The S Word

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As I am licking the frosting from my cupcake, I feel his leg jerking. My brow shoots up, once I realize someone is paying way too much attention to the way my tongue swirls around the icing.

"Everything okay?" I ask him.


Justin nods, while his gaze drifts a little from mine, reaching my cleavage.

"Pay attention, Smith."

"Sorry I'm sorry. It's been too long, you know?"

His leg keeps rubbing against mine, enticing me to do the same, and I do. I slide my leg between his letting it rest against the inside of his tight. His very thick and muscular thigh. Jesus, when did Justin get so buffed?

"Yes, I know."

A deep sigh leaves my lips as I glance outside of the café, still feeling his leg coming against mine, I pull my bottom lip between my teeth before locking my gaze on my ex-boyfriend.

"Justin, we shouldn't."

"Then why aren't you stopping me?"

When his knee touches my groin, a wicked smile appears on Justin's lips.

"Because I'm horny."

"I'm horny too."

I didn't notice. Justin's knee rubs a part of me that has been lacking attention lately, and I stand up from the table, thinking properly for the first time.

"This was nice; let's not do it again."

I can't have sex with my ex-boyfriend. It's wrong on so many levels. Without paying attention, I rush outside, hearing a very frantic someone hastening to follow me, his footsteps swiftly mimicking mine before I glance over my shoulder.

"Where are we going?"

"We? Since when are you coming with me?"

The taller man towers over me, his breathing hitting my neck before his voice reaches my ear.

"If I am going to fuck you like I used to, we should at least get out of the street."

Everything goes fast after that. Justin always had a way with words that would get me ready just as fast as he would. If we are doing this, I can tell I am going to be loud, and the cafe's bathroom won't do. We rush to his house, being the nearest one, and as soon as he opens the door, I'm already being pushed against it.

Feeling his lips pressed against my neck, I can't help but moan while sliding my fingers between his dark strands. The kiss is eager, messy, and everything I was lacking.

"You let your hair grew longer," I say under my breath when he lifts one of my legs to grind on me.

Using his weight to overpower me, my ex takes my breath away, sucking on my neck. Justin's hands come around my thighs, lifting me as I straddle my legs around his waist, he kisses me deeply, his tongue playing with mine while starting to walk towards what I suppose to be his bedroom.

"You like it?"

"Yes," I moan into his mouth while he lays me on the bed.

Slipping my shirt off with his hands, I do the same for him right after. My eyes fall, noticing six things he didn't have so well defined two years ago.

"I am sensing you also like those?"

"You are correct," I say, widening my eyes.

Justin leans on the bed, letting his body hover over mine before taking my lips once more. His hand grasps me by my tight, squeezing it between his fingers, before he presses himself on me, making me realize just how turned on he is.

He is always turned on, that's the thing about him. He is always ready for sex. My fingers hurriedly search for the button on his jeans, and I help as he disposes himself of the remains of his clothing.

"No underwear?" I ask, raising an eyebrow.

He shrugs, before sliding my shorts and my underwear right after.

"You used to do it a lot. Thought I should try."

With eager fingers, Justin takes my bra away with too much strength, almost ripping it in the process.

My eyes watch as he kneels, his hand coming between my legs making his route clear. My ex's breathing hits my core before he sends a glance in my direction, and I become a freaking wanton between the sheets. I missed this, having someone paying the proper attention to my body, feeling myself get lost in the pleasure. I don't care if I'm a mess, Justin won't care as well, he enjoys watching as I wait for him to start.

Devilish smiling his tongue glides up, making me jerk and Justin's hands come around my waist, holding me in place.

"Now let me show you how much I missed your body."

Fuck, well, that did it. With just his words, I can feel myself dripping with anticipation. His tongue glides once more before his lips kiss my sensitiveness. Justin lets his lips tease, but not for long. He was never one to enjoy making me squirm, preferring to make me enjoy every bit of him. If by that, I had to orgasm three times he would not mind.

I feel one finger being pushed inside of me, and just as I suspected, sounds that would make angels blush leave my lips and need to hold onto something. My hands clasp around his ebony hair, dragging him closer, and I feel him smiling down on me before a pulling sensation starts to form. When he sucks, nibling me with his soft lips, and it becomes too much for me to handle, I arch my back from the bed. He knows I'm close, Justin knows my body almost the same way I do, and so he slides another finger trying to see if I can take him.

"Justin I-"

There's no time to finish as he crawls on top of me, keeping his fingers relentlessly going at a rhythm. He kisses me, eagerly, profoundly and wildly before I'm shaking under him. Clasping my fingernails into his flesh and listening to him hiss in pleasurable pain. With a content smile, I feel his fingers slide out and him teasing my entrance once more.

"Ready?" He asks whispering to my skin, leaving a trail of kisses and bites all over.

There's no going slow with this man. He thrusts all the way and stops, trying to make me adjust to him before thrusting one more time. His name leaves my mouth in a whimper, and I want more. I missed him, the rough sex with him at least.

Yes, I missed the sex. Justin's lips find a place they use to love so much close to my ear and I feel them sucking on the skin before he is pulling and slamming into me once more. My legs circle him, bringing the man down and closer to me. I grab a handful of his hair, tugging it between my fingers and with a set of swears, the pulling sensation comes back.

Justin is relentless; I hear the sounds of flesh hitting on flesh and him getting more vocal by the second. He slides out of me and with mischievous grin whispers in my ear.

"Turn around."

And I do. I lay on my stomach, wiggling my behind to him, his hand slides on my skin before he pinches my cheek. His finger dips in me, circling my nub and he does this once before he is inside of me again and I go blind by him. A smack falls on my bottom and my back jerks up. Justin laughs, pleased by it before he slaps my butt again.

I push against him every time, matching his thrusts and feel his hand coming around my waist, lifting me towards him. His arm holds me, and Justin moves his hips in circles. He bites down on my shoulder, his groans reaching my ears, turning me on just as much as his actions, and when I can't take it anymore, I come undone a second time.

"Fuck," he groans, and I feel him pulsating inside of me, joining me into the nirvana sensation of an orgasm.

He keeps thrusting until finally Justin falls on the mattress next to me, lying on his back as we both stare at the ceiling.

Sex. Its what our relationship was about. Hard and rough sex.

It's because of that we worked well, we were friends that turned things into pleasure, and it worked. He gets me.

"This was great," he says glancing at me as I laugh still staring at the ceiling. "When can we do it again?"

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