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The S Word

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“Now, look at the mess you made,” he speaks, touching my cheeks with his thumb. “You need to get cleaned.”

Alexander’s eyes search for mine to speak, and he pulls his bottom lip between his teeth, holding back his laughter. I swear I’m going to lose it with him doing that one day.

“I suppose you wanna take charges in doing that?”

He pecks my nose smiling widely at me.

“I wanna do a lot of things to you tonight, but after you eat. That’s how I prove to you I have self-control. Now, I’m going to order food while you clean that beautiful face of yours, we will take a shower later.”

His lips touch mine into a teasing kiss. His hands roam on the sides of my body, pulling me to him, before cupping my ass, and suddenly he pulls away. Leaving me cold to his touch.

“See, self-control” he speaks before turning around and walking out of his office.

Damn it; I will have my revenge one day.

My eyes survey everything, especially the mess that’s made on the floor with the clay, and I start to think he must have a cleaning lady, being so carefree about the situation.

Strolling towards the bathroom, I take a glance at the kitchen, Alexander is opening drawers, taking menus out and searching on his phone. He doesn’t see as I stare, so I enter the bathroom closing the door behind me.
Soon as my eyes meet my reflection on the mirror, I see the work of art he made on my face.

There are lines across my cheek, the ones he did with his long fingers, but then on the tip of my nose lays a small but cute heart. No wonder he was smiling, I look like a kid who went crazy playing alone.

So, I wash my face, putting my hair up in a bun, and that’s when I notice some of the clay splattered on my shoulder. With a quick move, I pull my shirt over my head, revealing the purple lace set-top for the night.

Two can play this game.

Once I step outside the bathroom, I can hear him speaking on the phone, he is ordering the food and I keep walking until reaching to him. Alexander leans against the counter, the menu in his hand frowning while speaking to whoever is on the other side of the line.

“Yes, and some spicy chicken as well.”

He opens his mouth to speak again but spotting me entering he stops, a smirk makes its way to his lips, and I see as he slides his tongue inside his cheek.

“Ok, we will be waiting,” he says, ending the call.

I pick up a cup, opening the water tap and drinking it right away. His gaze is on me, I know because I can feel it on the back of my head before his hands touch the sides of my waist.

“I want to ask why, but I am afraid it will sound like a complaint.”

“The shirt was dirty,” I reply, shrugging.

Alexander laughs, twirling me around to face him. The same devilish look on his eyes as he looks down at me.

“I see, even with the apron it still got dirty. Poor shirt.”

He leans closer, pinning me against the sink before his lips graze over mine, tingling my skin as I slide my hands to the back of his neck.

“I told myself I would wait until after we eat, but you’re not making it easier for me, are you?”

“Why would you wait after dinner?”

My brow shoots up as he comes closer, his lips part on mine before he takes them tenderly. His tongue slides, teasing mine and I moan under his touch melting into his mouth.

“Because,” he says, dropping his lips to my neck sucking on the skin and marking it once again. “I like to eat my dessert after dinner.”

Alexander lifts me by my hips and I yelp as he drops me on the counter. His lips leave feverish pecks across my skin, traveling down to my collarbone. With the swing of his hand, he unhooks my bra, as I become exposed to him. His mouth glides over my skin, tasting as much as he can until finding my hardened nipple and taking it between his teeth.


“You teased me into this gorgeous; now you need to face the consequences,” he mumbles, pressing his lips against mine. “Be a good girl and stay still.”

Alexander’s lips devour mine, while he hurries to undo the bow of my shorts. His long fingers slide inside, pulling the light fabric down as he drops on his knees.


I’m even afraid to glance down, knowing exactly how it will make me feel seeing his beautiful face between my legs.

His fingertip slides across my inner thigh before he starts dropping soft tender kisses on it. Alexander kisses his way up until his lips touch me where I only wished he did before. With a moan I clasp my fingers around his hair, pulling the dark locks and forcing him to stay there.

Not that he would go anywhere.

