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These Glass Walls

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At one point in Meredith’s life, she came to a realization that she should finally make up for lost time rediscovering herself in contrast to all the years she spent loving someone who hurt her. She graduates from college and gets a job in the metro while rooming with her wild sister. Her sister’s lifestyle starts to affect her daily schedule so she thought it might be best to walk – crawl even – out of her sister’s apartment. She then finds more discomfort in her new home when she once had the pleasure of watching her neighbor swap saliva with a girl.

Romance / Humor
Ma. Moon
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New Beginnings

“So you’re now officially unemployed.” Amelia’s pink-tainted lips turned up into a sly smirk, twirling the sparkly champagne in her glass. The moving lights painting her face in sinister colors through this dark room.

I can barely hear her voice, covered and muffled by the blaring music.

“Badly needing company, eh?” I yelled and returned her smirk, only wider. Knowing that mocking about her recently lost job -- wherein she got fired for sleeping with her boss’ boyfriend -- will shut her up. And she did, gifting me with one of her fiercest glares.

It’s true. She’s a free soul. Adventurous and independent and stunningly gorgeous. She knows it’s wrong to sleep with her boss’ boyfriend. Yet she did it anyway. She loves to push through her every limit -- in every aspect of the word. Like fitting into this shiny little halter-type red dress she found in her wardrobe, stocked for two years. It’s tiny just the way it is but it looks tinier on her, two years after it was purchased.

Her glare softened and crinkles in her eyes began to appear. She chuckled. “You better get on my good side if you want to at least sleep in my couch,” she teasingly raised her left eyebrow.

“Now, you don’t want your little sis to sleep on the streets. All vulnerable to the cold and savage dogs and men.” I said dramatically, pleading with feigned sadness.

Since I just graduated with a degree in accountancy, I gave up my apartment near school to go follow my job that’s based in the metro. I’m going to need a place to crash for a few nights until I found an apartment. My sister happens to live there. I would’ve stayed with her for good, but her apartment is designed for one person. Not to mention the men she more than occasionally brings in there.

She rolled her eyes. “Oh please, you’ve been cold since that day. And even dogs would know that you are still pining over him.”

I gasped and my mouth opened in shock. It’s been so long since he was brought in a conversation. Five years without him. My heart clenched as I remembered why.

I gave her a dirty look. “Woah there, I’m so not pining over him.”

Am I really not?


I am just stuck. And I’m not even making an effort to… you know, get unstuck and move on.

I looked at her and noticed the apologetic glint in her bright blue eyes. Why does everyone think that I’m so miserable? I did well without him. I made friends and I finished a bachelor’s degree.

I felt small. I’m not one to be pitied.

She sighed and her expression softened to a sincere smile. “You’re beautiful. I did not pick that dress for nothing. Have fun, for once. It’s your graduation party.”

And true enough I looked pretty in this dress. I rarely looked pretty. I’m wearing a forest green tube dress that brought the color of my hazel eyes. My auburn hair, a contrast to Amelia’s blond, was twisted into a messy updo, exposing my shoulders. This is not my type of fashion, and this dress is too short for my liking, ending mid-thigh. That’s a lot of thigh considering my five foot seven frame. But he’s not here to see me in this.

“This is not my party.” We are squeezing ourselves in this dark club called Spades just two blocks away from my sister’s apartment.

She rolled her eyes at me. “Yeah, but I remember myself in this exact place and wearing this same dress two years ago. I thought I owned this party. You should, too.”

I do not have her confidence. I wish I did. Even if I’m nothing like a sulking girl, I find it hard for me to just be crazy and let go in front of these unfamiliar faces. Yes, I can be crazy, too.

“I would own the party if I’m drunk enough to be comfortable.” I said, looking around and surveying the crowd. “So make sure you treat me well. And I meant your purse, not your attitude.” I smirked.

My eyes found hers and I recognized the look she had. That smug smile she’s now sporting always led to trouble. We turned and walked to the drinks bar, laughing.

We sat beside each other on the bar’s high stools. On my left is my sister showing the bartender a seductive smile. I cocked my head to the right.

There was a couple, kissing.. and groping.

The girl with the blond pixie cut sat on the stool, her back leaning against the counter. Her hands was messing up the boy’s shoulder-length black hair, that was probably once tied into a bun earlier before it got mussed. He’s standing between the girl’s legs so she’s straddling his waist. Her tight skirt was forced to ride up, revealing more legs. A lot of legs. It’s no different than not wearing a skirt at all! The boy’s left hand crept up under the girl’s skirt, his right hand squeezing her left breast. His long fingers caressing, slipping it beneath her dress’ low-v neckline. Unbelievable.

