The S Word

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Let's Make a Deal

“Is he serious?”

A snort leaves my throat as I stare down at the text I just received.

Can we talk?

I never expected Justin to be so clingy. Yes, we had sex, but it was a no strings attached thing, no feelings. Just pure and raw sex. He called yesterday while I was with Alexander, I dismissed it but now seems he is trying to convince me by text, and before I can reply to him my phone beeps again.

Are you ignoring me?


Don’t Nic, I’m serious
I know- wait let me call you

Before I type no, he is already calling. I grunt in frustration, almost throwing the phone to the bed, but eventually, I accept talking to him.

Maybe I can let him down easily.


He sighs on the other side; this is what always happened when we used to fight; I avoided it, and so did he. Fighting leads to people to stop talking, and that leads to no sex and we couldn’t have that. Justin never liked it, and no, angry sex wasn’t in the picture for him because when we used to argue there was no way one of us would even try to touch the other.

“Hey, Nicky before you-”

“Justin, what do you want?”

“For you to open the door, for example.”

This guy doesn’t know what giving up means. I swear Justin doesn’t like to lose, at anything. This was one of the big reasons why we broke up, the distance was unbearable, but his need to be right all the time was annoying. That and the fact I am a bitch when I’m angry.

I pull the door open only to see him standing on the other side, waiting.


“We need to talk.”

I step aside to let him enter, Justin walks towards my couch, sitting comfortably on the same furniture I have since I moved in and waits for me to sit next to him.

“Why are you ignoring me?”

“Why are you so needy all of a sudden? You text, you show up at my door-”

“I- I’m needy?”

My eyes roll before they land on him. Justin stares at me as if I said some obnoxious thing.

“Yes, you are. In a week you called and texted more than in a whole month when we were dating. It was just sex.”

Justin stops, his lips pressed into a line before his eyes fall from mine. I can see him thinking, as he spaces out and considers my words.

“Fuck, I did it didn’t I?”

He lets his head fall to the front, and a small chuckle shakes my ex-boyfriend’s body. An overly cute bunny smile appears on his face, almost melting my heart. But let’s be honest, that’s not happening anytime soon.

“Guess I was trying for you not to feel weird about this.”

“Justin, I have no illusions about this. We had sex, yes. But I know it was just that.”

His eyes lock on mine for a few seconds before another grin appears on his face.

“You’re so grown up. A few years ago you would never consider just sex.”

“A few years ago, I didn’t date you.”

“I only dated you because you wouldn’t have sex with me if I didn’t.”

I laugh awkwardly at him, watching as his laughter follows mine. Justin’s eyes fall from mine to my lips, and in seconds they are pressed against his in a feverish kiss, as I’m being lifted and straddling him. My legs go around his waist, I press myself down only to feel him already hardening before my fingertips graze the fabric of his jeans.

“Just sex,” he says into my mouth.

“Justin,” his name falls from my lips as I throw my head back with the feeling of his mouth covering every bit of skin from my jaw to my breasts.

Justin lifts my shirt over my head and throws it to the sofa, leaving me in nothing more than my cotton shorts.

“Still not wearing underwear when you’re at home, I see.”

I smirk at him as Justin easily slides my shorts to the side, finding my already igniting core. My nails dig against his flesh as he slides one finger inside of me. I moan his name loud, trying to hold myself together when another finger slowly enters, but before I can enjoy that I’m being lifted once more. Justin isn’t happy with the access my shorts give him, and he takes them off as well. My fingers fidget with his jeans, and it doesn’t take him long to dispose of all of his clothing.

It’s about pleasuring each other, only sex and nothing more, and so before he can do anything else, I am already on my knees and in front of him. Justin lets his head drop back against the couch, a drop of sweat gliding over his skin, and as I take him in my mouth, I see as he keeps his mouth agape, his body twitching with every touch of my lips.

I kiss him, from head to base, sliding my tongue until reaching the top once more. I’m teasing I know, although he doesn’t like it I am in the mood, and Justin will have to deal with it. I suck his tip ever so slowly as he shoots me an upset glance.

“Nicky,” he warns me.


I circle my lips around him once more, sliding them down so slowly it almost seems like torture to the man.

“I’m not begging.”

I ease him inside my mouth a couple of times, hearing as he grunts in pleasure and frustration, pulling my hair tighter around his fingers, until popping my lips and releasing him once more.

“Then don’t.”

Before I can repeat it, I’m already being held up and dropped on the sofa on my back.

Justin doesn’t waste any time hovering over me and entering, stretching my walls with a loud whimper that has me grasping my fingertips against his arms.

“You know I don’t beg,” he says into my neck.

“I know.”

Justin starts to get a pace as I moan his name loud with every thrust. His long fingers slide in my hair, pulling strings, so he has access to my neck. My fingertips and nails taunt into his flesh, and I can feel myself tightening around him. I know he is close; I can sense him starting to go faster and grabbing me tighter. We lock eyes for a second, and Justin sits taking me with him. I lift my hips only to lower them as I ease him inside of me once again.

“There?” I ask him.


My hips rise and drop as I see the man I once loved twitching with pleasure, trying to hold on before one of us explodes. The pool inside of me is about to burst, and I grasp his shoulders, letting my head fall on the crook of his neck before it hits me.

Once it does, it’s everything I remember, and as I ride him in my wave of pleasure, I feel him pulsating in release inside of me as well.
We stay like this for a while, as I enjoy watching him coming down of his high, and once I am walking to the bathroom to clean up a bit, I hear as Justin dresses his pants. He saunters to the bathroom, watching as I turn the shower on.

“So, can we do this once a week?” He asks.

“Is your sex life that bad?”

He snorts, leaning against the wall and crossing his arms over his chest.

“No, but sex with you is different. You know what I want and when I want it.”

“Years of experience Justin,” I say entering inside the shower, while Justin watches.
Pondering over his proposal, I take in the benefits of it. It’s not like I am dating someone anyway.

“Once a week seems good.”

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