The S Word

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“Alexander,” I whisper his name before he takes my lips hostage once more.

He slides his tongue, teasing mine and playing with it taking my breath away.

“Yes?” He mumbles while his fingertips clasp around my outer thigh harder.

If he keeps doing that, I’m going to be bruised, but the feeling is so satisfying that I don’t care.

“The camera.”

Alexander stops, leaning away from me. His eyes search mine seeming to get down from his high. He quickly stretches sitting on the bed, giving me a chance to crawl towards the laptop.

“That’s all for tonight, guys. See you later.”

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I close it, putting the laptop on the windows step and turning the camera off before my attention falls on the man sitting at my bed.

“Nicole I- I’m sorry I shouldn’t have done that.”

“What are you talking about?”

“The kissing. I had the rules, and I broke them and-”

“Alexander,” I scooch closer, touching our legs before cupping his face with my hands. “I wanted you to kiss me.”

He seems to be pondering what to say, trying to read me once again to understand.

“I wanted you to do all of those things to me. Well I wanted you to do a lot more, but that alone was- What I’m saying is screw your rules.”

Alexander grins at me, taking my hands for his. His gaze lights up, but I can still see a hint of regret. The rules are essential to him.

“Rules were made to be broken,” I say, smiling at him. “I don’t know what happened for you to be so strict about them, I don’t know what happened for you to have them in the first place, but I can guarantee you nothing of what just happened was against my will.”

“I didn’t doubt that. You seemed to be enjoying it.”

Automatically I push him away gasping in disbelief, gaining a chuckle from him.

Alexander’s hands come to my waist, lifting me and laying me on his lap. He tilts his head up, staring to the ends of my mind pondering something.

“I was enjoying it too, you know,” he speaks softly.

“Mhm. Sorry, I had to stop, but the camera was still on.”

He stretches, his lips grazing mine as he speaks.

“I’m glad you did it. There are some things I don’t do in front of a camera.”


His nose brushes over mine before our lips meet. Alexander’s hand comes to the back of my neck, forcing our mouths closer to each other.

And then I grind on him.

“Fuck.” Alexander pulls our lips apart, smirking at me. “What are you doing to me?”

“You were the one saying you don’t do certain things in front of a camera. The camera is off, plus we are already rebelling, what’s a little more?”

I try to seem as innocent as I can knowing very well what effect my cuteness will have on him, and sure thing, something below me is awakening.

“Don’t tell me you’re getting shy on me now Alex-”

I can’t finish my sentence as he twirls me around pushing my back against the mattress. Alexander’s lips devour mine, and he grinds in reply. A whimper falls from my lips, and I tilt my head back, exposing my neck to him.

Alexander doesn’t waste time kissing the now unprotected skin before he is sucking the same very spot from moments ago. My fingers travel between the strands of his hair once more, pulling him closer as if I could taste the sweetness of his lips better.

His response is a hard grind, clasping his hand on my bare thigh and a sinful sound I wasn’t aware I could make leaves my mouth.

“Already impatient?” He mumbles to my skin. “What will you do if I continue?”

“I will come.”

His eyes meet mine once again, and I can see the devilish thoughts he is having. I recognize them from myself.

“Then come for me.”


Alexander’s lips travel from my neck to my chest, they kiss the top of my breasts softly, until reaching the hem of the bra. His teeth touch the fabric, pulling it back to expose my hardened nipple, and when his tongue swirls around it before sucking on the sensitive skin, I feel myself soaking below.

I could come undone with just that, but then, after he grinds on me one more time his hand starts to slip, reaching the inside of my thigh, making me lose all the focus I still had on what is going on with my body.

“I adore how sensitive you are.”

“I-” sweet Jesus, I can’t even talk. “Usually am not.”

Alexander’s lips form a smirk against my skin before he flips his fingers on my soaked underwear.

“Then, I feel special.”

He takes my nipple between his teeth, biting softly to the point where pain and pleasure mix together in a dangerous combination. My hands pull him closer, but I swear every time I pull his hair with my fingers, he gets even harder. It’s like a mechanism; he seems to enjoy it. Alexander’s fingers unhook my bra before he searches for my lips again.

His hands travel on my side, reaching my hips, and with a soft movement, he pulls my underwear down, leaving me fully naked to him. His long finger travels slowly up my leg, mimicking the feather from previously before they reach my ignited core.

The sound it makes when he slides one of them in, finding just how wet I am, just how much I want him to be inside of me, is enough for his dark eyes to lock on mine with the anticipation of what he is about to do.

Alexander’s lips hover over mine when his finger touches my nub, and when I arch my back to him, I can feel the wicked smile as he opens his mouth, mirroring mine.

He likes to be dominant.

The slow circles he makes between my legs have me gripping his hair with one hand and his back with the other. Good thing he is never shirtless when going live because my nails are leaving marks.

“Do you have condoms?”

“Top drawer.”

With one hand he takes one out, rolling it on quickly before leaning once again. Alexander’s tip stays at my entrance before his kiss sends me through the roof, and I come undone even before he starts.

“Just because it’s the first time, I’m going to let that one slide,” he whispers.

Oh fuck, I can’t even function properly anymore.

His hand entwines with mine over my head, and Alexander eases himself inside of me. His eyes hold mine, as he enters inch by inch, ever so slowly. Believe me when I say inch by inch because there are quite a few of them, and I need time to adjust myself around him.

My legs circle his waist, trying to pull him closer but he won’t bulge. He doesn’t move to take in the sight of me under him, biting his lower lip before pulling away and thrusting once again.

“Alex- Alexander oh f-”

“Call me that again,” my eyes pop open to see as he stares down at me. “Alex, I liked it when you call me that.”

He pulls away once again before thrusting fully inside, and I circle my legs tighter around him.


Alexander seems to enjoy how vocal I can get. Every moan, every whimper I make has a reply from him, either a grunt or a hard slam. But it’s when I am about to lose myself for the second time under him, feeling how he thrusts harder every time he pulls away, that he stops.

“Not yet,” he speaks. “I’m not done with you just yet.”

“Fuck, come on I was-”

“I know, and I can’t let it happen so soon, I’m enjoying this too much” He slides back, entering softly in me once again. Alexander stands on his knees on my bed, holding me by my waist and not moving as he speaks. “Ask nicely.”

He circles his waist, making me clasp one hand on the sheet not to fall apart.

“P- please.”

“Please what?”

“Please Alex-”

He slams inside of me so fast that my whole torso lifts from the bed to meet his. Alexander lays us both down once more, thrusting harder, stronger before I feel him getting impatient as well.

With a kiss, and pulling his hair once again I get my way as the man in front of me clasps one hand on my breast teasing my nipple with his fingertip before a second orgasm runs through my body.

My walls clasp around him, and I know he won’t last long after this. I can feel how tight it gets for him, and also hear him hissing before a growl leaves his lungs.

Alexander’s lips kiss mine intensely before I feel him swallowing, his mouth hangs open, falling from mine to my jaw, as both our bodies shake with the intensity and pleasure.

No, not even Justin ever made me come this way.

Coming out of our high, his body falls softly on top of mine, and as I lift my hands to caress the back of his neck once again, Alexander seems to almost purr in satisfaction. Someone likes that I play with his hair.

I feel him leaning away, searching for his underwear, and as my eyes take in the vision of him, I ask for something I never did before.


He gives me a warm smile getting dressed, before pressing a peck on my lips.

“I wasn’t going anywhere gorgeous.”

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