Played by Fate

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Unwelcome Memories

Alex's POV...

The rogue's words had sliced through my heart and mind and had brought back the most rancorous memories that I had. I was once again taken back to the worst days of my life.

⏳....... Flashback ...........⌛

My best friend Claire and her family had left two days back, her father Mr. Sam Mankiw, who was a diplomat in our pack had left on an official trip to another pack in Mexico- The Sanguine Furs. The pack was known for its malevolent nature, our pack avoided them but recently some kids from our pack had gone missing and one of our patrollers had seen one of the kids cross the borders to enter into their territory. Claire's father had volunteered to go and talk to the alpha of that pack and get the kids back. My father had tried to stop him since we all knew that the pack was best avoided because there was no limit to their ruthlessness, but Claire's father was a principled man and didn't think that it was righteous for him to care for his life when lives of the kids of his pack were in danger. He had even insisted on taking Claire and her mother with him, my dad tried to reason with him to not put them in danger but it was futile.

We had all expected that they would be back in a few hours, but now it had been already been two days since we had heard from them. Mr. Sam had called right before they were going to enter into the other pack's territory. Despite being wolves he had gone to meet them like a normal human diplomat. Instead of crossing our pack borders which would have taken them only 30 mins. to get to the other pack's territory, they had decided to travel by car like the normal humans would. Our territories were separated by a stream that passed through the jungle and to avoid conflicts and also ensure safety against floods my great grandfather and the leader of the other pack at that time had left a stretch of around 2 kilometres of land from the stream and then declared their respective territories. Since then we had been able to avoid all the unnecessary conflicts and disputes.

Since Claire and her family had left, I had not had even a single moment of peace. I had a sickening feeling in my stomach, I ignored it thinking it was because I had never been without my best friend. Suddenly my dad came up to me, he seemed to be really tensed. He told me that Claire and her family had met with an accident and that they were all dead. I thought of this to be a cheap prank that was Claire's idea, I started laughing and calling out to Claire that this was the worst prank and that no one wold fall for it. My dad tried to tell me that this was true, but I did not listen to him. I was in a daze, my dad slapped me hard to pull me back to my senses, and after that we travelled to the place where the accident had occurred, it was outside the other pack's borders and very close to our territory's borders. I still cannot remember how we got there, I just remember that when we got there we saw that the car that belonged to Claire's dad was rolled over and blood and glass were scattered everywhere. One look at the car was enough to tell us that none of them could have survived the accident.

⏳......... Flashback over .......... .⌛

There was no sign of any other car that could have caused the crash and that is the reason why people of my pack still believed that it was not an accident but a murder. We had our reasons for these beliefs, the alpha of The Sanguine Furs pack had quite a fame with the underworld, he was involved in human trafficking and also drugs and what not. I just wished with all my heart that Claire would be safe and away from his pack. My dad and myself still to this day had not found peace with the death of Mr. Sam Mankiw and his family.

Whenever I thought back to the good old days when Claire and me were friends, I feel like we were made for each other, we both understood and knew each other like the back of our hands. No girl that I had tried to get acquainted to had got my attention like her. I had already fallen in love that to with the Claire that was once was best friend. I never stopped thinking about her, she never left my mind not even for a second. I never talked about her with anyone but she still was a huge part of my life. She was like a secret that I kept from any and everyone as if, if people would got to know about her they would hurt her.

I knew that I would one day have to become the alpha of the pack, so from a very young age I had started thinking like one and had decided that Jacob would be my beta, eventually we both got really thick and he became my best friend. Then along came Lisa and Jacob immediately felt head over heels in love with her, I saw her practice and found that she is really good at fights and stuff, not as good as me or Jacob but better that the other members of the pack, so I appointed her as the Delta of the pack. I tried to push Jacob to confess his feelings for her but he just would not give in. I just pray that he would not have the same fate as me in terms of love. I am in love with a girl, whom I can not see or talk to. I just pray that one day she should walk back into my life to never leave again.........

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