here in Belize is sub tropical so we choose to live in this territory, as wolves we could survive in any climate but our human forms were most comfortable here.

I have fallen into a routine of sleeping late and waking up early, but today seems to be different, since today morning my wolf is in a really good mood and has been nagging at me to wake up. Two day ago, Lisa had told me that her sister was going to come today and now my wolf was nagging at me to go meet her.

I didn’t know what was the reason behind his excitement. He was never excited to meet humans, in fact he tried to avoid humans as best as he could, when my parents had decided to send me to high school in the city with normal humans my wolf would just not agree. He forced them to change their mind.

She gave us such a good idea, we must go to thank her. We are the Alpha of this pack, we can not continue to sulk, we must fulfil our duties. Plus, we do not know how our pack members might react to her, she is a human after all. But she helped us, we can not let harm befall her.

I try to reason with my wolf to let me sleep for some more time. But, he just wouldn’t listen. Oh you sleepy head wake up, we have work to do get up and get dressed. I usually slept with just my boxers on, I preferred to feel the silk of the sheets against my skin. I finally decided to wake up as my wolf was being a pain in the ass and not letting me sleep. I finally got up, went in to take a shower I switched the temperature of water to rise, I wanted my body to relax despite the lack of sleep, I had only gone to sleep at around 4 am and my wolf woke me up at 6 am again, if only I could punch him in the face for doing this.

As soon as the water fell over the body, it seemed like I was in heaven it was such a relaxing sensation. I just didn’t want to leave the bathroom, it was filled with steam and was very relaxing. Let us leave fast, we have a guest to greet. Stop enjoying and get to work. I knew as a matter of fact that my wolf was right, so I switched off the shower wrapped a towel around my waist and left to bathroom to walk into the walk in closet. My walk in closet had all the clothes that any man would need, be it formal wear or casual clothes. I personally preferred dressing up casually, it was easy to lounge in.

I chose to wear a light grey coloured shirt with a white coloured jeans. I chose to keep the top two buttons of my shirt open and folded up my sleeves. Next I went to my parents and told them that Emily was going to come today. I also told them what my wolf insisted and they immediately agreed that we must go to greet her. I felt like my wolf and me we both had entirely different personalities and he was more like their son than me. They agreed at each and every point. When we all decided to go to escort Emily then, I called Lisa’s mom and told her about the same. Saying she was elated was an understatement, it was really a great privilege for her that the alpha of their pack along with his family would go to greet her daughter. My mom chose to dress in a floral navy blue coloured knee length dress which had white and pink flowers printed on it and my father chose a navy blue coloured shirt and a beige jeans, trust them to always dress like a couple and always do twinning for their clothes. They were a really beautiful coupe and they love they had for each other was quiet evident, they had a sparkle in their eyes when they saw each other. They were the only reason of why I still believed in love.

I had also mind linked Jacob to join us, and I wanted to see what he would wear, he had a future sister in law to impress after all and first impression was the last impression. As soon as, Jacob walked in I knew that I was not the only one who thought about this. Jacob had on a fawn coloured shirt and a dark blue coloured jeans, he really had dressed to impress. I without thinking blurted out “Jacob if I would have been a girl, I would have immediately jumped you. You look good enough to eat.” Jacob was visibly blushing and my parents started laughing out loud at my comment.

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