Played by Fate

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Welcoming Guests

A Few Days Later

Lisa’s POV....

A few days have passed since the incident with the rogue and all our lives are back on track, well, they are as normal as they can be with extra surveillance duty on the pack borders, which we had to do keeping in mind the safety of the pack and to avoid any trespassing issues in the future. Since, that incident with the rogue Alex has locked himself out from all of us, it seems like he has made a shell around himself and has withdrawn into that. As if he is a small kid who has been left alone to fight his own battles with the ghosts lingering under his bed. He has bags come under his eyes from the lack of sleep, he has grown a beard and his hair are always uncombed. It is almost like he doesn't want to dress up any more.

I am excited today, as my elder sister is going to arrive. Two days ago when I had talked to both Alex and Jacob about it, then Alex had seemed genuinely happy in knowing about my sister, which was a very rare occurring these days. It almost seemed like my sister was like an antidote which made him forget about his heart break. I wish I could set them up or that my sister would find a mate like Alex who would love her with every fibre in his being.

My sister is coming to us to celebrate her birthday with us, which is on the day after tomorrow. My parents requested her to come here as it is her 18th birthday and they hoped that she would find her mate in this pack. My sister always told me that she had already lost her mate when she had lost her wolf and she would never get them back. Well, now that’s sad! But, obviously she only told me about it as she felt it was weird to talk to our parents about it.

I always pray for the best for my sister, she had already suffered enough in this life and I want her to always be happy. After that incident with the rogue, I got to know that Alex whom I thought to be quite stone hearted, he actually had a heart. He knew how to love someone with all your heart, I saw it in his eyes and also in the way that he mourned his loss. Jacob had told me about Alex and Claire and from all the information I reached the inference that Alex really loved Claire. I just wanted for both Alex and my sister Emily to be happy.

I had dressed in my most comfortable clothes, which was an off shoulder white crop top paired with light blue coloured short shorts. I had taken my day off as, my parents had told me that I was to escort Emily from the pack borders as the pack members might not be comfortable finding a human amongst themselves, and Emily was also one who always ended up in trouble or getting hurt, that girl had two left feet, she was clumsy as hell. Alex and his parents being the leaders of the pack had allowed to let Emily stay with us, on this guarantee that she would not create problems for the wolves.

At around 12 noon I heard my phone ringing it was my sister calling me to tell me that she was going to reach the pack borders, I was super excited to meet her. I immediately left home, I reached the pack borders and she was not there. I trusted her enough to know that she did this to ensure that she got the welcome that she thought she deserved. My sister lived in a bubble in her mind where she was important for every one. She had called me last night telling me that she felt liked she had a connection with Moon Pack. Imaginative much I know!

I waited for 10 - 12 minutes, until she came. When the car stopped infront of our borders, I was not surprised that the driver despite been very young and inexperienced, had been able to find the area. Actually, after becoming Alpha Alex had decided that for a pack business, we will make a resort in the middle of the forest. This way we will be able to understand humans and also arrange for a constant source of income for the pack (which was currently a major issue) and the humans will also be able to enjoy their holidays in the nature and away from the hustle bustle of city life Emily's saying.

Alex had called us all in a pack meeting 2 days after becoming the Alpha and had asked all the pack members to come up with business ideas, as the pack funds where really low. Pack members came up with different ideas but they were not possible to start as of now because we did not have enough money to start with as the pack funds were at an all time minimum, the reason being overbearing losses from an NGO that our pack had opened. I had that night told my sister about all of this and she suggested this idea. When I shared the idea with Alex and Jacob and the senior Alpha and Luna, they immediately agreed to it. And since that day they all wanted to meet my sister, as I told them that it was her idea, of course I thought to take credit for the idea but she told mom and dad to tell everyone the truth if I claimed the idea to be mine.

As soon as my sister was out of the car, I shrugged seeing her dress, she was dresses in a dark blue coloured ripped jeans and a light blue and white check knee length shirt which was open in the front showing her off white coloured shirt that she wore under it. I felt like I was practically naked in my clothing compared to her.

She came up to me and I just hugged her tight, telling her that I had missed her a lot. She also hugged me with equal force, so I knew that she had also missed me as much.

As if on cue, I heard my phone ringing, I pulled it out to see my mom’s name flashing on the screen. Before I could even say hello, she bombarded me with questions, "Has Emily reached, how is she, is she fine, how was her journey". I immediately stopped her from asking more questions and told her that Emily is fine and that she had reached and that we were going back to our house. At this mom told me that Alex, his parents and Jacob were also coming right there and that we should wait for them. They wanted to thank Emily for her idea and also wanted to escort as they did not know how their pack members might react to a human being in their territory. I told her I would do as she said and hung up. I told Emily all that mom had told me and she agreed to wait right there. She may not be a wolf but she knew the importance of the Alpha’s and also the severity of disobeying them.

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