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Who's He?

I stare at my reflection in the mirror, observing everything. The blue shorts I decided to wear hug my bottom perfectly, the fabric goes loose after my hips, but it accentuates the important parts. I paired it with a white lace shirt that hugs the other curves of my body. The make-up is simple, and my hair is styled to the side.

I look hot, but that was the point.

If I’m going to make Alexander work for it, why would I make his life easy? He needs to see what he can have, but right now can’t touch.

My phone beeps and I glance at it expecting to be the man of the hour but instead I frown when noticing a call from Justin.

He’s been getting more and more impatient; guess he forgot all the conversations we had about being clingy. That has to be dismissed for tonight, Justin as well. Because as I am about to put the phone on mute, the doorbell rings.

My heart stops for a second before starting to beat as fast as it can. I give one last glance at myself, patting the small hint of lip-gloss on my plump lips and walk as slow as I can to the door. My hand falls on the knob, but I don’t open it, only when it rings for the second time, and I smile happy, realizing he is eager.

Putting on a serious face, I pull the door open to be greeted by a dashing figure on the other side.

I prepared myself for everything Alexander could say, what he could do. All of these things were thought through as I was embracing myself to be brave and maintain a certain distance. But I wasn’t ready for this.

“What are you doing here?”

“You haven’t been replying, I dropped by to see if everything is okay.”

For the love of God, Justin has the worst timing ever. I pull him inside, catching how he sneakily smiles at me. No one saw him here, good. The last thing I want is for the guy that is coming to apologize see the guy that needs to leave.

“I have been busy.”

Justin furrows his brows, glancing at the clean apartment before his gaze drops on my body. Lust, I see it as his eyes twinkle before his tongue glides over his bottom lip. I’m not in the mood for him to fuck me with his eyes right now.

“With what?” He asks when his gaze lifts to mine.


My eyes take a quick peek at the phone to check the time. Alexander should be here any minute; he never arrives late. Hopefully there was traffic, but my luck seems to have vanished. Proof of that is the eager bunny guy smiling down at me.

“Is it that bad you don’t have time for even a quickie?”

“Yes, Justin is that bad.”

I can’t say much without compromising myself. Justin needs to leave now. He should have never come here in the first place. Who the hell decides to show up without announcing? Is he that horny?

“I need to-”

“Still caught up on those group appointments?”

My patience is growing thin with all the questions. The only way I can make myself clear right now is if I say the exact words.

“Yes,” I reply. “Now Justin if you don’t, mind I need you to leave.”


I drop my face in my hands, breathing harshly. I don’t have time or patience for this. Justin needs to know when no means no.

“Because I have someone coming here, and I need you gone before he arrives.”

My ex tilts his head, assembling every word said.


Justin stops walking and raises an eyebrow at me. Feels like I am thirteen again and my father decided to scold me when my father never acted like a parent that is.

“Yes, he. Now be gone, please.”

I open the door, but his large hand stops me.

“Wait,” he says, closing the door once again. “Who’s he?”

“My colleague.”

Vague and simple, not many details. That’s how I always get away with little lies. If I start to say too much, I will tangle in it. That’s how Alexander got caught.

“Ah, right,” he says, dropping his stare to the floor. “So, can I see you soon?”

“Justin,” enough of this. “I can’t. I can’t do this anymore. I told you before this was supposed to be fun. But you are not helping; it’s not just sex to you.”

“It is,” he says chuckling. “Don’t flatter yourself, Nicole. It’s good sex but just that.”

“It’s not, I know you,” I speak putting my hand on the doorknob. “I don’t think it’s good for us to see each other again.”

There I said it. Justin walks the short distance, his eyes set on me as his tongue runs inside his cheek. Shit, he is pissed. If this were a couple of months ago I would drop on my knees in front of him.

That’s how I know I have feelings for Alexander, even as Justin’s eyes stare at me, my body doesn’t react.

“So, you don’t want to do this anymore?”

“No, I don’t.”


The bell rings, and my heart drops to my stomach. I knew it. Soon as I saw my ex here I knew my luck wasn’t that good. Justin stares at me, enjoying the reaction I have when realizing they both will bump against each other. Even if they don’t speak they will know who the other one is.


