Played by Fate

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Alex's POV

At the pack patrollers shed, I asked the other pack patrollers if someone could fill in for Rach as I had given him off, to run some personal errands. Now, I was regretting sending him without discussing with the others first, I mean if I had discussed with them then his replacement would have already been arranged. I mind linked Liza to check with the other patrollers who had taken off if they could fill in for Rach for two hours. But, none of them were available. Actually, the resort that we were planning to start as pack business was under construction and the construction work was being done by the pack patrollers during the whole week without any break which is why more than half of the work had already been done even though it had just been a week. I was really proud of the amount of hard work that the people of my pack were putting into this project.

Liza volunteered to fill in for Rach, but I could not do that to her, I knew that she wanted to spend time with her sister. So, I decided to fill in for Rach myself, not that it would affect me, I anyways had not been sleeping till early morning lately so I could definitely fill in for Rach for two hours in the late-night patrolling shift. As soon as I suggested this Liza started to say that she could manage it, so I shut her up by using my alpha tone. I didn't want her arguing, not that I could win.

We immediately left the patrollers shed and drove to the place where I had dropped my parents off. The girls' would be at a distance, so I stop right in front of them, I knew that Emily might have carried huge luggage with her, it was a thing common with the girls both human and wolf, they could pack a huge bag even for an outing of a day. As we were nearing the location, my nose was hit by the most beautiful fragrance that I had ever smelled, it was the scent of a rare wildflower. I immediately got flashes of the last time that I had smelt that fragrance, I was with Claire then and we had strayed a little from our usual route to home from school and we came across this beautiful fragrance. I had wished to pluck that flower and take it home with me, but Claire convinced me against it, saying "flowers look good only on plants, if you pluck it, it will eventually dry and lose its fragrance".

Today when I look back at that incident it tells me how kind-hearted Claire was even when we were kids and it makes me want to meet her. I don't know but is it possible to miss someone you have never met, I miss the person that I had assumed Claire would be when she grew up.

As we kept going towards where my parents and the girls would be waiting, the fragrance continued to get stronger. I had patrolled this area just yesterday and I clearly remembered at that time this flower hadn't bloomed here, because I would never have missed its scent, and I had researched about this flower enough to know that it didn't bloom this fast. This flower takes at least 2 weeks to bloom fully, it blooms very slowly. I then asked Jacob "Jacob, do you smell this scent?" He looked at me confused then replied by saying that "he smelled no scent, it was just the normal smells of the forest, like any other day."

Suddenly, I remembered something that my mother and father had told me. "Whenever you will be around your mate, you will know of it, by their scent. Your mates' scent would be the scent that you love." My mother had also told me that she loved the scent of freshly baked chocolate cookies and that is the scent of dad to her. I realized that this scent could mean that my mate was around, that would also explain why my wolf was annoyingly excited since we woke up.

As if on cue my wolf started "Oh! Now that your fat human brain cells have realized it, can we hurry up to be with our mate, I am excited to meet her, God! How beautiful will she be?" I immediately reverted back to my wolf "don't get your hopes up, I already told you we have no mate, we lost her when we were kids." My wolf was not one to lose hope so easily, "If not that then, what is this amazing scent". I had no reply to this, I started thinking of reasons why was I able to smell this heavenly scent, but found nothing and hit a dead wall every time. I could not help but think about the possibility of my mate being the reason for this fragrance only Liza and Emily were there at this time other than my own family. Liza wasn't yet 18, so she couldn't be the source of this fragrance and Emily was just a normal human, she could not be my mate, i.e. an alpha's mate. So, there had to be some other reason for this fragrance.

As we were nearing the place where the others were waiting for us, I noticed that Jacob was fidgeting, which he did whenever he was nervous. I knew that he had put in extra efforts to get dressed today, as he wanted to impress Liza's sister- Emily. By the way that Liza talked, we knew that Emily's opinion mattered a lot to her. Liza never even brought a dress without Emily's opinion, and from what we had heard, she was not an easy shell to crack. She was very difficult to impress. I told Jacob "Jacob, we all love you for who you are and Emily will also like you, as soon as she sees you"...........

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