My body takes the overwhelm of senses it’s facing, and when he slides one finger inside the whimper that falls from my mouth, it’s so loud I’m sure the neighbors heard it.

“So very sensitive.”

Alexander pushes another finger inside, leaning away and looking at me as I twist my body, trying not to break apart. One of my hands hits against his wood counter and then, happy with the vision, his lips touch my nub.


He sucks down, pulling the sensitive part with his lips, teasing and curling his fingers. My body is at its breaking point, and when Alexander starts to go faster and uses his tongue I come undone. My body shakes as Alexander places kiss all over my delicate skin until he reaches my neck. His arms circle me, pulling me closer to him and as if he is asking for permission, his lips stop on top of mine.

I whimper for him for more, letting out a deep breath feeling relieved and calm under his touch as he parts his lips slowly drinking on my high. My body still slightly shakes under his touch, but he is gentle, holding me in place before sliding my shorts back on.

“I need you to drink a lot of water tonight gorgeous. I’m still not done with you.”

The doorbell rings and Alexander places one final kiss on my lips before turning around. Leaving me happy but dumbfounded on the counter.


Alexander’s pov

I walk towards the door, knowing very well Nicole’s eyes are on me. She likes to tease, but when she is teased the story is completely different. As I said before, she is the perfect sub, with a dom part of her as well. I want to explore the sub-part tonight.

The delivery guy hands me the food, turning around to leave after I give him the money, and soon as the door is shut and I turn around I almost jump not realizing Nicole was standing behind me.


“What are you-”

She walks the small distance, her fingers touch my chest and travel slowly until reaching my lips before she kisses me, smirking when I touch the wall behind us. Nicole deepens the kiss, her hand slides inside my pants, and she grazes her fingertips over my underwear. Of course he is already ready for her. If not by her touch the way she was moaning my name just minutes ago had any other man ready.

“I want to eat dessert first too,” she says, widening her eyes innocently and pouting.

Without saying anything else, the little devil in front of me touches her lips on my neck, pulling the skin, marking me just like I did to her. Nicole seems to enjoy the control she is having over the situation, even if it’s just a little.

This girl keeps surprising me.

She unbuttons my pants, dropping on her knees and pulling my underwear and pants down. We didn’t do this last time, the eagerness both of us had to find each others body was too much to let us focus on foreplay. Believe me; I wanted her to do this.

Nicole’s lips touch my tip, she kisses it sweetly as if it was the most delicate thing on the planet before licking it and swirling her tongue.


She giggles as I lean my head against the wall, trying to get myself together.

“Now, you need to behave Alex,” she says starting to glide her fingertips up and down. “I know you are all dominant, but, you’re still holding our dinner.”

Nicole parts her lips, easing me inside her mouth. The vision of her doing that is too much for me to handle, and I shut my eyes to feel the pleasure of her mouth around me. Pleasuring me in ways I never thought any woman would.

I had my fair share of sex, but I don’t know what it is about her.

She slides me in and out of her mouth, her hand helping her in the process, and I bite down on my lip not to be too loud because we’re at the door, and it’s an old building. But when a grunt finds its way, and I am a little more vocal, Nicole hums. The vibration of her vocal cords as she deep throats me is too much to bear.

“Nicole I-”

She pops me out of her mouth, her hand working instead, and locking her eyes on me.

“I want to taste you.”

I nod, as she slowly puts her lips around me once again. Perfect, that’s how she looks right now. There will come the day when she will dominate me, and honestly I don’t dislike the idea. With fast movements Nicole deep throats me again and in seconds I come into her mouth. She doesn’t complain, taking everything in and swallowing in the end. It’s quite fascinating, I mean it was a lot, I had women complaining before.

She kisses the tip once again when pleased with her work, lifting my underwear and jeans and closing the zipper. Tiptoeing Nicole reaches for my lips pecking them and smiling widely at me. Her eyes mimic her lips, and I can feel my heart racing at it.

She takes my hand, guiding me to the kitchen and glances over her shoulder to speak.

“Now, let’s get you fed because I was promised more than just this quick dessert tonight.”

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