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The Attack

⏳....One week later....⌛

Jacob's POV

I had just been back from my night patrolling shift. I was not at all sleepy, but today I had no work, yes you guessed it right Alex had ordered me to take rest today.

My mind wandered back to the events of the past week, when Alex announced that Lisa would be his Delta, his third in command, I was very shocked because I couldn't believed that Alex would be partial while taking such an important decision. He was never partial while taking decisions that could affect his entire pack. Then when Alex told Mike to challenge Lisa for a fight, I thought that my friend had totally lost it. But when I talked to him and he told me to trust him, then I could see in his eyes that he really knew what he was doing, and I trusted him against my own better judgement.

It had been one week since Alex, Lisa and I had taken charge as the Alpha, Delta and Beta of the pack. We had gotten even more closer now. Alex still kept persisting that I confess my love to Lisa, but I still wasn't ready to do that. I had seen the bond of my parents, who were mates and so I didn't want to lose my mate and I was also scared that if I confessed my love to Lisa and she didn't reciprocate the same feelings then my wolf wouldn't be able to handle the rejection and would lose the will to live.

I had decided that I wouldn't confess my feelings to her till her 18th birthday, that day she was to find her mate. Deep down I hoped that I was her mate, and I had decided if she was not my mate then I would handle the situation with maturity and not behave like those lovers who got wasted, for their love.

Suddenly I heard Alex's voice in his head, he sounded panicked.

Jacob come to the pack control room, we have an emergency.

Before I could reply the mind link closed, I immediately got dressed and left for the pack control room, this room was the surveillance room of the pack. We had put cameras on all the pack borders, and no one knew about this, except the three of us (Alex, Lisa and I) and Alex's parents, the live footage of these cameras was streamed on screens in the pack control room. The entry of the pack control room was hidden behind a photo in the study of Alex's house. Alex's mom and dad had suggested the location for the pack control room and due to their orders only it was kept a secret, Alex and I still didn't understand why all this should be kept secret but still we followed their bidding without any questions.

When I entered the pack control room, I saw that Alex and Lisa were already there and from the looks on their faces, I knew that something was wrong.

I joined them and they told me that the patrol team had reported sighting a rogue dangerously close to our pack's borders, some like 15 minutes ago. Since then there was no update regarding the rogue, but this sighting has made us all stand on our toes in worry. Luckily for us no one knew about the cameras so, we could look out for the rogue without anyone knowing it. I suddenly spotted a movement in the camera installed at the southern periphery of the pack territory. Judging by the look on the faces of my colleagues, I knew that they too had spotted the movement. That is when we saw the rogue, a dirty grey coloured wolf, he was trying to infiltrate stealthily into our territory. We all looked at each other, we had to warn the guards now, but we couldn't let them know about the cameras, as per the orders of the retired Alpha and Luna. I suddenly had an idea which we decided to follow, as it was the only chance we could take.

⏳.. Plan in Action ..⌛

Since Lisa's wolf was the fastest amongst all three of us, she ran to the pack's southern borders. While we distracted the guards through the mind link, allowing the rogue to enter our territory. Our plan was that we would capture him in our territory as then we could arrest him and also interrogate him.

We were finally able to capture the rogue and take him to our pack cells which were underground. We had handcuffed him using silver cuffs as that prevented him from shifting into his wolf, and attacking the guards.

The next day his interrogation had to be started and I wasn't able to steer clear of the sickening feeling settling in my gut. Alex and I had decided that we would stay together while we interrogate him.

The next morning as Alex came to pick me up to go to the pack's cell, I noticed that Alex was not his usual self. He seemed to be agitated about some thing, I tried to ask him but he prevented answering any of my questions saying he was just tired. I knew him enough to know that eventually he would come clean.

After 15 minutes we reached the pack cell and I had a feeling that something bad was going to happen. When we reached the cell that the rogue had been kept in, we got the shock of our lives.

We saw that Alex's dad was already there in the cell and he was using his latest torture weapon on the rogue it was a whip which gave shocks, the rogue's body was already covered in red welts and by the look on his face, we knew he was scared to death. Alpha James didn't plan to let him go soon.

He went on increasing the current and hitting the rogue. Alex and I were both shocked as we had never seen this side of Alpha James. It shocked the hell out of us. I felt like it was somebody else with the body of Alpha James somebody very inhumane and merciless.

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