The S Word

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MyJamsAreTheShit: what did you do today?

“Not much, a couple of chores. Did a bit of grocery,” I mumble responding.

It’s been two weeks since I started going online broadcasting. Being in front of the camera, it’s easier than I thought. Most of them inquire me stuff about my day; they want someone who talks to them. I already have a handful of faithful viewers; they watch almost daily when I log in, but with that also came the creeps.

No kinks, heavy ones, have been indulged. People are taking their time. Which I appreciate.

youtheQueue: can you do some ASMR?

I nod my head in reply to the comment. Some camgirls or boys do this; I noticed it’s a common thing recently. People enjoy watching and feel pleasure about the simple fact of someone playing with slime, for example. From what I know, it’s stimulating, for some even more than sex.

“Sure,” I say, leaning closer to the camera. “What do you want? Food or eye contact?”

50shades.of.purple: food

MyJamsAreTheShiteu: eye contact

“Food it is.”

After three minutes of heating my last night’s noodles in the microwave, I return to the bed to watch my channel spamming with requests. Once again, I close it, enabling people from entering without my permission. I want to focus on my viewers, and I can’t if I have thirty people spamming me with comments.

I take a mouthful of noodles and chew them; the sound appears to be pleasing for the viewers as the compliments keep on coming. The soft noodles mixed with the crunch from the vegetables as I eat seems to be enough for the comments to start. I finish the bowl before realizing it, being starving as I was and some of the viewers seem delighted about it, others seem to want more.

50shades.of.purple: whisper something

“Whisper? What do you want me to whisper?”

50shades.of.purple: something sexy

This guy interacts a lot, and yes, I am sure it is a guy. Women don’t talk to women like this. They don’t communicate like this. He isn’t too straightforward and is genuinely thoughtful, always asks personal things, and tries to make me at ease. Never once, he said something about my looks.

Maybe that’s why I reply to him the most.

My mind drifts as I think of something sexy to say to him. Don’t take me wrong; I enjoy sexy, everything sex-related sounds excellent to me. But it has been more than a couple of months since I last had some, and that dude was just as drunk as I was. I remember very little of that night, only we trashed Layla’s bed and that he was great with his tongue.

“Sub or dom?” I ask raising an eyebrow.

I can get a few more minutes to think after asking this. Other’s answer fast, but I don’t focus on that, I’m focused on one person, in particular, that’s mostly how I will do this when it’s something sensual — one person at a time.

50shades.of.purple: sub

He is kinky; I can guarantee that much. I lay on my stomach, pulling the camera closer, purposely letting them peek at my cleavage. I have two girls who enjoy attention now and then, and it’s been a while.

“I feel shy saying this, but I miss having you inside of me. To feel your hands running through my hair as you pull me closer to you. To feel your lips on mine while whispering things to my mouth and have your way. Let you use my body as you want.”

50shades.of.purple: that was... fuck.

50shades.of.purple: You’re good

“Thank you,” I reply still whispering. “I take pride in my sex talk.”

50shades.of.purple: if you keep that up, you will kill me

His comment makes me giggle, which seems to be an encouragement for him to keep going.

50shades.of.purple: seriously, you need to stop. A guy can handle so much

“Fine fine, I will,” I retort sitting on the bed again. “What do you guys want to do now?”

Hornyblueberry: somebody tag my man @camchannels-A

What? No, do not tag him. My eyes widen as I see another comment below that one with the same channel’s id.

“Guys, what are you doing?”

PeachsAndCream: tagging the king to check you out

Holy... Why are they doing this? Why would someone want A to check my channel? He has two million followers, the biggest freaking channel on the whole website. Why the fuck are they tagging him?

“Um, okay. But why are you doing that?”

Hornyblueberry: don’t worry, he usually checks everything

A deep sigh falls from my lips as I feel overpowered. Even if he does, what will I do? It will be cringy, I’m sure my ASMR was weird, and I say this because I’ve seen his channel. He does it all the time; he is the number one for some reason.

“Thank you, I think.”

50shades.of.purple: you don’t want him to see this?

“It’s not that, don’t get me wrong I would be honored. But I believe A has more important things to do.”

I nibble on my bottom lip seeing the praise comments appearing. They enjoyed the ASMR, more than I would think. My phone beeps and I see my best friend’s name popping up. Now there’s someone worthy of my devoted attention.

“Guess that’s it for today, see you tomorrow? Bye?”

Nova is offline

I take a deep breath, trying to get a hold on my emotional state. For some reason I got nervous from having such a big name popping up on my channel, I have no clue why. I’ve seen his videos, he is gorgeous and certainly knows what he is doing in front of the camera. The man is sensual without doing sex stuff. One can only dream of being like that.

Yes, I am a confident woman, but I also am down to Earth, and there’s no way I will ever be half as good as A is.

My phone continues to beep before I slide the screen, unlocking the call.

“Hey Layla, what’s up?”

“Apparently your channel, and some dudes’ boners.”

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