Played by Fate

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First Meeting

Lisa’s POV.....

I and Emily waited right there for the pack alphas to come as my mom had informed us. While we were standing there, I heard many of the pack members talking about my sister over the mind link. I knew that my sister was very beautiful, but they were treating her like a celebrity. In the last five minutes that we had spent standing there, at least eight females from the pack had come to see her, they hid behind the shrubs growing there to check her out. Actually when she had arrived an older lady from the pack had seen her and had told everyone else about her beauty so they all wanted to witness it. It was a major feat for me to keep listening to their comments in my mind and still keep talking to my sister normally like I was not about to turn in to a bubble of laughter any time soon.

My sister was presently telling me about her high school, she had come here for her vacations. She studied in a high school in the city, which was at a distance of nearly four miles from here. She was never very comfortable with the wolf packs that we stayed in while my parents were researching, so she insisted on been sent into a boarding school and my parents readily agreed, as they had already sensed her discomfort.

My sister even when away from me still regularly contacted me and the distance never came in way of our love for each other. She would tell me about everything. We never kept secrets from one another. I was not a bad friend, I never betrayed my friends, I always shared only those secrets with her, which were mine to share. She also told me about all her adventures, one thing that surprised me was that in spite of being a normal human she still was waiting for her true love. I guess the upbringing given to her by my parents had her believing that she would also have a true love meant for her like we wolves have mates.

All her friends would go out on dates with their boyfriends and instead of doing so herself, she would talk to me while they were away. I being alone with a family which was always in transit had no friends and since my parents were mostly busy with their research, I was very lonely. We were both there for each other. Usually, Valentine’s Day was the loneliest for the both of us, as they both my sister's friends and my temporary friends would go out on dates and would still be stuck alone. My sister and me were so close that, I couldn't imagine my life without her in it.

I was pulled out of my thoughts by a black car stopping some distance away from us, I knew this was the car that we used to deliver loads to the packhouses. I could see that Alex was driving the car, Jacob was sitting beside him and Alpha James and Luna Eva were sitting at the back, they were discussing sometime. I suddenly heard Alex through the mind link "Liza, mom and dad will join you, I and Jacob have to go to the patrol house, to give a briefing to the patrollers as Rach will not be joining the night patrol shift and they will have to patrol for extra time."

I immediately replied with a nod, Alpha James and Luna Eva got down from the car and started walking towards us. I looked at my sister and found her gaping open-mouthed at the car. My sister was not like normal girls, she was very passionate about cars and from her expression, it was evident that the car had clearly impressed her, which was not very easy. I couldn't help myself but smile at the similarity between Alex and Emily, they both loved cars but were not easy to impress but still, the same car had managed to be liked by the two of them. This small coincidence acted like oil in the fire of my dream of seeing Alex and Emily as lovers.

I greeted Alpha James and Luna Eva and also introduced them to my sister Emily. Luna Eva being the beautiful soul that she was, greeted Emily with a hug and the two were soon talking like they were the best of friends. I loved this about Emily, she was a very warm person and won everyone over, in just the first meeting. Alpha James only greeted us formally, he was more reserved as compared to his wife. It took him time to open up to people, to be warm to them. But from his reaction to Emily, I knew that Alpha James would also grow fond of her very soon, he was already making small talks with her.

I heard Alex through the mind link "Liza, do we have any patrol officers who are available for tonight, for two hours, to fill in for Rach." Since I was the in-charge for assigning patrol duties, Alex had contacted me about this, from his tone it was evident that had reluctantly agreed to ask me about it.

I excused myself from the company of my sister and the senior Alpha and Luna and walked away I checked my phone to check who could be managed for this duty, but no one was free, a total of 20 patrollers had requested leave for this week. I still called them and asked if they could manage to come, but they were all unavailable. I contacted Alex on the mind link: Alpha, the patrollers who took leave are all unavailable for tonight. I could do the duty if you want.

Alex replied, "I will do the duty today, you should spend time with your sister, she has come to meet you." I tried to reason with Alex, he had already been overburdened with the duties of the pack. He used his alpha tone "No arguments, I will do it. End of topic! We are coming there."

In less than five minutes, Alex and Jacob had parked their car right in front of us. As soon as the car came to a halt, Jacob walked out looking as dashing as ever. I immediately looked over at my sister and she had an expression in her eyes that said he is dashing and she assured me that she approved of him with a nod of her head. (As if I cared.) Then Alex stepped out of the car and I looked at Emily to judge her reaction. What I saw, caused my breath to hitch, my sister was falling to the ground, she had fainted as soon as she saw Alex.....

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