The S Word

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I try to enjoy the food, I do, but Nicole keeps eyeing me from across the table as if I am her dinner instead of the steak. In her defense, I may be doing the same.

“You almost didn’t eat,” she speaks gesturing to my half-empty plate.

“I intend on working out in a bit; it’s not good to do it with a full stomach.”

Well, that never stopped me. What did was her dominance over me half an hour ago. The way she made me stay in my place defying me to dare her. Fuck, that turned me on.

“I see,” she says, smiling down at her food.

“How was your week?”

I try to make small talk, with the thought that it will help to ease the image I have of her imprinted in my head. Slowly taking me into her mouth and humming. Fuck Alexander, if you don’t stop you will break the girl.

“It was good. I applied for a job.”


“Yes, it’s a small doctors’ office, and I would work with a superior. But it’s good pay.”

Nicole likes her degree, that much I know, what she doesn’t like so far is to work with kids. From what I understood, she likes children but doesn’t really like dealing with their parents. Can’t say I blame her.

“You will get it, I’m sure.”

Trying to encourage her, I don’t notice as Nicole squirms her eyes in my direction.

“How do you know?”

“Because so far everything I saw you doing you succeeded,” I say putting the silverware to the side.

Nicole has a reaction I hadn’t seen in her so far, she blushes. Her cheeks get the slightest shade of pink, and I feel my heart beating faster because of it. She chuckles, taking her eyes away from me, my God she is cute when she gets shy.

Fuck, I- I never felt like this for any woman.

As if my whole reason in life was to make her smile or fluster with my words. Sure, sex with her is something out of this world, but the way she looks right now, so pure and raw, like nothing else I have ever seen is making me crumble.

“So,” she speaks, breaking my concentration, “how was your week?”

I watched you online every day.

That would be fun to say, wouldn’t it?

“I went to see a friend,” as I speak, she raises an eyebrow. Interesting. “He is a photographer, mostly erotic photography.”

“Curious choice for a job,” she says grinning and taking a sip from her wine.

“He was the one who told me I should become a cam boy. Tyler, that’s his name, used to say during college that my face was too pretty to be left out of the camera.”

Nicole puts her glass down and beams at me. Her eyes sparkle as she locks them with mine before saying convict two simple words that make my blood run faster to my heart.

“I agree.”

What is she doing to me? I enjoy looking at her, spending time with her, talking, goofing. I like her.

I like someone for the first time in years.

As silence takes place, the woman in front of me stands up and takes both our plates to the kitchen. Wearing nothing but her shorts and her bra I watch as she slowly strolls into the other room. My eyes follow her before my legs get the courage to do so.

Nicole is at the sink, her hands hold the sponge, the foam running through her fingers as she hums a tune softly. I walk to her, resting my chin on her shoulder and inhaling her sweet scent that hits me as she moves. My hands find their way to her waist, pulling her closer to me as possible.

That’s all I want right now, to be close to her. I can’t even remember the last time I enjoyed someone’s company like this.

I listen to her, unaware of the evil plan Nicole is conjuring, only realizing it when it’s too late, and the foam she has in her hands hits me straight in the forehead.

“Hey,” I complain, spinning her in my arms.

She laughs at me, throwing her head back. It’s a vision I enjoy before joining her laughing and seeing as she tries to gather her breathing under control again. When Nicole stops, the overcome of emotions hits me harder than ever and slowly I lean to her.

One string of her hair came loose, so I put it back in its place. She has her eyes on me, her breathing gets caught in the moment, and my lips touch hers. Allowing her to breathe and relax in my arms. Nicole’s hands come to my neck, pulling me to her, still with foam but I don’t care.
I find the water tap and turn it off before lifting her and smiling into the kiss. Nicole’s legs come around my waist as if her place is in my arms while I walk us both to my bedroom. She lets her hands crawl into my hair deepening the kiss, and I feel how much she wants this.

She wants me.

That’s something I will never get used to, Nicole is just as eager for me as I am for her.

“Alex-” she moans, breaking the kiss, and I get the chance to let my lips travel across her neck.

“Yes, gorgeous?”

“I want to be on top.”

My blood freezes, realizing what this means. I had other women riding me before, but not women like her. No women that were as dominant as she is. Because I know that’s what will happen, Nicole will let her dominant side come up.

Something she keeps hidden from the world. Maybe she never had the chance to dominate a man before, we haven’t talked about ex’s yet, but I’m pretty sure her last one was dominant because she needs to be in control every now and then.

“Okay,” I say into her mouth, putting her on the floor and sitting on my bed.

Nicole pushes me, and I fall on my back, my gaze follows her as she takes her shorts down.

