The S Word

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Last Time

Alexander’s pov

Ok, just one final time. Only one.

I try to convince myself tonight will be my last time watching Nicole with my alias account. Because I need to see her, and I can’t ask to meet her when I was at her place between her legs just this morning.

She will think I’m crazy, and some sex addict.

Which I kind of am.

I log in, knowing she usually is around the channel at this hour, and not even three minutes later I get the notification.

Nova is live

Fuck yes. I click the small window seeing as she appears on my screen, wearing a loose white see-through shirt, and tight shorts. She could wear anything and still turn me on.

“Hi, guys.”

Nicole waves at the camera, I know she is seeing the numbers of viewers entering because she frowns at it. Her forehead crinkles a little, adorable if I may add, and her eyes widen when she realizes she has the double the viewers watching today. Those collaborations affected her channel.

50shades.of.purple: you’re alone tonight?

“Yes, tonight I am alone.”

MyJamsAreTheShit: V is probably still recovering from whatever you did last night

BigDickEnergy: why did you turn the camera off?

Nicole laughs at the comments before doing what she usually does when she teases people. She comes closer to the camera to whisper.

“Some things are better done when no one is watching.”

She fucking knows what she does. Every word is carefully thought through so that she has the viewers standing attentively at her. Because that’s what she likes, to have their eyes on her, and I’m afraid I fell for her trap as well.

Novabitchshoulddie: you’re a fucking whore

The haters came by early tonight. I was expecting this, mainly since we got carried away, well I did. It’s not her fault really; I kissed her because I wanted to. Because she felt so damn good to my touch, her lips were so close, and they seemed just so soft- fuck I’m losing my mind.

50shades.of.purple: don’t you have anything better to do than come here to insult her?

Iamyourshadow: she deserves all the hate

Oh fuck, there she is. She is even using her original username. I thought the police had warned her about that; I need to report this. Taking a quick print, I send the threats shadows group is making towards Nicole.

This can’t be happening, and especially with her. I thought she was gone, it’s been months.

“Now look, if you came here to say some shit about how A is yours and he will never be mine I’m sorry, but I won’t reply anymore. I won’t even block you because that takes my attention away from my live and my viewers. So if you are trying to have some sort of moment or something, go ahead. I’ll be doing my thing.”

Nicole leans away from the camera, picking up a bowl of fruit. She is going to do soft ASMR, maybe because yesterday’s live was too much..

50shades.of.purple: how was your day?

She reads my comment; I know it because she smiles at the screen.

“It started great, I had something I wanted waiting for me, and I was happy about it. Or I was about to be.”

Nicole shrugs, placing a grape in her mouth. She looks cute when she eats, her cheeks swallow and her lips purse seeming thinner than they are.

Oh fuck, I’m whipped.

I don’t even think about her just in a sexual way anymore; even the cute stuff gets me. Tyler is right, I need to drop this account.

MyJamsAreTheShit: you mean you were about to have sex?

She told her, I know she is close to this user, she is always on her channel, and I’ve seen her commenting on Nicole’s Instagram account as well. Yes, I did my research.

Nicole ignores the comment, which only leads to spam from other users.

BitchQueen: WITH A?

BigDickEnergy: at least you had action

IamYourShadow: you will always be second to him, I am the first one, the one who owns his heart

Nicole ignores her once more, putting another piece of fruit in her mouth chewing cutely on it.

“I love how you try to read everything I say, something was going on, but it didn’t happen. I also won’t say what followed when I turned the camera off.”

50shades.of.purple: let’s not talk about your private life, even if you were about to have sex and he left I’m sure it was for an emergency

She frowns at my comment, and I realize I made a mistake. Nicole never said I left; she only gave a hint she was going to have sex.

I let my head fall on my hand because I’m not like this. I think things through I always did, but this woman is doing stuff to me that is making me think with the wrong head.

BestLipsYoullEverTaste: let me say what happened yesterday was fucking hot

“Thank you.”

I can see her avoiding the hate comments, reading every other but those, but from what I know about her it won’t last long. Nicole’s temper is appearing, and if one of them says the wrong thing, she will snap.

50shades.of.purple: you look cute tonight

Don’t ask me why I said this; I just wanted to compliment her. She seemed to need.

“Cute? You never say I’m cute.”

50shades.of.purple: well you are

“Thank you.”

Her smile fills my screen, and my heart skips two beats. I’m so screwed; she is doing things to me no other woman ever did.

IamYourShadow: fucking whore, Ill hunt you down and everyone you care about

No, no. Oh crap, I can see as Nicole’s face turns from happy into angry. She gets completely different. Biting down on her tongue, thinking if she should reply or not, the camgirl eventually takes a deep breath running her hands through her hair before leaning closer to the camera.

“Look, sweetie; I think I know who you are, so let’s make things clear for you because I’m sensing you are a bit dumb. I kissed V, yes. It was amazing, and I would love to do that again. Also, whatever happened when the camera was off is none of your business. That’s my private life, and you have nowhere to come near it.”

Nicole takes a deep breath at the same time I do.

She is doing exactly what I expected, soon as someone touched a subject that wasn’t just about her, she got defensive. Her personality changes in the blink of an eye, and no trace of the unbothered woman from minutes ago.

No this is the determined Nicole, the one who doesn’t care if she is being indelicate because she will make her thoughts be heard. If the situation were any different I would be aroused by this, she just seems so dominant.

“And the last thing I am going to tell you before I block your ass is to keep yourself away from me, my friends, and from V. because I swear that if I see your username around here once more, I will slap you across Asia.”

She blocks the user and the other haters. Their names disappear from the screen, and soon enough, Nicole is straightening herself in front of the camera.

“I’m sorry guys; I have to end things here. That was too much for me tonight. I hope you understand.”

BigBookWorm: we do, go rest

MyJamsAreTheShit: I love you

Nicole smiles down at the screen before lifting her face to the camera. Her eyes sparkle a little, and I get the feeling there’s more about her. About her past, that makes her so damn protective of people.

She throws a kiss at the camera before the words I hate appear.

Nova is offline

Fuck, I didn’t say goodbye.

I bite down on my lip, trying to think of what to do. I know what I should do, but again I’m not thinking straight.

And that’s how I end up doing something I shouldn’t be doing. With a deep breath I start typing again.

New private message from 50shades.of.purple

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