The S Word

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It took me a while to come to senses that I wasn’t alone in my bed. Not because I forgot last night, that’s impossible. Especially after Alexander teasing me enough so that we ended up having sex again. Nor did I forget how sweet he is, I loved talking to him, tangled up in his arms. His mind works in ways I don’t think people can even comprehend.

He loves his things. The classical music he listens to while working on his channel, his love for directing and recording everything, I even got to see some of the pics he took and short videos he made. Between conversations, I got the idea he is doing this, the lives, because he wants to expand his company. Take it a different level.

Alexander is talented, more than most of the guys I’ve dated. He is also more gifted than them, but let’s not talk about that. I’m not one to kiss and tell.

As I watch the sleeping man on my bed through the bathroom mirror, I realize something. This is more than a crush. I like him; I enjoy spending time with him.

I enjoy the conversations, the things we have in common, the ideas we share. He makes me laugh with his sense of humor, but he also makes me think about things that I never did before. Like what places I want to visit. We both have Paris on our list. Or where I see myself in ten years, I have no idea about the answer for that one. So, I turn in the bathroom, still brushing my teeth as Alexander moves on the bed.

He clasps his hands beneath the pillow, laying on his stomach, seeming like a kid and not at all the man that had me screaming his name over and over again. Alexander has a duality that I have never seen before, and I like it more than I should.

My eyes scan every inch of him, from his beautiful face, traveling across his back, landing precisely to the part where his underwear meets my sheets.

“You’re staring.”

His voice startles me, and I lift my eyes to his, meeting two dark orbs surveying me.


I hurriedly turn around to wash my mouth before returning to the bedroom. Alexander rolls on the bed, giving me space to lay next to him.

“You don’t have to apologize; I stare at your ass as well.”

I chuckle at his words, and he joins me. Alexander slides on the bed closer, leaning on his side and resting his head on his hand.

“So you stare at me?” I ask smiling.

“All the time. I thought I was failing at being subtle, seems I did a good job.”

“Seems like it.”

Alexander’s eyes crinkle into a smile before he gives me a small peck on the lips.

“Tell me you have an extra toothbrush because I want to kiss you properly.”

His lips touch a soft spot on my neck as he waits for me to reply.

“The drawer beneath the sink.”

He steps away from the bed, giving me a hard smack on my butt before turning away to the bathroom. Alexander closes the door, and as I stay alone, I start to think. I’m not regretting it, no I won’t regret, but as much as I enjoy occasional sex, I also enjoy having someone with me, someone to share the bed in the morning, and it’s been too long since that happened.

Alexander has this thing about him that draws me closer as if we know each other for years, and that is turning out to be hard for me to resist.

What do I do now? How do I fight the urge to have feelings for him? To do that I need to stop having contact with the guy, and I’m not sure if I can do that, or if I want to do that.

I don’t.

He comes out of the bathroom looking like a Greek God, wearing nothing else than his underwear and I bite down on my lip to get a hold of myself because I want him again. If I keep doing this, I will break the man. Alexander walks to the bed, instead of resting on my side, he puts himself on top of me, and I stop breathing for a second.

He is going to make me lose it for the third time.

“Now I can do what I wanted.”

The lips I longed hover over mine, inhaling deeply before he takes them for him. His hand lifts my right leg circling his waist as my fingers clasp around the strings of his hair. He takes his time with the kiss, eventually deepening it when he wants to and I moan to his mouth, gaining a smile from him.

“I swear I love how you react to everything.”

His lips drop from mine, and a set of hickeys is left on my neck as I whimper under him. When he is happy, Alexander starts to peck the marked skin as if that would ease away the dark spots that threat to appear.

He stares at me, something I noticed he always does before things get too intense and entwines his fingers with mine. Alexander’s lips find mine once again but no trace of softness as he kisses and bites on my lower lip. Our breathing’s start to pace, and I know it will be even better than the ones before because he keeps getting more dominant every time.

It’s when his other hand is making it’s a way to my shorts that his phone rings.


“Let it ring.” He mumbles to my lips, lowering his hand more and more.

His fingers clasp on the hem of my shorts, I open my mouth in pleasure as a moan leaves me, and he mirrors me breathing to my lips at the same time, groaning with my reaction. He is almost there; his fingertips keep sliding down, reaching my groin but then:

“Oh, for fuck’s sake.”

Alexander shouts when the phone starts to ring for the third time in a row. He gets out of the bed angrily, leaving me wanting more, and picks up the black device turning the screen up. Blood seems to leave his face as he stares at the phone.

“Oh, no. Oh no, shit, I forgot.”

His eyes start to search for his clothes, and the man who minutes ago was taking me to heaven starts to run around the bedroom.

“What’s wrong?”

“I had made plans with a friend that’s in town, and I completely forgot.”

I support my weight on my elbows, and I stare at him as he dresses in a hurry. Alexander quickly types something on his screen before turning to me and hovering my smaller body on the bed once more.

“I’m so sorry. I promise I’ll make it up for you; I would even finish what I was doing if I had the time but-”

“It’s okay, Alexander.”

“It’s not, but I have to go. Can I see you again this week? If you have time?”

His eyes search for an answer before I smile at him.


Alexander gives me a square smile that makes my heart skip a beat, and before I can say anything else, his lips are pressing mine with so much strength that he lays me on my back again.

“Fuck, I have to go.” He mutters between kisses.

“Then why are you still here?”

His eyes pop open, and he gives me a smirk.

“You are the devil, do you know that? I will go, but I promise next time I see you I will make you regret saying that.”

With a long kiss, and a few more grunts from him trying to convince himself he needs to leave, Alexander finally stands, leaving me alone in my apartment once again.

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