My nerves kick in, and I take a deep breath before pulling the door open, only to meet Alexander’s eyes. His smile is small, but his eyes widen when spotting a tall figure behind me.

“Hi,” I say, not waiting for him to speak “Come in.”

Alexander steps inside the apartment eyeing Justin and frowning. He doesn’t understand why a perfect stranger is here, but that’s something I will have to deal with later. I turn around, making sure Alexander stays behind me so doesn’t have to pass by Justin.

“If you don’t need anything else, Jeon, please...”

Justin stares at me before his gaze goes to Alexander. I keep the door open, waiting for my ex to leave. He eventually does, not before taking every measurement of Alexander he can and snorting. I don’t even wait, and once he is outside, close the door behind him. Letting my head rest against the wood.

This guy gives me headaches, I swear.

“What was he doing here?”

The deep voice behind me makes me lift my head and turn around. Alexander stands in the middle of my entryway, hands inside his jeans, wearing a shirt that sticks on his chest. Casual, just how I like to see him. Shit.

“Wait, you know who he is?”

“I suspect he is your ex by the photos on his profile and the comments on yours,” he says nodding with his head to the door.

He did his research. Alexander went to see who comments on my account. He knows about Justin or a part of it. He knows who he is and that we have a past together. That’s something only people who want to have relationships do — that and stalkers.

He doesn’t seem to be the second one.

“He is,” I say seeing as he exhales heavily. “You seem upset.”

I cross my arms over my chest, staring at him. Alexander has to be kidding me. He did something wrong and instead of focusing on that is worried about my ex leaving my apartment.

“I am. I came here to apologize, to tell you how sorry I am and find that guy leaving.”

“Right, you came to apologize for your actions. The guy leaving is not your business.”

I see as he bites his tongue and clenches his jaw, trying not to reply, my brow quirks up despite that. Alexander is possessive I knew that; his dominant nature shows exactly that. But we aren’t dating, the talk never happened. Although I have to admit, I enjoy this.

My words seem to make him remember the reason he is in front of me and the cam star inhales deeply, taking his eyes away from mine.

“Right,” he says, dropping his head and running one hand through his ruby hair.

Waiting for him to say the words, to explain himself seems to take forever and so I sigh. Alexander locks his eyes on mine again, and a smirk crosses his lips.

“I still want to know what he was doing here. But-” he raises his hand, stopping me from speaking, “that’s not important now.”

He tries to reach for me, but I take a step back. I already made progress by speaking with him today; touching is not part of my plans at this moment. Alexander frowns at this, seeing as I am still not fully ready to open my arms to him.

“I’m sorry,” he softly says, staring deep into my eyes. His gaze observes me, searching for a reaction that I try to hold, but fail at it. My lip twitches up, and Alexander takes it as a hint to continue. “I am, I am really sorry Nicole. I never meant to lie to you or hurt you. It’s complicated.”

“I bet.”

He scoffs but doesn’t get discouraged from carrying on. “I wanted to tell you, I did, but I was scared that it would push you away. That I would lose you, and-”

Alexander takes a step forward, and this time I don’t move. The way he said the word lose made something react inside of me. His deep voice sent emotions deep into my soul and I can feel as the ice around the wall slowly wants to break. But it’s still not there yet.

He notices it, slightly smiling before raising a brow and continuing. The way he moves would seem innocent, but I know him. He thinks how to act around me, how to make me want him. Alexander knows exactly the effect he has over me.

“I didn’t want that to happen,” he says.

“If that were the case, speaking the truth would be a good idea don’t you think?”

“It would, but I know this fight would happen either way,” he tries to reach for my cheek his finger slightly brushes my skin and I standstill. A smile forms on his lips satisfied he is succeeding. “I’m sorry I lied. Can you please forgive me?”


The words fall from my lips so fast even I get startled by them. This never happened to me. I don’t forgive people like this, not so easy. There’s a whole list I could do showing exactly that. Trying not to let him think it’s a win, I finish the sentence.

“But you have to make it up for me. I expect you to behave and be honest.”

“I will,” he says nodding and closing the space between us. “I have something in mind to do with you that I know you will love.”

Alexander’s wider frame towers over me; he pushes his hands inside his pockets his eyes resting on mine as I see a question forming.

“So, what was your ex doing here?”

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