The S Word

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The sound of the doorbell comes to the hallway while I wait for Alexander to open the door. My heart is beating a million miles per hour as I stand here, alone, thinking about this.

I haven’t been able to stop thinking about him since our last time together.

The dream I had this night, of him kissing me tenderly, sliding his hand between my legs, feeling his fingertips brushing against the hem of my underwear was so real I woke up with all my body tingling as if he was doing it. The promise of an orgasm was taken away from me only left me moody all day. But I can’t let him know that, or else he will think I’m a sex freak.

Which we all know I am.

Alexander opens the door; my eyes scan his entire body taking in his clothing choice. Tight slacks, a button-up cherry shirt, tucked inside his pants, and he is wearing his hair parted in the middle. I’m going to lose my mind, that’s it. He’s too much.

It shall be written on my grave: Cause of death - Alexander’s hotness.

“Hi,” he greets me, and suddenly, I don’t know how to react.

Do I kiss him? Do I say anything? Before I can overthink this more, Alexander’s hand grabs mine, pulling my body closer to him as the door is shut behind me.


I’m going to shoot myself.

Alexander smiles down at me, realizing for the first time since we met I have no words for him. He glides his tongue over his bottom lip, and my eyes fall to the movement. I think neither of us know what to do.

Although he seems to be enjoying this.

“Come, I have a surprise for you.”

Still holding my hand, Alexander runs through his house, pulling me along. He stops in front of his office and turns to me, wearing a square smile on his face.

Crap, that’s it. I’m gone.

He is making me feel things, and I don’t know if I want to handle them. Because of the way he smiles now, all I want to do is to hug and cuddle him. Not even sex, I want to be with him.

That’s how I know I am done. But I wonder, how would a relationship work between us? Longest one I have been was with Justin, and we all know how that turned out.

Alexander opens the door slowly, and I have a glimpse of the room.

“We are doing this?”

He nods excited, still smiling as I step inside his studio. The sofa is covered in a plastic sheet; the camera is facing the opposite wall, where more plastic covers the floor. A wooden table stands in the middle, with something I haven’t seen since I was a kid.

“Pottery? Where did you take this idea?”

“A friend,” he says, shrugging his shoulder. “You like it?”

“I love it.”

Alexander walks inside the room, standing behind me hovering my body with his.

“The only problem is to do this; your clothes will get dirty.”

His voice carries a hint of malice. I turn around to face him, only to see the devilish stare he is giving me.

“Oh, really?”

“Yes, and you will probably need to shower as well.”


He leans closer, his lips brush mine before his breathing collides with my skin and I get lost in need for him.

“I want to kiss you.” He mumbles to my lips, letting his breath hit my skin and send shivers down my spine.

“What’s stopping you?”

Alexander’s lips touch mine ever so softly not taking them as he did days before, just gliding over the skin. The subtle movement sends electricity over my body, and I focus on his voice not to throw him on the couch.

“Because I know that if I kiss you, I will want to do more, and then we won’t do the live.”

My mouth parts, waiting for him to take me, but he doesn’t. Alexander struggles, grunting, before placing one peck on my cheek.

“That’s a good reason,” I speak as he steps away. “Or could it be you lack self-control.”

“You little-”

Alexander stops himself from finishing speaking, and I raise a brow, seeing as he bites his bottom lip. The way he stares at me right now is making me want to rip his clothes away and have my way. But if he is trying to contain himself, I will too. He wants to be dominant, but maybe Alexander needs to see I’m not always a sub.


Alexander asks as I sit in front of the camera wearing matching dark aprons.

The set looks fantastic; the two of us will be seated in front of each other with the smooth light shining above us. He thought about this.

“I am, but just a quick question,” He lifts his head from the device staring at me in the eyes instead of the screen. “How many times did you do this?”

“A few,” he replies with a knowing smirk.

He starts recording, and I glance around, realizing he may have as well made some of the small figures on his office.

I was tricked.

Alexander sits in front of me, starting the wheel and putting some of the clay on it.

A is live

This time he doesn’t wait for people to comment, he glances at the screen smiling a bit before speaking.

“Hi, yes I have Nova here with me again.”

MyJamsAreTheShit: you hoe, I never see you anymore, not complaining tho I would trade you for him too


“Hi,” I speak with a smile.

“Today we are doing something I never did on camera.”

ConfessingMyKinks: you’re going to have sex on camera?

Alexander rolls his eyes, and I lose it, laughing loudly, seeing how flustered he gets at the comment.

“No, we are going to do pottery.”

Good to know he can get shy every once in a while.

“Because A thinks doing pottery is fun,” I say teasingly.

BigDickEnergy: if he is going to put clay all over you then I agree

“It’s not about being fun; it’s about- wait let me show you.”

He picks up the clay, putting some of it on the wheel. Alexander’s hands work slowly, building something I have yet to understand what it is.

But I get what he means; it’s sexy. The way he moves his fingers against the brown clay, shaping something my mind isn’t wholly aware of.

A girl’s imagination can go wild.

MyJamsAreTheShit: fuck already you two, the tension is killing me

“Control you thirsty ass down, Lay.”

I quirk up a brow looking straight at the camera, making sure my best friend stays behaved. It won’t work, I’m confident in ten minutes she will start again.

It doesn’t take too long for Alexander to finish what he was doing, and I realize it’s a mug.

What can I say he is good with his hands. Oh crap, I can’t go there because my brain is already imagining things.

“Now, you do it.”

He takes the mug away and puts another set of clay in front of me. Alexander spins the wheel slower than he did for himself, but still, I have a hard time. I try to make something, but it keeps falling and falling, and when I hear him laughing at me, I lift my head with a pout.

“Don’t mock me, I never did this.”

He bites down on his lip, trying to control the laugh but leans forward to speak.

“If you keep acting cute, I will have a hard time controlling myself on camera again.”

His hand slides and touches mine, but I shove him. A bit of clay splatters his face and Alexander gasps, putting his long finger on the tip of my nose and my cheeks making them dirty.

“Now you look even cuter,” he says, smiling proud of himself.

“I want to do this right, and I suck at it.”


He stands from his seat, bringing his small bench with him and putting it behind me. Alexander sits, his frame shadowing mine, his legs on the sides of mine and his hands slide over the clay easily, controlling my fingers and how they need to move.

Alexander’s breathing hits my neck, his nose brushing against my cheek and I inhale deeply not to turn around.

“Like this,” he says helping my fingers shape a vase.

A giggle leaves my mouth when my hand slides across his and Alexander grabs the clay too hard. Knowing I’m affecting him, I lean my body closer to him and listen as a small chuckle comes to my ears.

“I’m already having a hard time, Nicole,” he whispers to my ear. “You’re not helping.”

“I can feel how hard it is for you.”

Innocently I push my hips back and feel as Alexander squirms on his seat. He sighs, his fingers clasp around my hand, pulling it harder against the clay.

“I need to end the live,” he whispers, turning his head to my neck, letting his lips run through it.

“You should.”

I turn my head to the side meeting his eyes and seeing how his are waiting. Alexander gulps and lets his gaze fall on my plump lips.

Never in my life, I saw someone moving so fast as Alexander turning around to clean his hands. He dries them on a towel before waving at the camera. Sending a kiss, not a word leaves his mouth before he turns it off.

A is offline

And then with lust in his eyes, he turns to me, the tiger aiming for its prey.

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