The S Word

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Nova is online

“Hi, guys, what are you all doing?”

BigBookWorm: do you need me to tell you?

MyJamsAreTheShit: What the hell are you NOT wearing?

BigDickEnergy: Fuck I’m gone already, and she hasn’t started

“Oh, yes. So today I have someone exceptional with me. Guys, this is A.”

I signal for Alexander to walk in front of the camera and he smiles at me before turning his attention towards it. He already has this thing about him, but when on camera, the way he flirts and moves makes it even harder to focus on anything else than tearing his clothes apart.

The ones he isn’t wearing.

I’m going to burn in hell.

“Hello,” he speaks, waving.

PeachesAndCream: FUCK ME

BigDickEnergy: I could turn gay for that dude

MyJamsAreTheShit: *screams for ten minutes straight*

“For today we prepared something very exceptional for you. We are going to do a similar thing of what A and I did on his channel, but because I do things a little different he suggested for us to, well, take things to a different level.”

“Yes. In conclusion, I’m going to steal your girl for a little, but you will enjoy watching what we will do.”

Touchmatits69: I don’t even know what to say to this fuckery

“You don’t have to say anything,” he speaks again winking at the camera. “You just need to watch.”

I think I might be breaking Alexander because his teasing is getting a little out of control right now. He presses the computer key, starting the playlist we set for tonight.

“Nova? Are you ready?”

“I was born ready,” I say beaming.

He laughs when realizing my excitement before his gaze turns serious.

“On the bed.”


MyJamsAreTheShit: I KNOW RIGHT?

With the biggest smile on my lips, I crawl to the top of the bed, resting against the pillows. He takes position in front of me, picking up the feather before his eyes travel on my body until they meet mine.

He is enjoying this as much as I am.

Alexander leans forward; he picks up the feather lying next to me while making sure the camera is focusing correctly on us. After days of preparing, we are finally ready. Nothing sex-related, not even kissing, but the damn man looking at me with his puppy eyes isn’t helping me to remember that.

Dear Jesus, how I want to kiss those perfect lips.


No. I am not ready for this. Not since I saw people tagging him. Not since he called, and I am definitely not ready for him to be so close to me with his freaking rules. Why did I have to have a crush on the guy? Why?


Alexander lays the soft feather on my skin, sliding it across my leg, the feeling of something so delicate being done in such a sensual way, makes me take a deep breath. It’s like as if fingertips were touching me, teasing my body, awakening every fiber of my being, before it can succumb to pleasure. The feather slides across my outer thigh, and my head leans back feeling it ever so gently traveling to my abdomen.

I want more.

I need more.

My eyes lock on his, and for a moment I think he feels the same. The laptop keeps beeping with notifications from the viewers over the smooth music, but he doesn’t care. The feather glides between my breasts, the tip strolling over my nipple, and even though I have a bra a low wail suddenly leaves my lips before I can stop it. He giggles after that, letting the dark feather slide over my neck until it reaches my lips.

Then Alexander stops.

The feather stays unmoving, and I open my eyes to find him closer than I would expect, leaning over me. His gaze is moving from my lips to my eyes, his tongue slipping over his pink lips and I watch as the man in front of me takes a deep breath, trying to get his focus again.

Alexander places the feather again on my knee, starting it’s travel once more, but this time he stays hovering me. His eyes on mine, while a smile graces his beautiful face, and he slides his lips across my cheek until they reach my ear. His breathing hits me before the shivers of his deep voice being whispered travel across my body.

“Maybe if we break just one rule it won’t be so bad.”

Fuck. Yes, please.

“You’re sure?” I whisper holding back a grunt when feeling the tip of his finger slightly touching my skin along with the feather.

“I’m not. But it’s turning out to be more than I can bare having you like this in front of me.”

God, my underwear isn’t going to survive. I can feel myself dripping already.

Not even Justin had this power over me, over my body. There’s something about Alexander and the way he stares at me as if I am his favorite food that makes me lose it.

He lets his mouth travel, sweeping over my cheek until his lips slightly touch my jaw, brushing over the skin before he lifts his eyes searching for mine.

Swear to whatever God that exists I am about to combust.

“But only,” he says, adjusting his body supporting his weight on his elbows to linger over mine, “if you want me to.”

His breath hits my lips, and for a few seconds, I forget how to breathe, not knowing what to focus on.

Don’t seem desperate, don’t seem desperate.

“I want you to.”

Sure, desperate is fine.

Alexander grins at my words, letting some of his weight fall over my body as he leans more. His lips hover over mine; his eyes are unmoving from my stare on his. They are darker than usual, the lust in them sending shivers through my entire body.

He keeps moving the feather over my outer thigh now, and I’m sure he isn’t focusing on that anymore as his attention seems to have shifted.

His lips part, touching mine entirely for the first time before taking them gently for him. As if he is claiming them after so long, an anticipated reward for good behavior.

I moan under him, moving my lips as the same rhythm of his, but it seems that my reaction made him more eager. The feather is dismissed, and instead, Alexander’s hand rests now on my thigh before he squeezes it.

My hands travel, resting first on his shoulders before his kiss turns more and more fervent and I can’t help but slide them across the strings of his hair, pulling the man towards me. His body drops, Alexander rests one of his legs between mine before I get too enthusiastic. My leg lifts circling his and bringing him as close as he can be to me.

This is intensifying quickly.

When I pull his hair, Alexander growls, and his lips stop making mine hostage and drop for my neck. He kisses it feverishly, and when pleased with the reaction he is having over me, with how my body squirms and my back arch for him Alexander starts to suck on a spot where my neck ends, and my collarbone begins.

We forget everything, intoxicated by each other, and it’s then that I realize he was holding himself back just as much as I was.

It’s just a kiss, but it’s turning out to be the best kiss of my life.

When I lift my leg higher, I feel just how excited the make-out session is making him, and that’s when I remember something.

We are still live.

I want to thank everyone who's reading this book, this was my first attempt of letting my brain go free not really caring about the topic of the book or the scenes in it
Hope you are enjoying 💖
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