The S Word

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“Ok, here we go.”

It’s been one hell of a month. From having my fridge empty for days, sustaining myself only on water and fruit, to realizing that maybe this job would be a good idea. After applying, it didn’t take long for the people from the website to admit me.

Sure it’s weird, especially if you consider I don’t know who is watching. But it’s good pay. Really good pay. People want companionship; they want to feel that they are with someone, even if sometimes it’s just an illusion. So that’s what I am bringing them, the best illusion they can have while they are watching me.

My fingers quiver while I adjust everything on my bedroom to start shooting. I thought doing it on my bed would be a good idea, bearing in mind the rest of my house is a mess. Casually dressed in jeans and a plain shirt I log in.

Nova is live

Soon as I turn the camera on, I remember my best friend’s words, “You are the one who decides what you want to do on camera.” She told me this more than enough when I told her I was going to join. Because it’s her moto for her lives. To be in charge.

Yes, I decide.

With everything set up, I take the position; already two people are watching. Men by their profile names and pictures, as expected. They are easier to satisfy, to speak, to seduce.

Bigdickenergy: you’re hot

I involuntary snort at thecomment. I was predicting this, Layla warned me there are some creeps ‘surfing’ around the channels. She also reminded me not to be so transparent with my emotions, and I’m already failing at it.

SweetandSour: what’s your name?

“My name is a secret, but you can call me Nova,” I answer his question, beaming.

Keep it light and mysterious are my best friend’s advice for this.

Another person enters the chat, and then another one, and another one. Soon enough, I have six people online watching me. Being the first day they don’t request me to do much, they want to ask questions, to know more before asking me to do what they want. But there is one of them who is particularly fascinated in getting to know me.

50shades.of.purple: your name is Nova? Like the star?

“Yes, like the star.”

A small smile graces my lips, appreciating someone caught why I chose such a name. Layla thought it would be a stupid idea; I thought it would be smart.

But that’s me and my way of trying for everything to have a meaning.

BigBookWorm94: can you do ASMR? Or fulfill a kink?

There it is, the question they all do. The first thing I noticed watching other videos on the website was that people usually try to see what we are willing to do. Some of the camgirls and even camboys go as far as touching themselves. Although there’s one guy that all he does is ASMR and he has the most views on the page. The fact that he is drop-dead beautiful helps.

Between the sweetest yet devilish eyes and those cupid lips of his no wonder women drool.

50shades.of.purple: That’s a great question. What do you do?

“I do everything you guys want; I’m not a very shy girl. For now, I want to keep it simple, so maybe a kink or two can be satisfied, yes.”

As soon as I finish speaking, I can see the ellipses starting to appear, people are writing like crazy. My solicitations per views pop on my screen, and I have to close the channel, writing a message online that I only accept up to ten people watching. It’s easier to keep up, for now at least, until I figure out how this works.

BigBookWorm94: can you read for me?

“Sure,” I pop out of bed to pick up some books on the shelve, all the while talking to whoever is watching. “What do you want? I have fiction, and I have a bunch of my old college books?”

Walking to the front of the laptop again, I see his answer popping up.

BigBookWorm94: Fantasy, please

“Okay, I’ll read a bit of my favorite book then. It’s called Oath Breaker.”

The viewers interact a lot; they keep doing questions, some standard others not so much. When I don’t like the request, I typically ignore it. It just seems better. The ones that stay are nice and easy to talk to — especially the one that keeps on asking things about me.

50shades.of.purple: what do you like doing in your free time?

“I go out to do photography; I also practice yoga and origami. Recently I’ve been learning Japanese as well.”

50shades.of.purple: you are officially amazing.

“Thank you,” I say, getting a little shy for the first time.

Compliments are not my thing; they never were. Men only praise me for one thing and one thing. Sex. I learned how to deal with it, since a very young age, I was sure of myself, of my sexual orientation, of what I liked.

Never once I let anyone step on me because of it. If men can be praised about their sexual life, why the hell shouldn’t women be as well? Why can’t I talk about sex as if I was talking about a cheesecake recipe, for example?

“Now that you know more about me, I would like to ask you guys for suggestions of what I should do.”

My words affect the viewers as the ellipses quickly blink, giving place to answers. Some of them think before writing, others not.

Breezymoves: you could dance

BigBookWorm94: I like the reading stuff

BestLipsYouWillEverTaste007: you could strip

The first day and the pervs are already here. This will be fun to deal with; I very much doubt my mouth will stay shut for long.

“Yeah, let’s leave that for when we know each other better.”

Some of them don’t like my blunt reply, and I see a couple leaving the channel. But that’s not important, it’s normal. They are paying for my time, and if I don’t do what they ask, they have the right to leave.

50shades.of.purple: you need to do what you want. I will watch it anyway

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