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This is my family, we are always uncensored like I can say anything without caring about what my family will think. My dad always told us that a family must not be such that you behave to impress, but it must be such that it keeps you sane, I mean listens to whatever you have to say without judging you. My dad said that family must never judge because that is what the other people are for. Jacob was also like family to us. He was there for every birthday, every festival, every anniversary, short he was there with us for every celebration but he was also there with us in every crisis, so he was a part of our family. Due to being from a family of alphas, I was brought in such a way that all of the pack was my family for me, but they were my extended family, my immediate family was only mom, dad Jacob & Lisa was the newest addition. And I could kill and get killed for my family, be it immediate or extended.

As we stepped out from the house, I noticed the weather had also cleared up, it had stopped raining and everything looked fresh. The trees looked greener than usual and the weather seemed cheerful with the regular chirping of the birds. It almost felt like nature was greeting me back from my mourning and had already bid farewell to Claire, but I couldn’t find it in me to do the same.

I had not realized that I had stopped to admire my surroundings and my family members were waiting for me. The car that would drive us till the pack borders was brought out, it was a Mercedes Benz X class (W470), I had purchased the car with my first earning. When my dad was still the alpha, then I had worked multiple jobs to pass my time, I worked as a chef in the local restaurant, as a part-time teacher, and also worked on training younger pups for combat, since my father was the alpha I never had to spend the money I earned, so it just deposited it in my account. Then one day when I was out for a walk, I came across some human trekkers, they had thought of going for camping and had gotten lost, I helped them to reach their home which was in a town not very far from here. When I reached there I saw this car, luckily I had enough money and so I immediately brought it. It was such an irresistible beauty and I was really passionate about cars. After I became the alpha then I started using this car to bring loads from the nearby human settlement, which was the same town the brought this car from.

I got in the driving and Jacob sat beside me my mom and dad got in at the back, this is what I loved about this car even while carrying a load, it could seat 5 people comfortably and look stylish. I took out my shades from the dashboard and worked up the engine. The sound of the car's engine coming to life was like a melody to my ears. I started driving towards the pack borders, for any driver the route would have been confusing, but since it our territory, I knew it like the back of my hand. As we progressed towards the pack borders the houses of the pack members started dwindling. Keeping in mind the safety of our pack members the houses for the pack members were built at a safe distance from the pack borders to ensure the safety of women and children in case of any attack from rogues or other packs, even though both of them were rare occurrences here. But, we still could not take the risk. The land near the pack borders was used for cultivation, we cultivated whatever we found to be profitable, mostly it was citrus fruits like oranges or grapefruits.

Stop thinking about all those random things and drive fast our guest is waiting at the pack borders, we must learn to be gentlemen and the first impression is the last impression. My wolf commented with an eye roll. "Shut up! And let me drive." I reverted back.

I wish I could go on my own, you are a lazy ass. I had to waste plenty of time already to wake you up and then to get your sorry ass dressed. Now do what you are best at stay silent and drive ahead. "Well, I never told you to stay back. I tolerate you because I have no choice. Give a choice, I could ditch you today, without any regrets whatsoever." After this rude exchange with my wolf, he kept quiet for the rest of the journey. He was angry, he always tried to stop talking to me when he was angry but was never successful.

By now we had reached the pack borders and I went to park the car and also meet up with the patrol team, Jacob stayed with me while my mom and dad decide to go greet Eliza. Right before getting off the car mom told me "Don't park the car far away the girl be weary after such a long journey and don't take forever with the patrol team. Keep it brief, we are all waiting for you." I told her "Mom, I will join you all in about 5 mins. I just want to go check on the patrol team."

My mom always cared about others, she had every quality required by a Luna, she was very kind at heart and always cared about other peoples feelings, even for strangers. There was an inside story about this that when my mom and dad were newly married and went for their honeymoon to Mauritius, there my mom saw a small baby who was lying alone on the beach. My mom when and sat by that small baby, hours went by and when no one came to get him then she decided to keep him with herself, but it would not have been safe to bring a human child back to a pack of wolves. So, my dad decided to give him in for adoption. My dad tells me that when the people from the orphanage came to get that baby, then my mom wasn't ready to let him go. She cried while holding him for around 2 hours before she finally let him go. She had grown so much attached to that child over only the period of 7 - 8 hours.

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