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Mind Links

Lisa's POV.....

Luna Eva had just mind linked me to get the sleeping medicines that the pack doctor had prescribed for alpha James. I had heard the urgency in her voice so, I had immediately got the medicine and was now going to deliver them to the pack house. As soon as I had reached the pack house I mind linked Luna Eva about it. I had learned better than to walk in on mates without warning, once I had witnessed my mom and dad making out because I had returned early from work and they did not know about it, to avoid any such scenario with the senior Alpha and Luna, I thought it better to warn her beforehand.

When I entered into the pack house I saw that Alpha James was looking to be very tired and Luna Eva was sitting beside him trying to make him fall asleep, as soon as she saw me, she took the medicines from me and fed them to Alpha James. I could see that immediately his eyelids started drooping due to sleep. Luna Eva came up to me told me in brief about whatever happened at the pack cell between Alpha James and the rogue, she also told me about Alex's promise to his dad, she never told me what the rogue said to have gotten just a strong reaction from Alpha James. Next, she told me to go find Alex because he could use a friend right now. She also told me that Jacob was with Alex.

As I was walking towards the pack cell I could not stop my mind from wandering about what the rogue would have said to have been reciprocated by such a harsh reaction.

When I entered the pack cell, I was surprised to see that despite of the fact that the rogue wanted to harm her son and her mate, Luna Eva had sent a healer to the rogue's cell for his cure. she indeed had more humanity than many of the human in today's time, my respect for her doubled seeing her caring attitude. By seeing the rogue's injuries it was quite evident that had really gotten Alpha James very angry by his antics.

I asked the guards if they knew about the whereabouts of Alex and Jacob, as I had already checked the pack cell and could find them nowhere. From him - and by peeping into his mind which was one of the rights that I had as the Gamma of the pack- I got to know that Alex had stormed out of the pack cell fuming and Jacob had followed him.

While I leaving the pack cell I tried to mind link Alex and Jacob Guys! where are you? When I got no reply I knew that they had both blocked their mind links. Because Jacob was never one for ignoring me, he liked me way too much to hurt me by ignoring me. I knew that he thought of me as more than his friend. I also did love him- woah! where did that come from, I also liked him but I could not think about only my happiness. Love was a luxury what I would never be able to afford and save him from heart break I try my best to avoid how much ever it breaks me on the inside.

I suddenly remembered that once Alex had shown me a lake on the pack premises it was near the southern borders of the pack and so it was very secluded, Alex had told me that he loved the place and that it brought peace to him.

I started walking towards that place hoping to see my friends there. when I reached there I saw that Alex was sitting looking very gloomy, he had dipped his feet into the water, Jacob sat to his right also looking extremely sad and hurt, he also seemed to be angry. I went and sat on the other side of Alex, I could almost feel the sadness that was radiating from him. I did not want to ask him any question, but I also wanted to try to share his sorrow. I tried to comfort him in the best way that I could, I placed my hand on his and gave it a reassuring squeeze. Alex looked at me and I could see hurt in his eyes, the hurt of the pain of losing someone you love dearly, I knew about this because I had seen the same feelings in the eyes of elder sister and she told me all this............

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