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Played by Fate

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Unexpected Decisions

Alex’s POV....

I was very restless, my wolf kept nagging me to stay calm, but my human nerves were very nervous.

I finally decided to let my wolf go for a run. I left my house through the back door, my parents along with the other pack members were busy in the front yard preparing for the dinner. I silently walked towards a tree at a distance from my house, I stripped and shifted into my wolf. My wolf was a red coloured wolf heighted at 5′8, only a few inches smaller than my human height which was 6. My human form had brown eyes whereas my wolf was golden eyed. I ran along the borders of our territory and double checked all the security arrangements even though we faced no practical danger because everyone feared my father.

After some time I walked back towards my house, my pack was one of the rear packs which had territory big enough that all the pack members had their own houses. I shifted under the same tree again, got dressed and started walking towards my house. I realized that I had been gone for quite sometime, the preparations for the dinner were complete and all the pack members had left, both my parents were in the study as I could see through the windows.

As I was walking towards my room, which was at the far end of the corridor, the door of the study opened, which was right in the middle of the corridor and out stepped my dad only to tell me that he and my mom wanted to talk to me. I entered the study and found that my mom was fidgeting, which she did when she was tensed. As soon as she saw me she walked upto me and hugged me.

Then we all got seated, my parents in their armchairs in the center of the study and me on the sofa, right in front of them. Suddenly I had a flashback of me being in 4th grade, when we all had been seated in the same positions and I was getting scolded for beating up a classmate of mine. Well it was not really my fault, but my parents never heard what I had to say, and instead had grounded me for 2 weeks. Initially it was 1 week but when I kept repeating that it was not my fault they increased my punishment to 2 weeks. I just hoped that this didn’t end the same way.

Both my parents told me that they had been worried about me as they didn’t know where I was. They had gotten my last update about two hours ago from the team that was patrolling the borders and when they had tried to contact me through the mind link then I had blocked them (which I had been doing to avoid them from seeing my thoughts about how nervous I was)

I told them that I simply had to clear my mind, so I had gone for a run. My dad told me that I was soon to be the alpha and I had to be responsible and behave like mature people. Saying so my dad told me to get ready for the dinner as it was going to start in less than half an hour.

I went to my room, took a nice hot shower, got dressed in a grey colored sweat shirt and a blue ripped jeans. I combed my wet hair and started walking towards the front yard where people of my pack had started pouring in. The ceremony of my official declaration to be alpha was to be done before the dinner. I entered the venue and eye scanned the area for my best friends - Lisa had grown to be my second bestie. We three had gotten really thick.

I realized that Jacob had grown a liking for Lisa, I had told him to confess his feelings to Lisa but he denied having any feelings but I knew him too well to believe his words, let’s just say I can read his face.

I finally spotted them in a corner, standing together. Jacob was only slightly shorter than me he was 5′8 in human form and 5′6 in his wolf form. He was also a red coloured wolf just darker than my wolf, which made him look almost brown. Lisa’s wolf was almond brown colored and I had thought of making her my third. This was a surprise for both of them I had just discussed this with my parents.

As soon as all the pack members had arrived and gotten seated. My dad walked towards the front of the gathering and started the ceremony, he started with talking about his journey as the alpha of the pack, after some time my mom also joined him and they both were talking about their experiences, next I was called to join them.

I reached the front of the gathering and stood facing my dad. He used his Alpha tone and announced that from henceforth I would be the Alpha of the pack.

All the females left the venue, and my dad stripped and shifted into his wolf and commanded all the males of the pack to follow. I also shifted and then my dad’s wolf walked upto me and kneeled down infront of me accepting me as the alpha and all the other males followed him. After all of them bowed to me accepting me as their new Alpha, I raised my head towards the sky and howled a deep howl, I was joined first by the males of the pack and then the females, who had all shifted and come out. Now I had become the Alpha of the pack. All the females left again and all the males shifted back to their human forms. After sometime all the females of the pack also returned in their human forms. Now it was my turn to introduce my second and third in command.

I used my Alpha voice and commanded Jacob to join me in the front, next I let my wolf take partial control growing my finger nails, I slashed my hand, then he slashed his own and we shaked hands mixing our bloods. Immediately a new mind link was started and I could hear Jacob in my head, and Jacob was officially my Beta or second in command.

Next I again used my Alpha tone and commanded Lisa to join me in the front, to declare her my third. The look on the faces of many of the pack members told me that they had their doubts regarding my decision. Lisa joined me on stage she had a look of total disbelief on her face.

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