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The Feather

Oh fuck.

The doorbell rings for the second time as I finish getting ready. Alexander arrived precisely at 5 pm like he said he would. The man keeps his word. Since yesterday I can’t focus on anything. He said he thinks about what I wear every day, if that doesn’t get me weak on my knees I don’t know what will.

But I promised him I would respect the rules. I keep my promises.

My hand clasps around the knob of my apartment front door, as I glance around to check if everything is ok. It’s as decent as it will be. Opening it, I see Alexander, rocking himself on his feet, probably bored by the time he had to wait.

Looking like a God, the bright ruby hair stands out while he wears all black. Ripped fitted jeans and a button-up shirt that lets his chest accentuate against the thin fabric.

Crap, he isn’t making it easy for me.

“Hi, sorry for keeping you waiting. Please come in.”

I step aside to let him pass, and Alexander smiles at me while entering. He looks around, my apartment is not even half as glamorous as his, but when I’m about to say something, his smile gets bigger.

“I like your house; it’s very you.”

“How so?” I ask as we start to walk towards the sofa.

“It’s honest, like you’re not hiding who you are behind anything,” Alexander speaks, picking up one of the candles on my coffee table.

“Thank you?”

“Don’t get me wrong, Nicole, it’s a compliment. Most people try to hide behind something. Clothes, their apartment, an expensive car. They try to deceive who they are, or where they came from. But you don’t. You were honest with me saying your apartment wasn’t anything special, but I beg to differ.”

I can feel all my blood rushing to my face, as I force my eyes away from him. What is about this guy that leaves me speechless?

“So, you said you had some ideas for the collab?” I ask, trying to retake charge of the conversation.

“Yes, as I said, we could do something similar to last week. I was thinking, maybe a feather?”

He leans forward-searching in his bag. His hand wraps around something, and I watch amazed as Alexander takes out a long dark purple feather.

“What do you want to do with that?”

My brow shoots up, and he starts to laugh at me.

“Have you ever been touched as you touched me last week?”

“Can’t say I have.”

“It’s quite,” Alexander pauses. He tilts the feather to me, sliding it across the back of my hand. “Sensual. That’s why people loved it so much.”

Our eyes lock, his dark chocolate gaze staring into my soul. For a minute, I am afraid he can see all the things I’m thinking about doing to him if it weren’t for the damn rules. I can’t even say how repentant I am for accepting them.

What was I thinking?

I wasn’t; I was looking into his beautiful eyes and getting lost.

“A feather will have a better effect on camera.”

“I believe you.”

His eyes watch as I talk before they lift to mine again, I do catch how his tongue peeks out and grazes his lips before he speaks.

“I have an idea for the live, but it may be taking it too far.”

“How far?”

Alexander’s eyes drift from me towards the door on his right.

“You shoot in your bedroom, right?”


He does this thing, biting down on his lip, pulling it back with his teeth that I have to count to ten and remember myself I have nothing with the men but a work agreement.

“Can I see it?”


I stand up, Alexander following right after me and walk towards the bedroom. It’s not big. I have the things set on my bed’s feet, laptop, camera, and microphone. The bed itself, plus a small desk. It’s trivial, kind of modest, but I know where he is looking at — the massive window.

“You have a nice view of the city.”

“Thank you. It’s the only reason why I keep the apartment. I love to be on the bed and watch the city lights, or the night sky.”

The corners of his lips lift into a beautiful smile before I remember what brought us here.

“What was your idea?”

His smile fades, and Alexander’s head hangs down before a chuckle shakes his body.

“You are something else,” he says, glancing at me. “I don’t mean it in a bad way. I appreciate you being so direct.”

“You’re avoiding the topic.”

“Fine,” he says grinning and turning to me. “I want to shoot, but I want it to be more intimate. Your viewers are different than mine with what they want, and that got me thinking in a whole possibility of things we could do.”

He glances around to the camera and the laptop on the bed. I never saw him as nervous as today. Not that we had spent that much time together. But every time we did Alexander had this dominating aura over him. Today he seems impatient.

“I agree.”

“So, what if you shoot in your underwear?”

What? He wants to what?

I mean, it’s kind of edgy, and I was already insulted by his followers. Imagine if they see me half naked with him.

“It would be the perfect revenge for the attack you received, you know?”

“Are you trying to convince me?” I ask, smirking at him.

“Yes, but only because I know it’s working.”

He gives me a wicked smile before I kiss my teeth in reply. He is good; I’ll give him that. He can read me just as well as I can read him. That is a little bit scary, to be honest.

“If we do this, you need to be ready as well. I’m sure that girl will come after you again.”

“Don’t worry; I’m ready.”

I turn to face the bed. Not because I am wondering if we should do it or not, but because I’m trying to figure out what I can wear.

“Underwear, hm?”

“If you are willing to.”

“And I suppose you’ll be only wearing that as well?”

I turn on my heels, crossing my arms over my chest. Alexander gazes at me snickering, but I can see the glistening sparkle on his eyes before he speaks.

“It will be only fair if I am. I promise it will be classy. Nothing like porn or anything else you’re afraid off.”

I tilt my head to the side, thinking about his sentence.

“I’m not afraid of it looking like porn, Alexander. There’s good porn nowadays, but there’s also the cheap one.”

“Couldn’t agree more,” he says smiling. “That’s what I don’t want. I don’t want it to be about the girl getting spanked or punished as it always seems to be about that. I want you to be the main focus of the live, I want them to see you being pleasured.”

Ok, I can do this. He’s just any other guy, any other very hot guy.


Why am I so nervous? A fair ton of men have seen me naked. I’m not that bad. Everything is in place; he could do worse.

I check myself out in the bathroom mirror again. The set is fancy but nothing over the top. Well, I mean for me. A lace dark burgundy set that accentuates my natural honey skin, the boy shorts look perfect on my butt as the caged bralette fits nicely on my breasts.

Yes, I want a reaction from him.

I step out of the bathroom and into my bedroom, only to see Alexander standing with his very defined back to me, wearing nothing else than his boxers.

I always loved Calvin Klein.

“I’m ready, ” I say watching as he changes his focus and turns around.

If the vision of his back was wonderful, seeing his exposed chest is almost breathtaking. He is built, not too much, just as I like it. Sharp where it matters.

His eyes lock on mine, and I see as he sneers, he is trying not to look down, I know he is. But as I step next to him, and lean to put the camera on the right angle I realize from the corner of my eye as his gaze drifts all over my body, resting especially on the lower part that’s turned to him.

My butt.

I’m telling you, underwear is a fantastic trick to seduce a guy.

Rules Nicole focus on the damn rules.

“So, are you ready?” I ask, turning to him.

He fails to maintain eye contact, letting his stare slip lower on my body and that brings a smile to my lips.

“Yes. Let’s start.”

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