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The New Pack Leaders

Alex's POV......

As soon as Lisa came up in front of the gathering, I announced that I wanted to declare her my Delta (third in command). The faces of many of my pack members had expressions which showed evidence of their disagreement with my decision, as mostly the best of the warriors from the pack was chosen as the Alpha's second and third, but there were no female warriors in my pack.

Well none of them had seen Lisa train, she was a ferocious warrior. Weeks ago I had accidentally come across her while she was training, she usually trained at night as in the day the training arena was used by the males of the pack. She was a very well trained fighter and unlike the warriors of my pack, she could fight in her human form also. I told my pack members that if any of them disagreed with my decision they could come forward and voice their opinion.

After a few minutes, Mike walked towards me. He was the best male warrior of my pack and would have been my third if I hadn't chosen someone. He stopped right in front of me and said: "Alpha you have to choose your third/Delta on merit you can't just choose her because she is your friend."

Suddenly my wolf was very angry and wanted to snap Mike's neck and throw his body away like a rag doll. My wolf being the Alpha would get offended very easily and Mike had succeeded in doing just that.

Get a hold of yourself. I'll handle him. I assured my wolf in my mind.

With my wolf finally calm, I calmly told Mike "I am your alpha and you should know that my decisions are never partial and I chose Lisa on the basis of merit. But, to clear your doubts you can challenge Lisa for a fight and when she wins all of the pack members will have to accept her as my third without any objections." Mike readily accepted my offer and challenged Lisa for a fight which she accepted after I told her to. Since the ceremony couldn't end without the declaration of my third, the fight was decided to be held right away in the training arena.

As I was walking towards the training arena accompanied by some of my pack members, Jacob walked over to me, pulled me towards a side and said "How can you do this to Lisa, she's your friend? You know how reckless Mike can be, still, you told her to fight him. " He stopped talking when he saw the look on my face. "And someone told me that he didn't love Lisa, you'll have to check again my friend. You have already fallen for her........ And about the fight, Lisa is a very well trained fighter, trust me on that, I bet she'll kick Mike's ass in the fight." saying so I started laughing and soon Jacob joined me.

I suddenly realized that since Lisa had accepted the challenge, none of us had seen her. By this time we had arrived at the training arena and Lisa was already there. She had changed her attire and was now sporting an all-black look, which was also her training apparel. She looked ready for the fight. We both walked upto her and wished her luck. Next we took our seats in the front row in the audiences.

The fight began and in less than 5 minutes, all of my pack members were already awed by Lisa's fighting skills. In the next 10 minutes, Mike had already faced 3 fatal knock outs by Lisa, which he had survived only because it was not an actual fight and Lisa had managed to deflect all his punches and kicks with great ease. With every passing minute, I was getting more confident about my decision, to choose her as my Delta.

Finally the fight ended with Mike accepting defeat. All the pack members congratulated Lisa and then it was decided that we will all go back to my house and the ceremony will be completed in the front yard as planned as it was the only place big enough to accommodate the whole pack and those the full moon was clearly visible from there.

We all reached the venue and the ceremony to declare Lisa my third in command was started. Just like I had done with Jacob, I repeated the same with Lisa and a new mind link was created between me and Lisa. Next all three of us had to create a mind link. So I slashed both hands (as the previous cuts made by me had already healed) and so did the other two also. Then I held Lisa's right hand in my left hand and Jacob's left hand in my right hand while Lisa held Jacob's right hand in her left, we all allowed are bloods to mix and then I could hear both of them together in my mind.

The ceremony was official over, the pack had their new Alpha, Beta (second after Alpha) and Delta (third after Alpha).

While all the pack members were walking towards the food stalls, I pulled Jacob aside to talk to him. I told him "Jacob from now on both Lisa and I can get into your head like literally, so you must be careful with your thoughts. I mean don't always keep thinking about Lisa and also day dream a little bit less".

The look on Jacob's face was like that of a child who had been caught red-handed while stealing candy. I noticed that Lisa was coming towards us so I told Jacob about it and his face immediately lit up.

Lisa walked over to us and told me that due to my decision many of the females of the pack had decided to learn to fight. This was one of the things about my pack that I wanted to change, and I was happy that I had been able to start bringing about the change from my first day itself.

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