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Lisa's POV......

I still was not aware about the happenings with the rogue but I knew better than to push Alex, he was not used to being pestered about some thing. I could sense that Alex was hurt, it seemed to be radiating off him in rays. Jacob was also very stressed, I sat right next to Alex silently assuming the reasons for him being hurt. Alex been a born alpha was very powerful both physically, mentally and emotionally. I didn't know about the thoughts nagging him, but if he was reacting in this way then it can say, it would be a devastating blow for the others.

Jacob's POV.......

My emotions were all over the place, I was sad for my friend who seemed to be hurting a lot, also extremely angry at the rogue and also worried about Alex's and the pack's safety. The arrival of Lisa had brought me some clarity, but I was still stressed out about stuff. I had a feeling that there was more to all of this then what met the eye.

Alex's POV........

Although my friends were sitting with me, but still I was burning in agony alone. For years I had been living in the false hope that one day Claire would return and we would get our well deserved happy ending, but the rogue's words not only brought back old memories but also took away my hopes of one day finding a mate. I had denied what I had seen that day, I had put all of that in the back of my mind labelling that as a nightmare and considering it not true. but now I could no longer deny what was true, the rogue's words had made me realise that maybe this denial had only turned into a breathing corpse. So, I decided to accept whatever I had seen on that unfortunate day.


My father had just gotten news that his diplomat had been in a car wreck, he asked me to accompany him to the site, my mother tried to reason with him but he did not agree and was very persistent. When my father and I reached there, we saw that the car had flipped upside down. Mr. Sam Mankiw and his wife could be seen in the car, we would have tried the get them out, if the car had not started burning, but the car was burning and petrol was also getting leaked, so there was no rescuing them as the car was going to blast. I tried looking for Claire, but could not find her in the car, I got hopeful that maybe she had survived. My hopes came crashing down when one of the search teams sent around found Claire's body at a distance of about 500m from the crash site. They did not let me see her body, but I still stole a glance and there was my angel Claire covered in her own blood, her head had been hit on a rock and blood was gushing out, the ground around her body was also coloured red with her blood. Even before checking, it was quite evident that she was dead, she was just a kid, she could not have survived this much blood loss.

⏳...Flashback Over...⌛

Along with all these memories came the feeling that I had lost my Claire, my mate and I could not stop my tears from flowing. I could not bring myself to stay strong after it had sunk in that I had lost my Claire, that she would never come back to me to play with me, to tease me, to help me with my problems or to love me or give me my happy ending, that I desperately wanted.

I felt like my purpose for living had been stolen from me. I just wanted my Claire back, I did not want to live with the false hopes that one day I would get my second chance mate. For normal people suicide would have been an option but in wolf domain it was not at all an option and for an alpha it was unimaginable to do so. Sometimes I felt that if I would have been a normal human then it would have been a whole lot easier. I could drown my sorrow in alcohol, could even hit my head and have a memory loss. Hell, anything was better then living with these memories. But, being a wolf I had not such luxury, we wolves are immune to alcohol and other drugs, which means we don't get high how much ever we drink and wolves have a sharp memory so nothing could erase my memory.

I just wish that I could be alone then I would cried my pain, but being the alpha I couldn't do that, not infront of my pack members. Don't get me wrong I was grateful for their support but I also knew that couldn't understand my pain or my loss. They were just there as supportive friends. I wish I could explain to them what I was feeling, but I had no words to describe this pain that I was feeling without being in pain actually.

Lisa's POV......

I had seen mates mourn for the death of this partner and in this moment I felt like Alex was mourning the same loss, but Alex and Claire were just childhood friends. "Sometimes we can feel our mates even before we actually discover them to be our mates" these words said by my sister echoed in my mind. Now, I was feeling sorry for Alex that he had lost his mate even before he knew the meaning of mate. I felt like Alex was meant to be the alpha because he deserved it. He had hidden this pain within him for years, without letting anybody else know about it. My respect towards him just doubled by seeing all this. I was starting to look at Alex with a new perspective....

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