The S Word

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“Are you ready?”

Alexander watches me, asking the question I’ve been making myself since this morning. Am I ready? I consider this but dealing with guys is easy. They always think with a specific body part first before their brain starts to process things.

But there’s something about him that is messing with my mind. As his eyes stay on me, I can’t think of anything else but his lips, and how freaking flawless they are. Don’t blame me; they’re at my eye level. So, when my gaze drifts from his eyes to his mouth, I know, he catches it because I see him smirking.

Damn it.


“Make yourself at home then. We can start now.”

Alexander walks to the couch, plopping himself on it. I follow him cautiously or trying to, as I am not that graceful and the table in front of me seems expensive. With, what I would call grace, I ease myself on the couch next to him. Close, but not so much that the people see me before I want them to and put my phone on the coffee table next to his.

The room isn’t too big, and with the summer sun entering from the curtains, plus my hormones, I start to feel a little hot. I don’t know if Alexander noticed it or not, but he suddenly turns the AC on, letting it cool the studio for a bit.

Alexander smiles at me, leaning before pressing play on his camera and turning the live on.

A is Live

He doesn’t speak right away; his approach is very different from mine. Alexander waits for people to talk to him first; he demands their attention on him but doesn’t give them the same right away. He wants the viewers to ‘work’ on the message board, commenting until he starts to reply.

It’s his method, he is dominant and I envy that it works so well.

The girls who watch do everything for him to reply, but he only does it to a few. I never commented, watching under another profile that not my official channel — merely observing, never giving in to the temptation of doing more than that.

Let’s not give him ideas that my crush is bigger than what he already knows, because trust me, he knows.

“What is happening today?”

Alexander’s deep voice startles me, and I snap my head towards him, watching as he picks up one of the brushes and slightly slides it across the standing mic.

“But I have a surprise for you.”

His long fingers pat on the seat next to him, and I take in a deep breath before slipping closer to him. My eyes glance at the screen, watching as his comments pop up faster than I have ever seen. He has at least 10.000 people watching the live right now, but that’s not what I am focusing on.

My attention is all on the smile he gives me before turning back to the camera.

“This is Nova, she has her channel here at the website, and a lot of you tagged me to check her.” His eyes let go of the camera and search mine again, encouraging me to speak. “And I did exactly that.”

“Yes, but you could have contacted me out of my live. I mean, who walks into another person channel and drops a comment like that?”

Alexander smiles, letting his head fall. I let myself glance at the screen and read the comments, trying to ease myself a bit.

TheDgirl: wow you’re gorgeous going to check your channel after this

MyJamsAreTheShit: I’m so proud of you

Bigboobswoman: Why? Why did you invite some bitch here?

Alexander’s eyes catch the last comment the same as mine does, and he is quick kicking the person from his channel.

“I won’t tolerate disrespect here. You know that. Nova is my guest, and I want you all to treat her well.”

His hand slides on the sofa closer to mine, and I hold my breath feeling just the tiny bit of skin brushing against mine. What the fuck is wrong with my hormones when he is close to me? For Christ sake, I thought it was the lack of sex, but it seems it’s not.

“Thank you,” I whisper to him before turning my eyes to the screen again.

Alexander nods his eyes meeting mine before he picks up the set of brushes on the table.

“So, now that we established that-”

Alexander picks up a brush, more full than the previous one and hands it to me. He leans forward touching the mic once again, this time slower. I know what that sound does to people with headphones. I know because I’ve seen him do it once. It relaxes people, giving them a sense of wholeness and warmth.

MyJamsAreTheShit: Why don’t you do that on Nova instead of the mic?

I am going to smack Layla.

Alexander reads the comment, even if he didn’t most of the people watching saw it and started saying the same thing over and over again.

HereForYou: do it

BigBookNoona: oh fuck yes do it

ConfessingMyKinks: Do her, she’s fine

Alexander’s brow shoots up, and he stops, reading the comments that get dirtier by the second. His viewers are kinkier than I thought, they are almost at same the level of mine.

“You guys want me to slide the brush on Nova instead?”

The Dgirl: or her on you, I don’t care I want to see you two interact with each other

Well, that’s different.

Alexander turns to me, a mischievous grin crosses his face, and I widen my eyes, realizing he is pondering this. He is thinking about it and considering to do it. If he says yes, I’m afraid my underwear won’t survive.

“If we do this,” he starts saying with his eyes on me but talking to the people watching. “The live will end sooner.”

He finally let’s go of my gaze and looks at the screen seeing the approval from his viewers.

“Nova, do you mind if we switch the plan?”

“I thought it was against your rules,” I ask teasingly. “You know, you don’t do sex stuff.”

ConfessingMyKinks: I like her

Alexander smiles at my words and at the comment that popped up on the screen.

“Yes,” he states, turning to me once again. “But this won’t be breaking them, just bending. It’s not inappropriate unless one of us makes it that way.”

I catch as he slides his tongue inside his cheek, waiting for me to say something back. The notifications alarm goes off, and I have the urge to read them before replying to him.

MyJamsAreTheShit: Oh fuck Nova, you are going to kill the man if you keep that up

IamYourGirl: this is going to get hot fast

“Let’s do it then,” I say taking the brush from his hand and setting it on the table. “But seeing I’m the guest I will be the one touching.”

Alexander nods, shifting on the sofa and turning to face the camera once more. I scooch, letting my knees touch the side of his leg before watching as he closes his eyes anticipating. He never did anything like this on camera, yes he teases but replying to his fans — not this.

I lift the brush to his face, touching lightly on his cheek and staring as it slides across his tanned skin. The computer keeps going off with the viewer’s comments, but I don’t look. My focus is on him and how ethereal he seems as I play with the brush. Letting it travel from his cheek, I slide the tool further down until it reaches his jaw, letting it go from one end to the other before lifting it to his lips.

His perfect lips.

The brush glides across the delicate pink skin, and I realize Alexander takes in a deep breath. I lost track of how long we’ve been at this and slow down my movements, taking my time. My tongue decides to slip and moisten my lips at the same time Alexander pops his eyes open.

He watches me, our eyes locking on each other, and no words come out of my mouth. He bites on his lower lip, not looking away before taking my hand and pulling it down. My breathing starts to pace, but I am not able to look away from him.

“That’s all for tonight. See you again tomorrow.”

Alexander leans forward to turn the camera off, and I have a chance to try and get my shit together. What the hell just happened? Was that a moment or whatever people call it? What was with those eyes taking mine as hostage?

“I’m sorry if that was too much,” I start by saying, ready to apologize if I step out of line.

Not everyone is sex driven like me; I know that. Some people are more closed off, preferring not to engage in these sort of things.

“It wasn’t.”

Wait, it wasn’t? Then that means that look where- oh crap. My phone rings, I try to shut it, but Justin’s picture lights up the screen. Great timing. I turn my attention to Alexander once more, trying to understand his mood, not prepared for the words that are about to leave his mouth.

“Want to do this again next week?”

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