They’re eating each other’s faces. Ew.

I was stunned. My jaw dropped to the floor. It’s not everyday that I see this kind of exhibition. No. Not as intense as this.

I willed myself to look away. They might think I’m a pervert.

They just have no shame. I shut my eyes tightly, like there’s a sandstorm brewing and I don’t want to get them sore. I know we’re at a club and people do it all the time, but I’m just not prepared for this. They’re merely two feet away from me! Why can’t they just find dark corner to make out? Not here. Not everyone wants a show.

He would never think of violating me in public.

I’m probably overreacting. I’m such a prude. Maybe I should get a boyfriend.

I took a slow, deep breath, and counted to three. I opened my eyes to look at them, to throw them one final look of disgust.

“Shit.” I gasped, my eyes widening as I saw the boy give me a side glance. I quickly turned my head away.

“What?” Amelia eyed me curiously. She heard my swearing, no doubt.

I felt my face heating up. I faked a cough and lowered my gaze. I suddenly felt conscious. I fingered the hem of my dress nervously. That boy is gross. His hooded gray eyes shouldn’t make me flustered.

Oh, but they’re sexy.

“Earth to Red?” I snapped back to reality as I felt Amelia’s hand shaking my shoulders.

“Huh?” I said absentmindedly, meeting her concerned look.

“What happened? You spaced out for a while there.” She lifted her glass and took a sip.

I actually don’t know. Well, except for the fact that the way Mr. Gross glanced at me felt like he knew all my secrets. I stood up frantically, facing my sister.

She put down her glass on the counter and raised an eyebrow. “Hey, are you ok?”

I risked a glance at the gross couple behind me. They’re still going at it! I felt my cheeks heat up. I’m quite sure I’m already sporting a healthy blush. Ugh, so embarrassing.

I lowered my head immediately and cocked my head to the partying crowd, avoiding what I suspect were Amelia’s questioning eyes.

I slowly slid down to my seat, still looking at the floor. I discreetly jabbed a look at her direction. I saw her smirking.

Oh my God. She might have seen me exercising my lameness by getting all scratchy at seeing a boy and a girl heat up for each other. I bit my lower lip and grimaced.

She made a show and leaned exaggeratedly towards me, stretching her neck while letting me know that she’s openly watching Mister and Miss Gross.

“Hey Meredith,” she whispered at me loudly. “I hadn’t pegged you as one who watches this kind of performa-” my eyes widened.

“Ami.” I cut her off, hurriedly standing up for the second time in a minute. “I’m going to find the comfort room.”

I turned away and briskly walked to the crowd. I rolled my eyes as I heard her laugh loudly.

I got a little lost on my way to the powder room because of the multitude of people blocking my way. When I got there, I almost leaned on the door for support. It’s tiring, trying to avoid bumping into people using these darned high heels. I loved heels to an extent. Not this 6-inch monster. They test my patience is places like these.

I was drowning myself in my troubles for too long that when I looked up, I was shocked to see the Miss Gross looking at me from inside the bathroom with her lips tucked in her mouth. It seems she was retouching her ruined lipstick. They’re done already?

“Uh… Hey.” I said and nodded at her while I quickly went into an empty cubicle. I did my business and strained my ears to listen whether the girl has left already.

When I heard the door slam, I stood up to leave.

“Woah, Red. Why are you such in a hurry?” I heard Ami said as I almost bumped into her.

I just looked at her with no expression. At least I tried to.

“And here I was, thinking that the comfort room that you’ve been to is actually a room that offers you comfort with a guy.” She laughed, shaking her head.

There my eyes widened, which probably made me look guilty.

“Shut up, Ami.” I said, almost disgusted.

“Don’t act all innocent, sister. I saw you.” I looked at her disbelievingly as she smirked.

I just raised my shoulders and said, “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

She seems to find me so funny because she just laughed again and went inside the cubicle I used earlier.

I stood at my spot for a while when a woman bumped into me. She looked like she was about to hurl alcohol already as she hurriedly bolted past me to the other cubicle.

I completely left the comfort room, the sound of the girl vomiting ringing through my ears.

I sighed and thought, this is going to be a long night.

I walked back to the bar absentmindedly and sat on the stool, holding my head low.

“Who hurt you?” a deep voice said behind my right ear. I looked a little bit to my right peripheral vision and saw the same shirt as Mr. Gross. So, he hadn’t left with the girl.

“Hi, I’m Adam.” He again said with that deep voice, without shifting from his earlier position.

I felt shivers at the back of my neck, I just wished he didn’t notice.

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