“Take off your clothes,” she demands, and I give in sliding the pieces off my body.

When that is done, Nicole straddles me again. Automatically my hands find their way to her side, resting on her hips but then she slowly grinds on me. Even over the clothing I can feel her and close my eyes with the sweet movement of her hips.

My eyes lock on hers, and never before I saw her so determined, so focused on something. So sensual as she is now. Her hair falls on her back, letting just a few strands on the front contouring her breasts, and every time she pushes her hips down and comes closer to me, I start to lose it.

She is in control, and I like it.

Her lips find their way to mine, kissing me so eagerly that she needs to inhale deeply while her fingers clasp in my hair, pulling us closer, I sit again, placing my arms around her and pushing her down on me. Without thinking, I try to slide her underwear off, getting a little excited, and forgetting her request.

That’s when she slaps my hand.

“No,” she says. “That was a warning. The next one won’t be on your hand.”

I laugh at her, but it doesn’t last long. Nicole takes off her bra, exposing her perfect breasts to me, and I feel my mouth watering. If I’m not allowed to take off her underwear I suppose I’m not allowed to touch her like I want to.

She smirks at me, noticing I don’t move, no matter how much I want to, and the little vixen moves out of my lap. She turns around, and slowly pushes her underwear down, leaning forward and revealing places I am eager to touch.

When Nicole turns on her heels again, the snicker she gives me has me biting on my lower lip not to lose it. Her eyes fall on that, and she sits on me once more as I feel her wet even over my underwear.

Fuck, I am going to be punished because I can’t take this.

“Now,” she says, slowly lifting her hips and reaching her hand inside my underwear. “If you behave, I will let you do whatever you want with me later.”

Oh well, that did it. A groan leaves my mouth when I feel her stroking me so softly, brushing her fingertips while sliding my underwear down just enough. Nicole places me at her entrance but stays there, unmoving, her mouth slightly parted on mine while she feels the ecstasy of being in charge of every piece of me.

“You want to touch me?” She asks so softly I can feel myself dripping with the sound of her voice.

“Yes,” I grunt.

“You want,” she slides just my tip inside of her before lifting her hips once again, “more?”
I nod vigorously, pulling my lower lip so hard I’m afraid I will mark it.


Without thinking, I press my lips on hers letting them fall until reaching the top of her breasts. Nicole pulls me by my hair, I wince slightly at the pain but smile at her regardless of that.

“Then asks nicely and I will make that happen,” she says into my mouth before kissing me again.

Her tongue swirls on mine, as she slowly grinds on me, her clit brushing against my tip, and I hiss with despair.


“Please what?”

Fuck she wants me to beg. I will if that is what it will take for her to let me taste the sweet nectar of hers again.

“Please gorgeous.”

With a smile on her face, Nicole eases me inside of her, moaning so delicately that I feel as if the angels were singing right next to my ear. Her moans vibrate against my chest as she slowly grinds on me, the movement of her hips sending me over the edge but I want more. I want to touch her.

My hand slides between her legs, stroking her clit, and I feel her smiling to my neck before placing her lips on mine again.

It doesn’t take her long to start to shake, tightening around me and wailing my name so sweetly that I could come just with the sound of that. I can feel myself hardening inside of her as she rocks her body on mine.

But then, Nicole comes out of my lap.

“I will let you come, I will,” she says, pecking my lips. “I just want to tease you a little more.”

She drops on her knees, letting her breasts touch my hardened member, and I hiss in pain — both spiritual as physical. Nicole’s lips glide over my skin before they reach my neck, sucking and biting down on me.

She strokes me with her hand, but I want more.

“Nicole I-”

“I love when you say my name like that.”

Fuck, I will come on her hand if she keeps talking like this. I even moisten my lips and let my head fall back, trying not to lose control.

“You want me to ride you again?”

I nod a little too enthusiastically at her, watching as she stands again and puts her legs around me.

“Then be a good boy and ask.”

“Please gorgeous.”

“No,” she says, pulling my lower lip with her teeth and straddling me. “That didn’t convince me.”

“Please, Nicole, I will be a good boy.”

Without any other word, she eases herself down, and I gasp at the pleasure of being connected with her once more. It doesn’t take long for Nicole to start tightening around me again, and as I cup one of her breasts tasting the other, her body starts to shake.

I cup her ass, making her ride me through her orgasm, kissing her deeply before groaning and coming undone with her.

A drop of sweat falls on the side of my face. Nicole didn’t overpower me that much, she knew exactly just how far she could go with me. I wasn’t made to be a sub, but I can’t say I didn’t enjoy this. Maybe once in a while, I will let her be in charge.

Because the woman that is smiling down at me right now, looking like a goddess in my arms, deserves that.

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