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The Rogue

Alex's POV.....

Me and Jacob were surprised to see my dad's behaviour, I had never seen him this angry before today. It seemed like he was on a mission to destroy the rogue for entering into our pack's territory.

Seeing this avatar of my father had me worried for the rogue's life. I contacted my mom through the mind link and told her to come and take dad home, before he killed the rogue.

When my mom arrived at the rogue's cell, she stopped at the gate looking at my dad with astonished expressions. I told her that dad had closed all the mind links and none of us could get to know what was on his mind. My mom assured me that she will handle it and she walked towards my dad, who was still aggressively hitting the rogue.

I was surprised when my dad immediately calmed down when mom touched him. She hugged him, pulled him aside and told him- "Darling! You have kept our pack safe from every danger, don't let the words of a rogue affect you." Saying so she gave a death glare to the rogue and I could tell that he was scared to death as his face grew pale white. My father was starting to relax in my mother's embrace, he opened his mind link and I could hear what the rogue had said that made my dad this angry.

I was amazed at the bond between my parents, even though my father didn't tell my mother what was wrong but still she learned about it. I was also amazed at the fact that my dad despite being so angry had calmed down instantly when mom touched him. I longed for such a partner in my life, who would always be there for me and also always set things right for me. But I guess the thing about getting second chances in love is that they only exist in fairy tales. I was pulled out of my chain of thoughts by Jacob calling out to me. My mom was leaving with my dad, they would be going back home and they wanted me to further interrogate the rogue.

Right before leaving my father warned me to control my temper as the rogue would try his best to instigate me, as he successfully did with my dad. I assured my father that I wouldn't lose my temper. My father talked to Jacob also and then he left for our house with my mom.

Seeing my dad losing his temper had me worried about managing my own temper. Before we could start interrogating the rogue, I told Jacob to promise me that if he sees me losing my temper, he will control me. Even if it meant breaking the laws, by hitting me. I just wanted to fulfill the promise that I had made to my dad and make him feel proud of me.

Now it was my turn to interrogate the rogue, I sat right in front of the chair that he was tied to. Seeing him closely I saw that he was a boy aged around 17 - 18 years of age and that my dad had inflicted multiple injuries on him. Most of his body was covered in red welts from the electric whip. I couldn't help but feel sorry for him.

I asked him- "why did you enter into my pack's territory?" He replied in a voice that was hoarse from all the screaming while he was in pain. "I don't believe that this territory belongs to your pack or that this pack belongs to you, it is just that no one had the audacity to challenge you guys. Or you would have been replaced long ago." His reply was a huge blow on my ego and being the alpha of the pack my ego was not meant to be hurt. I was on the verge of losing my cool, when I suddenly remembered my promise to dad and controlled my rising temper. Now I knew why my dad was so angered by him, he must have really hurt my dad's ego to get him to react the way he did.

I next asked the rogue why did he think the pack didn't belong to us. His reply had me clenching my fists to keep my temper in check. He said "if a pack's alpha cannot protect his packs diplomats then he has no right to be called the alpha of the pack....... Let alone the diplomat you guys couldn't even protect his family. I heard his daughter was your best friend, people told me that you guys always stuck together and many had doubts you would be mates. But, your father's incapability lost you your mate"

His answer had acted as oil for the undying fire that was alit inside me and all my reasonable thoughts were burnt in that fire.

I had lost it, he had triggered my worst memories and now I was eager to get my hands on him. So, I got up and started punching him. All the reasonable thoughts had left me and now there was no stopping me.

I suddenly heard Jacob's voice in my head through the mind link telling me to stop and making me recall the promise that I made to my dad. I stopped hitting him almost immediately, but I felt ashamed of myself for losing my cool and forgetting my promise to my dad. I felt like I had let him down, I had shattered the belief that he had in me. I left the cell feeling ashamed of myself and also wanting to spend some time alone.

Jacob's POV...

I had never seen Alex this angry, but he stopped immediately when I made him recall the promise he had made with his dad. Alex left the pack cell right after all this, I walked out right after him. I found him sitting next to the pack pond, I sat beside him and asked "man what the hell was all this, that just happened?" He didn't answer my question and steered clear by telling me that he was not feeling well and that he was going home to rest.

I knew he was not fine, he always prevented talking about Claire the daughter of our pack's diplomat, who had been killed in a car crash along with his family, I had heard from whispers in the pack that they had been killed.......

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